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Going on holiday, or even heading away for a long weekend, usually takes some preparation and effort and if you have a vegetable garden you’ll certainly need to take its needs into consideration. Most crops are now at the peak of their existence so harvesting, weeding, watering, feeding, tying up and generally being there to observe changing needs is the key to cashing in on the fruits of your labour. Organise someone to pick vegetables such as beans, peas and courgettes in particular as these all tend to stop producing new pods and fruits if the crop is not picked regularly. Generally in Ireland, watering is not a huge issue unless you are growing in containers and these will need checking and watering daily, even if it rains every day.
For containers, you could try making a DIY drip irrigation system by using 2-litre plastic bottles.
As soft fruits ripen, make sure that adequate netting is in position to keep them protected from enthusiastic birds. Lady Norwood Rose Garden, established in 1868, Botanic Garden, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand, featured in the new Royal Horticultural Society garden holidays brochure. Themed holidays have been around for a long time, suited to hobbyists whose pastimes have included painting, cooking or indeed gardening. Terra Nostra Park, Azores, featured in the new Royal Horticultural Society garden holidays brochure.
It is understood that Romford dog track has terminated the contract of one of its top greyhound trainers yesterday. There was an afternoon of entertainment for everyone at the annual fun day in Rush Green last Saturday.
Thousands of post office workers are to be balloted on strike action over job losses, post office closures and pension scheme changes, the union has announced. There is congestion in the A127 at Ardleigh Green Road, Harold Wood, due to roadworks in the area. The Confifi Club Palm Garden provides the perfect setting for children and parents who want a great beach resort vacation.

I can however wait a while for a light dusting of snow which would make them look even more festive.
Looking around at the garden center there are just so many beautiful holiday planters you can buy to create a festive welcome at your home.
Here you will find DIY garden projects and crafts that break down barriers and allow anyone to garden, no matter their ability, knowledge, or even garden size.
Privacy & CookiesThis site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services, to personalize ads and to analyze traffic. DisclaimerThis website contains general information about gardening, natural beauty, crafts, DIY projects, and recipes. One golden pre-holiday rule is to ensure that anything that can be planted out into open ground is planted out as container grown plants, especially seedlings, are bound to dry out and be the first casualites in your absence.Before going away weed the plot thoroughly as it will go wild if left unchecked.
Harvest as much as you can before departure and pick young where applicable to ensure crops are enjoyed whilst in their prime.
Edible flowers such as nasturtiums and calendulas and other pretty non-edible vegetable companions such as cosmos will also require deadheading before take-off. Outside beds, newly planted trees and newly planted hedges will also require watering if excessive dry spells hit. Brassica crops will also benefit from netting as pigeons go mad for most cabbage family leaves and once the netting is fine enough, the great white butterfly will be kept at bay as well and limit the risk of returning home from your holidays to a garden devoid of green leaves and full of chubby caterpillars.
I am fortunate to be able to obtain all the red and yellow twigged dogwood that I need from my gardens but most of my evergreens are not yet large enough to start clipping away large pieces. These planters are exceptionally easy to make yourself with some found clippings around the garden or even the bottom branches of your Christmas tree! Prepare your evergreen clippings by cutting many stems the same length and creating a pointed end. Arrange pine branches around the bottom of the urn bowl, between the plastic pot and the urn.

Gardening healed me from a debilitating illness and so I know the power of garden therapy first hand. Browse through our projects and you will surely find one that will inspire you to get out and get dirty, try a project, and fall in love with the garden! If your crops are already mulched, you may not need to add more, but do check the soil beneath the mulch in a few spots to ensure it is wet several inches below the surface.
Make small yet large enough holes in the top and then plant the bottle next to or in between your plants. Perhaps a holiday watering co-op could be set up between friends, family and neighbours to help each other out at holiday season.
If you are using a planter with plants growing in it already, prune and clean up the plants by removing, scraggly, damages or unattractive greenery. While we do our best to provide useful information, any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk and not a substitute for medical, legal, or any other professional advice of any kind.
Fill the plastic bottle with water which should slowly leak out to the base of the plants for the roots to access.
They want to hear about the garden, how they cope with recent weather difficulties and plans for the future.
They need someone there who can tell them the key information.The new Royal Horticultural Society garden holidays brochure. I remove the pine cones each spring and store them in the garage in a large plastic bin that has holes for air circulation and no top.

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