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This experiment is already over a year in the making, having first planted the seeds in the spring of 2013. If we repeat this experiment, one root will be enough to fill a 4×4 bed, and keep everyone in parsnips. We may also give them some help with a cold frame cover and mulch, but the less we need to intervene the better.
It is also very possible that the timing for this may be just a little off, and that eventually we will need to plant from seeds again. Now we are prepared to take what we have learned and see if we can get similar results with carrots. I want to share a very informative video with you from my friend Christina Kamp of Little Sprouts Learning Center.
Did you know that in musicals by Rodgers and Hammerstein, they tended to include a ‘list’ song? Toward the later part of each month I like to adventure out and stop in at some different blogs…This time I took the list off of canning group with facebook.
When the weather has warmed dig a hole slightly deeper than the plant’s container and wide enough to spread the roots. There are beans growing up some netting attached to PVC pipes, as well as more heading up an old ornamental windmill. Many cucumbers will happily attach themselves to whatever structure they find, some need a little coaxing. A new plant this year is Red Malabar spinach, seen here happily growing up an old kiwi vine.

We have seen squash attach itself to fencing, and often have had to pull them off for fear the weight will be too much. This year we planted a small Japanese pumpkin and purposely encouraged it to grow up the fence. But I think my favorite vertical edibles this year are ones that decided to grow to the left, instead of their usual growth pattern of vining towards the right. Just the other night I fixed a few Baked Potatoes and stuffed them with steamed broccoli and topped with cheese. This recipe goes way back to when a wonderful Chef showed Mandolin how to make a dish that proved to be one of the all time favorites on our restaurant’s smorgasbord many years later. Mix flour and butter into a paste, and slowly add to the stock; stirring until thick and smooth. We think we plant our gardens for ourselves, family and friends- unfortunately that might include some uninvited guests of Mother Nature. Tomato Pinworms and Tomato Fruitworms, Cabbageworms (as they eat the leaves, which is the veggie), Pickleworms, Pepper Weevil, Pepper Maggots. Cutworms and Slugs are the main culprits that will eat a plant straight through at ground level, killing it. Cucumber Beetles, Asparagus Beetles, Squash Bugs and Squash Vine Borers are multiply talented, and can kill a veggie in many different ways. Aphids, Earwigs, Flea Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Leafminers, Mexican Bean Beetle, Spider Mites, Tomato Hornworms, Whitefly, Sawfly. Please note too~ that there is way more info on this subject, here I’m trying to condense it some, especially for the new gardener.

And never let it discourage you~ after all, you will end up with produce when all is said and done. Not only is the bed full of wee babes, but we also have sufficient seed to share with our friends and kids.
They will get a splash of some Moo Poo Tea to insure great root growth and as a way to replenish the soil. It is best to let them vine up an arbor or fence, and they do look lovely this way as well. Reliance, pictured here, does well even in cold regions like we have here in the northeast. Since part of how your plant feeds itself is through it’s green leaves, damage there can mess up everything. They are absolutely delicious and since you can plant them much earlier, they are usually the first bean to enjoy.
We also have concord grapes planted and they have been growing well for about 10 years now. A little research was done, and we learned that if you want to get more fruit, and larger berries, a little pruning goes a long way.

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