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Over my past couple of blogs I have listed some of Gardening Direct’s garden plants that will encourage bees to enter your garden.
Otherwise hopefully another good location would be where you can achieve the most amount of morning light as this is the most beneficial time of the day for new growth. Once a window is chosen either a window greenhouse kit will need to be purchased or a company will need to be called to custom make the window greenhouse in some situations.
Choosing plants for window greenhouses is as simple as knowing ones taste and space limitations; a window box is limiting, choosing plants that will stay small or only starting plants is probably the wisest idea. Herbs can do well in most rooms of a house and are perfect for window greenhouses; lavender and jasmine would be relaxing for a bedroom, and if the window is high enough, even a nursery. Flowers can do well in a living room, bedroom, or porch area; window greenhouses can be a nice alternative to house plants which are often just foliage and no blossoms. They are simple to take care of due to their small size, so just about anyone can become and indoor gardener.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. An inexpensive yet sturdy, durable and well made seed feeder with 4 ports to allow several birds to feed from the seed contained within it. Garden Wildlife Direct are delighted to bring you our new seed feeder for feeding wild birds. This wild bird feeder has 4 feeding ports and can be filled easily and can be used most seed mixes and sunflower hearts.
Made from strong durable polpropylene and with a UV-stabilised polycarbonate, this feeder is made to last and provide years of use all for a great low price. Company itself very good service, seem to get order sorted quickly and then the delivery service lets them down. Have found that the one is an unbeatable feeder, although time will tell on the attic tubing. The team here at Garden Wildlife Direct are dedicated to making caring for your garden wildlife an affordable interest.

Normally it is advisable to locate them on the south side of the building to receive the most benefit for growing your plants but sometimes a good southern exposure just isn’t possible. Sun from the west will be adequate also but plants in window greenhouses facing this direction will grow as rapidly. Most window greenhouse kits will come in pieces which are easy to assemble with basic hand tools; choosing the right style to compliment the houses style is important, a wood framed window box would look odd on a stone house for example. Its the perfect place to start seedlings, enjoy a small flower patch, and grow fresh herbs.
The problem is, I live in Texas (near San Antonio), and the side of my house is hit by major direct sunlight. I’m looking for some full plants that will grow quickly and hide my ugly wall this summer.

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