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Lawns, paths and hedges are all a major part of the framework of a garden – they are the backdrop and the foil.
Areas for sitting or sunbathing could be hard surfaced or gravelled instead and surrounded or patch-planted with low-growing plants such as chamomile and thyme. Grassed areas can be established in three ways: seeding, turfing and cutting the natural cover regularly.
For most grassy areas, hard-wearing recreational rye grass mixtures are a better choice than the less competitive fine grasses intended for bowling greens. When sowing a lawn it is a good idea to include seeds of companions such as dowers, chamomile, creeping thyme, daisies, yarrow and other scented and pretty turf plants.
Turfing is the most expensive way to get an area grassed, but is less work than seeding and gives more rapid results.
Cutting the natural groundcover regularly is the slowest method of getting a good sward, but produces the most ecologically balanced mixture of plants with the minimum work and expense. Scarifying with a wire rake in the autumn or spring is hard work but benefits the sward if done once every few years. The regular cutting of grass is best done with a rotary mower that can collect the clippings. Although the design and shape of lawns and grass paths must be aesthetic and practical, they also need to be kept neat. Using a nylon line trimmer first greatly increases neatness as it can be used not only to do the edges and to cut around trunks and bits the mower cannot reach, but also on the awkward and difficult spots, further simplifying the work for the mower.
Because hedges need to grow densely, the ground must be well prepared and weeds controlled for the first two or three years until the hedge is well established. Young hedges benefit from a temporary screen to reduce wind damage, but do not make this too close or dark or it may kill the foliage.
Starke Ayres Garden Centre strives to stock only the best quality plants from predominantly local suppliers. Best Large Garden Centre in South Africa 2011 and Best Plant Care Area in South Africa 2011, Stodels is an award winning Nursery with branches in Kenilworth, Bellville and Milnerton.
Centrally situated on Kommetjie Road in Sunnydale, nestled between the Silvermine Mountains and Elsie’s Peak, this family-run garden centre is the most well-known garden centre in the Valley with the best prices around. Heaven Scent Garden and Nursery occupies two hectares on a working apple farm against the mountains in the Elgin Valley of the Western Cape near Grabouw. Cape Garden Centre is the largest nursery in the Cape with a staff compliment of just over 250 people. Fairholme Nursery in Elgin specialises in perennials, grasses and lavenders and includes a large and many-faceted garden with a magnificent view, terraces, pergola walkway, woodland garden, grass garden and rose garden. Good Hope Nursery was established a quarter of a century ago in Hout Bay, and moved to its present location over the road from Cape Point Nature Reserve in 1986. About UsThe Gardening Blog is a blog by Barbie and Christine … life-long friends with two very different gardens. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our gardening philosophy is "Natural and organic is best".
The garden judged best in the whole show was the Daily Telegraph garden designed by the Swedish landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell.  I really liked this one.
This next one was a bit too manicured and clipped for me,  but the flower colours in the centre were beautifully rich.
The whole visit was very enjoyable and when we got tired we sat with a cup of coffee, and listened to the musicians playing on the Bandstand!
Never been to Chelsea before, it was always too far away and now its even further out of reach. Ulf Nordfjell’s garden was surprisingly accessible, much more relaxed in reality than in pics, (though still very formal in plan of course). Thanks for sharing your pics, they give me a much better idea of the scale of the gardens than the telly usually does.
I’m afraid The Telegraph garden didn’t do it for me apart from the fantastic rocket-like Eremurus!
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Creating an interesting and practical shade garden can be a challenge when the sun light is limited, but careful garden layout design can achieve an impressive result – Shade Garden bed layout Ideas, tips and photos. Landscaping a shaded garden can create some challenges, but it also creates opportunities to grow some shade loving plants that you cannot grow in a sunny garden bed. In very small gardens, give serious consideration to dispensing with grass altogether, saving the need to buy and store a grass cutter as well as liberating ground space.
In the largest gardens grass is a sensible groundcover because it is relatively easy to keep neat and tidy, though can be time-consuming if poorly planned.
Seeding gives you a choice of grasses and the option to include companion plants; it is not expensive but is quite hard work. The former prefer limy conditions and produce a tough sward productive of grass clippings and resisting weeds and disease.
Of course if you are a recidivist and desire pure grass, then you can choose this, but mixtures are more interesting and ecologically sounder as well as staying greener in droughts. The area still needs to be dug, enriched and levelled, but much less thoroughly, and weeds can often effectively be ignored — many will be killed by the disturbance, by burying and by the grass cutting that follows.
The procedure is the same as that for regularly maintaining or improving an existing sward and basically consists of making the conditions most suitable for grasses and unsuitable for everything else.
Acid-loving weeds can be discouraged and the tougher grasses aided by liming heavily twice a year with calcified seaweed or dolomitic lime.
Cylinder mowers are not as good in damp conditions or with longer growths and mowers that do not gather the clippings build up too much thatch. With areas near the house the cutting needs to be weekly; further away and in orchards you can get away with fortnightly and in wild areas once or twice a year, but then these are no longer swards. A nylon line trimmer is also good for trimming grass to different heights depending on the situation.
