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Non-commercial use of this blog's contents is permitted as long as the original page link is explicitly referenced in the used work. Law Garden in Ahmedabad City is a special garden consisting the garden as well the sitting place and rides and entertainment facilities here. History aside, the most prominent differentiating factor that sets apart the Law Garden market is its sole focus on selling traditional handicrafts made by artisans such as weavers and quilters from Gujarat.
If you love fashion then the Law Garden market allows you to explore the rich ethnic fashion sensibilities of the Gujarati community.
Owing to the creative abilities of the Gujarati artisans, each pair of Ghagra and Choli sold here is a bespoke work of art. If bling and accessories is more of your thing, then the Law Garden has a diverse range of pieces made from semi-precious metals on display.
If you are a guy with zero interest in women’s shopping, then head towards the stalls that allow you to take home an essence of Gujarat in the form of bedspreads, cushion covers, bags and tabletops. When you visit this market, you literally breathe in the Gujarati culture, which is vibrant, artistic and rooted in tradition! Commercial use of the blog's contents is forbidden without the prior written permission of The Wander Girls.
However, while shopping at Fashion Street in Mumbai or on Commercial Street in Bangalore, you will realise that most Indian street markets sell affordable fashion imported from China or Thailand these days!

By day, this area is famous for a law college and a garden aptly named after it – Law Garden! Apart from the embroidered wall hangings, costume jewellery, the main highlight obviously is the Ghagra Choli that is worn during the Navaratri dance festival.
Although certain design elements such as Rabari designs, applique embroidery, the use of flower and animal motifs, mirror work and tie and dye prints do prevail over others, the ultimate garment is unique in its own respect and it is hard to find two pairs that are an exact replica.
From small studs, to drop earrings to complete sets with neckpieces, matching earrings and bangles, you will find almost any design to compliment your look.
Intricate embroidery in bright colours forming myriad patterns such as peacocks, lotuses and fishes is sure to brighten up any room in your home! Once the author contributes more than three articles, caleidoscope honors he or she with an author page and promote them. Fortunately, street shopping at the Law Garden in Ahmedabad (or Amdavad as the locals call it) is a rare exotic experience. Later in the evening, the garden closes down and the wall adjacent to the garden transforms into a bustling market. It is a handicraft hub to which even the locals throng regularly to pick up unique pieces of traditional items. For the uninformed, here’s a simple explanation – The Ghagra is a flirty long skirt and the Choli is a short blouse to go with it.

My personal favourite accessory is the unique waist belt made from seashells and mirror work. A Gujarati businessman will put in his best efforts to maximise profits, while the Gujarati womenfolk will put their best efforts in bargaining to get a good deal. Since Ahmedabad is predominately a hot city with dry weather, a night market suits the city and its residents. It is believed that some affluent families had settled down in this area few decades back and the land around the garden was barely used at that point of time.
If you are not good at bargaining, we suggest you take some help from the local aunties shopping there. Like other night markets that are illuminated with tube lights, this market too comes to bloom in the evening with some additional help from oil lamps! Utilising this opportunity, hawkers from other areas packed their bags and moved in here to set up their temporary shops!

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