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The Canmore Community Garden is a wildlife-safe mountain community garden that addresses the growing conditions of the Rockies with strategies to deter wildlife and extend our short season by using Permaculture design techniques. COMMUNAL GARDEN: The communal garden is intended to allow gardeners to share in both the responsibility and the bounty of the garden.
Registration for the season opens at the Annual General Meeting and closes at the Garden Opening Work Party, Saturday May 14, 2016. Become a MemberBy becoming a member of the Canmore Community Gardening Society, you are connecting with a network of fun, creative, innovative and health wise individuals from your community. I prefer to regard children as apprentice gardeners, gradually acquiring more skills as the years go by, working their way up (at their own pace and interest level) to journeyman and eventually master gardener. Kathy Purdy is a colchicum evangelist, converting unsuspecting gardeners into colchicophiles. In its own way, frost may be one of the most beautiful things to happen in your garden all year .
I like how you think of children as apprentice gardeners because that’s what they are.
Children and Gardens by the great English garden designer, Gertrude Jekyll, is a wonderful introduction to English gardens, garden design and landscaping – including the art of utilizing a proper playhouse for genuine gardening and entertaining activities. In this articles I will be discussing 3 essential tips for flower gardening which will ensure you a beautiful, healthy and well structured flower garden. First and the major step for flower gardening is to decide where you want to plant your flower garden. If you think that your soil does not have enough amount of organic matter, you can change the soil by adding compost in it. If you want to grow your own vegetables and flowers but you don’t have enough space outside your house or in your backyard then you don’t have to worry. One major advantage of organic container gardening which I must discuss here is that pest control is much easier in this type of gardening comparing to the traditional forms of gardening. This venue is also used to host gardening workshops and is a demonstration space for mountain gardening methods. Gardeners maintain their plots autonomously within organic gardening guidelines and they are responsible for providing their own supplies, including their own seed and plant starts, cold frames, trellises, row cover, etc… according to what they want to grow.
First-time gardeners have an opportunity to work alongside those with more experience, and this arrangement allows flexibility for those who vacation or have limited time in the summer. As much as possible, I like to let them choose their own projects, plan the execution of them, and solve their own problems. The spiral-bound format of this book makes it easy to flip through, but it’s the index that makes it really useful. Each bug gets a two-page spread that describes the damage it does and suggests preventive actions, live biological controls, organic product controls, and additional information when available.

This book goes way beyond avocado pits and carrot tops, teaching you how to grow not only familiar vegetables, fruits, and nuts, but also branching into herbs and spices, and produce from Latin American and Asian cuisines.
My little one is still a bit young to be gardening with me, but I’ll be buying these for her in a couple of years!
There are lots of options available out of which you can select any one which is best suitable for you. It is easier and simpler to manage because you can replicate the soil conditions as you want.
If you have sufficient amount of space available in your back then you can easily plant your flower garden in your backyard. This can help you in tracking of your flower garden progress and it is highly recommended too.
Presence of suitable amount of organic matter or fertilizers in the soil will make the soil fertile and nutrient rich. You can prepare the compost at your home or you can easily buy it from your gardening supply store.
You can easily grow and maintain beautiful flowers in your container or in your backyard by just considering the above mentioned tips. You can add organic matters to the soil if you have the garden outside your house, but when you plan to use a container, make sure that you use organic soil.
Depending upon the size you can select from lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and many other vegetables.
In order to get rid of aphids, simply buy a packet of ladybugs and spread them on your container plants.
It is small enough to be manageable in young hands, with a wipe-clean cover that can take visits to the garden without falling apart.
Look up the plant that has the bug on it, and it will give you all the pages that have bugs that frequent that plant. For example, adult cutworm moths are a favorite food of bats, so a good way to reduce cutworms in your garden is to encourage bats. I haven’t read any of these yet, but I suspect a couple of them may be under the tree for our older girls this Christmas. Flower gardening is a simple hobby but it requires lot of commitment, hard word and dedication from you. Before planting your flower garden in your back yard you have to follow some basics such as, you must test your soil for determining the type of soil in your backyard.
Such type of soil will ensure a healthy and beautiful growth of your flowers in your flower garden.
This art of growing organic vegetables and flowers in a container is called organic container gardening.

At the time of the selection of a container, make sure the selected container can drain the water properly because some plants doesn’t likes to be over watered.
In order to get rid of harmful insects such as hookworms, cutworms and others you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth with in your container. These advantages are appealing to the gardener who hates to weed or is limited in any physical activity and for gardeners with limited time to dedicate to their hobby or indeed limited space in which to practice it. The question-and-answer format makes it easy to zero in on a topic of burning interest or flip open to a random page and still grasp what’s being discussed. Similar information is provided for the good bugs: who they control, and how to attract and keep them.
Peterson tells some funny stories on herself as well; her spirit of experimentation is contagious. You can easily distinguish the flowers which have grown properly and which have not grown properly. If the container doesn’t have holes in it, you can make some with the help of a drilling needle. If your soil doesn’t have the ability to hold water then you can add peat moss to your organic soil. If you can take proper care of your container then it will produce organic food for a long time. Most important is to choose large enough containers or pots (larger is better) and to water properly. And it asks–and answers–lots of questions, everything from what are the easiest crops to grow to how can I make weeding go faster to how do I cope with a garden that got out of control? All remedies are organic, but I especially like that the emphasis is placed on providing natural enemies of the pest and controlling environmental factors, before resorting to sprays and powders. I can’t think of a better way to relieve the winter doldrums than to go shopping in the supermarket for a plant to grow. The first part of the book covers general gardening techniques and the second part gives advice on specific crops.
Fortunately, since this is a book for grownups, there is none of that didactic, it’s good-for-you tone that ruins many a juvenile trade book. There are professional software available in the market which can help you in tracking of your flower garden or you can simply use any notepad to keep track.
There’s also a glossary, a bibliography, and a handy chart to help you determine how much to plant out of that generous seed packet.

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