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With the cool spring we have had, everything in the garden seems way behind, okay, including me! I’ve been working in the garden all morning and decided it was time to take a much needed break as well as grab some lunch. Raised bed vegetable garden — unfortunately, time got away from me this year and I only have a few herbs and tomatoes planted. Hydrangea garden — that boosts a gorgeous dogwood along with ferns, spring bulbs, and a liriope border. Deciduous garden — with an oriental feel, it is full of beautiful specimens of dwarf cypress, evergreens, and a Japanese maple. Echinacea garden — small area near the shed where I decided to focus solely on all the beautiful types of echinacea. Butterfly garden — with three butterfly bushes as well as other wonderful flowers all chosen to attract butterflies. As a proactive optimist, I have always been one of those folks who could do anything I put my mind to.
Bear with me over the next several weeks, as there are bound to be posts that encompass weeding, tilling, and lessons learned as I recapture the beauty of my gardens. About MESome of you may know me and my family through Virginia Lamb & Meats -- where each week we sell meat raised on our farm at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market in Washington, DC. I am a fifth generation farmer or at least that's as far back as the stories I remember go.
Rainscaping is sustainable landscaping that reduces stormwater runoff and improves local water quality. Wasatch Community Gardens offers dozens of workshops on topics such as beekeeping, urban chicken keeping, rainwater harvesting, container gardening, seasonal cooking and a lot more.824 S. University of Utah Lifelong Learning gardening courses include landscape design, maximizing vegetable garden production, growing edible mushrooms and more.Locations in Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Sandy, St.

Thanksgiving Point offers Master Gardener courses as well as workshops on a variety of gardening topics. The Utah State University Botanical Center in Kaysville is home to beautiful demonstration gardens.
We finally got our spring vegetables, including peas, kale, beets, carrots, radishes, and more lettuces planted in the garden this weekend. Someday on the list would be a night garden (only white flowers) surrounding the back patio and a small fruit tree orchard.
Reading her daily gardening adventures, I slowly began to feel the need to play in the dirt. Some are stories from my childhood, others are as simple as getting you to champion white eggs (yes, they can be farm fresh too!) when our twelve little Leghorns are unselfishly out producing fifty other hens during the winter months. Do NOT use any original graphics or written content without requesting and then receiving explicit permission. The Plant Doctors at the Kemper Center can help you with any problems you have or you can call our Horticultural Answer Service for a phone consultation. You will see many of the best and most reliable plants for the area as well as striking combinations. Rainscaping options include rain gardens, rain barrels, green roofs, permeable pavement and more. Gardening is the world's most popular hobby and can help practitioners feel at one with nature. They also offer a popular landscape design class and classes on a variety of other garden topics.920 S. Our peas and broccoli are coming along nicely and with any luck our cucumbers, tomatoes, egg plants, and squash seedlings will begin to take off. But looking back at the past couple of weeks, you have to wonder if winter is finally over.

I am thinking 2 apples, 2 pears, and 2 peach trees along with a handful of blueberry bushes. You see, gardening has always been a representation of life to me… the work that must be put in to reap a successful harvest… the often necessary solitude of weeding, watering, and transplanting to reflect on life.
Gardening in Utah's dry, four-season climate can be a challenge, but fortunately there are lots of places where you can educate yourself with gardening classes, many of them free. This allows me to keep my sanity by being able to get in and work in agarden finishing whatever needs to be done. I have to admit though, being so spoiled by all the wonderful fruit and orchard vendors at the farmers market this one might not happen any time soon.
The weeds had taken over my gardens, the sheep needed to be shorn, there was fence to be fixed and painted, and the list felt endless and overwhelming.
Lately, I had been avoiding the garden as the weeds seem to bear witness to the endless list of chores I had hanging over my head. Deciding to coach high school soccer, cook for Virginia Lamb, be super mom, and go to school simultaneously? And when it grows too short, I add all kinds of interesting to-dos to the list like learning to make pasta, wanting to making homemade soap as Christmas presents, or reading up on medicinal herbs. You know the nagging thought that one has crossed over into survive mode instead of thrive mode.

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