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You can subscribe to our newsletter and receive information about our promotions and new products. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. May 24, 2011 by Genevieve 75 Comments If you’ve read Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet’s book Garden Up!
The problem with so many of those succulent wall frames is they require patience, a virtue I have not yet discovered in my gardening life.
The one complaint I have is that the endcaps on the plastic trays are a bit flimsy, and snap off easily. I want to see vertical gardening happening outside my school’s dorm windows, darn city needs some more green thumbs ?? Hope I win!
I love to grow succulents and this could be the solution I have been looking for, I’ve been having a BIG problem with ants this year tiny red ones invading my flower pots and setting up residence. I have been planning to get some succulents in my garden, which means I have been looking around the house and garden shed for a good container – but this would solve all problems! I love this new trend in giveaways on garden blogs, and you’ve always got the best stuff. Such a great idea, I might tell my sister to make building these (or something similar) a class project. I would love to hang something like this on an unsightly portion of my brick wall near the back door. This is a wonderful idea i’m dissabled and this would be easyer for me to work with and living in the city the compact and verical shape would be great thank you for letting me have a chance to maybe get one. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Residential PlantersYour premium selection of vinyl, wood, fiberglass, PVC, clay, metal, and resin residential planters. Giving PlantsLive Flowers, Home & Office Greenery, Specialty Plants - Give the Gift that Keeps on Growing!

Our Basil-O-Holic Foodie Garden is sure to fulfill any desire to add the perfect spice to your life. You plant them, and then you leave them flat until they root – a few weeks at best, months at worst. It’s a simple metal frame that holds four plastic trays, which hook onto the metal bars on the frame.
I used a bit too much force when planting mine, and had to glue the endcap back onto one of my trays. Greenland Gardener has been kind enough to offer up TWO kits to give away, so you’ve got doubly-good chances of winning. The owner of North Coast Gardening, she is also a contributing editor at Garden Design Magazine and has written for numerous print and online publications. It really is amazing how much chickens like to peck at succulents (including Hens & Chicks!) so going on the wall is a very good thing.
The flower pots are on tables off the ground, big tables are a pain to move around, with this new vertical planter I could plant the succulents the ants seem to favor in it and just move the planter out of the ants reach.
I’ve got a whole windowsill of succulents that are begging for a home as cute as this. She teaches at an inner city school and they have a few raised beds in their concrete playground but a vertical garden would be awesome for the kids to plant and experience. I’ve got a very small backyard, and have been trying to walk the fine line of allowing enough room for people and my plants.
The Basil-O-Holic Foodie Garden Seed Kit makes it easy for herb addicts to grow three popular varities of basil.
This kit contains everything you need to grow organic basils that will be a delicious addition to any dish your mouth desires! I promise your eyes are not playing tricks on you: we've recently re-branded from Capitally Frugal. You might have even thought about getting one of those flat wooden frames to make one of your own.

Not only do you have to be patient, but you have to somehow keep your chickens off the planted frame until you can hang it on a wall (am I the only person with this problem?). But when you compare the price of this vertical gardening kit to others (it’s only $30 including shipping, while most of those wooden wall kits that require so much time to root start at $80), having to do a little DIY repair is a small price to pay. I already have one (I haven’t put it together yet, though), and plus, if I win, Chris will whoop me.
Using the vertical space of my fence (which takes up most the yard) would be a wonderful way to open my little plot of land up. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to bring beauty, color and nature to my yard. The garden comes in a silver rectangular tin container and is complete with coco fiber wafers, seeds, and instructions. We hope you enjoy our new features and join us as we share life together in our Nation's Capital. Simply follow the easy-to-understand instructions and you will soon be harvesting and eating your very own lemon, Siam, and sweet basils. This kit is a great project to work on with your children - share a love of gardening and teach them the importance of eating healthily.
The unit functions by simulating an outdoor garden in terms of lighting and nutrients, which are included as a solution of vital elements for plant growing. Once your kit begins to grow, the plants can be transplanted to larger containers or to your garden to fully mature. Plants grow quickly in this unit, with some at rates up to 10 times what they would in outdoor conditions.

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