They are much more ecological than fences as explained earlier as they warm the garden and provide a nesting habitat as well as decoration.
Cut back the sides and top hard each and every winter until the hedge is nearly at its required size, then cut back again in late spring and once more in late summer for the neatest effect.

It is a good idea to think out of the box and create a garden that is perhaps different from the usual spaces one is used to seeing.
The best way to work on a theme is to plan on paper how you would want your garden to look. Allocate that portion of the garden for flower beds as flowering plants will need a fair amount of sunlight. These design ideas brings special features too making the whole scenery worth watching.The term landscape garden relates to the British garden design and style the characteristic of the actual eighteenth century.
Ferndale with its 7 acre nursery offers gardeners a wide range of superior quality plants, water features, garden irrigation and excellent advice from friendly staff. Stodels stock anything related to your gardening, from plants to pavers and are also proud to be stockist of all kinds of pet products. They manufacture our own range of paving slabs and related concrete items and carry a wide variety of hardy, indigenous plants as well as attractive pot plants and beautiful exotics. The original family garden has developed into a nursery and cutting garden from which they supply the local farm stalls and guest houses with flowers.
The garden centre sells plants and pots and has a kids playpark that offers different rides (called Bugz Playpark).
They have been growing indigenous plants for sale to other retail nurseries ever since, and are proud that Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Table Mountain National Park are among their valued customers.
We are novice gardeners and through this blog we will be sharing our gardening experiences (all the highs and lows) with each other and anyone who cares to join us in “watching our gardens grow”. Some gardens are named after their sponsors in case you were wondering about the strange names.
It is so much better to see real images from a visitor to Chelsea rather than all the TV ones. Unusual for me as I’m not usually keen on more modern gardens but I could live with this one. Amazing and I’m sure they must be difficult to grow otherwise they would be in everyone’s gardens! What should I plant under my trees and roof awning looks great and requires minimum care and can grow in limited light? Professional landscape designers – Landscape design packages and do it yourself landscape guides.
If they are in poor condition they draw attention to themselves instead of enhancing the rest of the garden. Grassed areas do compete with the plants in them, but grass clippings can be collected to use as a mulch (they are especially good for roses, shrubs and soft fruit) and to suppress grass around and underneath trees. The area needs to be dug, de-weeded, levelled and raked to a seedbed, removing all stones and rubbish. The fine grasses can make a showy sward but do not take hard wear and prefer acid conditions, which in turn favour mosses and turf weeds. Concerned gardeners should be aware that much turf comes from unecological sources such as old meadow land, and that it is frequently pre-treated with inorganic fertilisers and herbicides. If the area is too rough for a mower or contains hidden junk, use a nylon line trimmer or brush cutter for the initial attacks.
Patches of clover which stand out green in times of drought are blended in by sowing clover seed in the remaining areas, as clovers are of immense benefit to the lushness of sward. This frequency of work means that a few minutes saved each time adds up to many hours in a year, so careful planning and possibly redesigning can be well worthwhile. It is really worthwhile reducing the amount of edging that needs clipping by amalgamating small beds and borders into bigger ones.
For example, either side of a close mown path in a wild area or orchard the grass can be trimmed a foot or so high so that it does not fall over the path. Most hedging plants are best spaced at about a foot to two foot apart — closer for small hedges and wider for tall ones.
Flowers, carpet grass, pebbled pathways, fountains and waterfalls are essentials that are incorporated into a garden.
However, if you are keen on creating a space where you can enjoy a bit of sunshine then you will need to integrate an area in the garden for the same. The landscape gardener is really a person who styles, develops, keeps and remodels gardens and landscapes that beautify environmental surroundings. A kids play area with a duck pond and an aviary makes garden shopping enjoyable for the whole family. Stodels delight their customers by giving them affordable access to great gardening ideas and products.
They make their own compost and vermicompost, which is used in the garden and nursery bags. Surely some scientist could come up with a pair of spare legs you could carry around in a back pack. I could imagine having a variation of some of the designs in my garden, while others made me smile. Anyway, I am looking forward to it, might go a couple of times to see the seasonal differences, its about 1.5 hours for me, but motorway all the way! Some plants will grow well in full shade, others need at least some direct or dappled sun light. Then ground rock dusts, ground seaweed and lime or calcified seaweed must be incorporated to enrich the soil. Oversow with tough grass seed and keep strimming till the growth becomes a rough sward, then mow once a week from early spring to late autumn, returning the clippings. This same feed can be used annually in spring, but I use diluted urine instead and sprinkle this on the turf during light rain. With a nylon line trimmer the height of cut is so adjustable that chosen plants can be left standing alone after others around them have been cut hard back.
Informal hedges can have scented flowers, but clipping them into a formal hedge removes the flowering shoots and thus also any fruits. Like everything in the garden hedges benefit from monthly sprayings with seaweed solution during the growing season. However, if space is not a restriction you can create include various elements without the fear of making the garden over crowded.

Mark a circular or rectangle spot where you can set out wicker garden furniture or wrought iron tables and chairs. In order to enhance the gardens grape vines, low developing annuals, traditional herbs along with other land scape plants may be used to beautify these types of landscapes. The Cayman Islands display did remind me of the last time I went snorkeling at a coral reef.
I went pre new marquee and we couldn’t get anywhere near the show gardens (sea of umbrellas) and we were like a non-stop train going around the marquees! That being the case how was he able to built it… I thought they had to submit design plans? Some plants will thrive in deep shade, will other shade tolerant plants need less shade to thrive. The first flush of weeds can be raked or flame-gunned, then the area sown in spring or autumn with grass seed. Give the young grass a cut and a roll when it is more than toe high; thereafter mow regularly and walk on it as little as possible for a whole growing season.
If you like you can reduce the height of the cut gradually, but I prefer to keep it set as high as possible.
It is absorbed rapidly and is converted by the sward into lush growth that can soon be removed as clippings for mulching elsewhere.
Do the same with odd little corners where you have to push the mower in and out several times. Cutting grass and weedy areas with a nylon line trimmer can thus encourage bulbs, primroses, cowslips and violets as the area can be kept neat without becoming overgrown and choking out these treasures. Informal mixed hedges are rarely pruned or cut once established; they are effectively just long, narrow shrub borders which take up a lot of space but produce a beautiful flowering screen. Sloping the plants over at a 45-degree angle gives a lower, thicker base and interweaving can increase this, giving a low, dense hedge from fewer plants. It is best that this area is made hard standing as it is easy to clean and keeps away ants and bugs. Two feet high lamps are ideal for highlighting flowers and greenery planted around the garden.
Landscape Gardening Design IdeasIf a person really wants to have floor covers then your vinca vine blossom can be grown in the gardens. I went to a lecture by Ulf Nordfjell at our most recent (and probably last) big garden show in Seattle.
Rosette weeds such as plantains and thistles may survive scarifying, cutting and soil improvement treatments, but they can be hand pulled with a sharp knife severing deep underneath at the same time – they rarely regrow.
Long paths should be made just to fit a given number of passes without leaving an odd strip which you have to go back over and finish up at the wrong end. In heavy shade where ivy often predominates as groundcover, weeds such as nettles growing up through it can be eradicated and returned as shreddings at the same time.
His slide show had technincal difficulties but what he showed of his Chelsea stuff was amazing.
Arranging your plantings so that there is a shrub or fruit bush deserving a mulch near to hand each time the grass box gets full can halve your working time. There are a variety of blossom available in the actual nurseries which are of vibrant colours so when planted develops along the floor. If you have to take the clippings far, a wheelbarrow will consolidate several loads in one trip.
The use of little potted plants that contains the blossoms of flower waterlily, jasmine etc, additionally enhance the enhance of these gardens.
The sun’s rays flowers are often of yellow-colored colour as well as their conspicuous color attract the actual visitors in the actual garden.
The mottia grow spreads it is fragrance within the entire garden as well as rose blossom is so stunning that it is because of the title associated with queen associated with flowers.To be able to beautify the actual garden one should utilize water fountains. Using tall, azure ceramic plant containers in them is actually most ideal simply because in sunshine they glaze.
Around the sides of those fountains an ornamental pipes could be set through molding copper mineral wires in various styles. As everyone knows that severe lines are created on the external boundary associated with fountains due to the swimming pool gear therefore the plants should be grown about them. In this case time tested broadleaf plants are the most suitable.Ideas for garden decorationsApart from just ornamental plants and trees and shrubs a garden might have innumerable design pieces which range from bird feeders to water fountains, gazebos, dangling baskets and so forth. All these merchandise is used in purchase to enhance as well as decorate a garden landscape.
Various trees and shrubs, shrubs along with other types of leaves are designed inside a topiary way. Numerous shapes associated with bears, peacocks, confuses, humans yet others can be made inside your garden.
Tweeting of wild birds, water moving and clean breeze tend to be signs of a proper and happy garden. You ought to think of methods for attracting wild birds into their garden instead of shooing them away.Among the best ways would be to install a chicken bath inside your garden. Bird bathsare available in numerous stores and thereforeLandscape Gardening Design Ideasare made up of aluminum. Installing the bird bathtub welcomes vibrant birds in order to quench their own thirst, perform and dash the water.
Bird feeders can also be put into corridors, balconies as well as open areas other than gardens.Landscape accessories as well as materials for example composters, adhesives, thick mulch, landscape fabric, and niche landscape materials are the other yard and garden maintenance systems used by home gardeners. Home Improvement Supermarket is a big online store which has an extensive choice of landscaping supplies. You can purchase essential landscape accessories as well as materials out of this amazing online shop at reasonable prices and have all of them delivered to your own doorstep in the earliest.

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