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Cube Marketplace Downtown, a once-a-month shop for gourmet products, garden accessories and tableware, will debut Feb. So we looked at some  of the regular outdoor business ideas, lets take a peek at some of the more creative ones.
Businesses, apartment complexes, government buildings and from time to time single family homes can be victims of vandalism.
The parking lot of a store front is the first thing that potential customers see, and the old saying holds fast you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you live in an interesting city or even if you don’t why not try being a tour guide?
If you like the beach and have a few spare frisbees kicking about why not try beach rentals. Another beach based idea which is a little more costly to start but with more potential for profit would be to start a jet ski rental business. Mountain biking, white water rafting, parachuting, white water rafting there are hundreds of adventure sports if you have passion for one maybe you could teach some lessons.
Are all your hunting buddies always asking for hunting tips and tricks, why not start charging for lessons.
If you’re the modern day Doctor Dolittle or perhaps your just fearless then wrangling racoons and swiping cotton mouths is a very lucrative business. You see them littered all over town during the summer, some of the better ones often have permanent spots. Never work with kids or animals is the famous saying in show biz,  you will be doing both.  Popular animals are pygmy goats , sheep rabbits and chickens. It’s actually illegal to chew gum, due to the massive problem they have had with it littering the streets. A new study led by University of Colorado scholars shows that community gardeners harvest better health, as well as stronger connections to their neighborhoods.
Get back to basics with Ecological Gardening: Your Safe Path to a Healthy, Beautiful Garden by Marjorie Harris.
If you dream of having an outdoor haven but don’t have the time to do all the work, it’s time to cheat! Applications now are invited from the community members who would like to participate in the second year of the community garden initiative or the first year of the backyard gardens project, both organized by Grow Food, Grow Hope.
Grow Food, Grow Hope is led by locally based Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA) young adults. This gardening class program is open to all the Wayne County residents and those who live in surrounding counties. Participants will gain gardening knowledge and then they will volunteer in the community by sharing those gardening skills with others.

To apply or for more information, call the Wayne County Extension Office at (765) 973-9281 or visit the office in the Wayne County Administration Building. You could do low cost lawn care , organic weeding and fertilizing or high end bush sculpting. Grab a ladder , some lint free clothes, glass cleaning solution and a squeegee and your set to go. This is where you come in, removing trash, upkeep of any landscaping and painting lines and parking stones when they become dull. In interesting cities your options are easy and should have a steady stream of tourists to gain business from.
Some human billboards have gone to more extreme measures, tattooing customers logo’s and web addresses on there bodies. However in the small town maybe a great novelty to make extra money on weekends or marketed as a green alternative.
Build your business by branching out into health fast food and packaging salads for local office workers. Modern tree-houses can go for as much as 100k and can be popular in densely popular urban environments , as residents scramble for more space. Dive into this book and dig up useful tips, get back to basics and create a lush and beautiful garden.
You’ll find simple, inexpensive, time-saving tricks in How to Cheat at Gardening and Yard Work: Shameless Tricks for Growing Radically Simple Flowers, Veggies, Lawns, Landscaping and More by Jeff Bredenberg. This morning I met Justine Williams at Artspark studio, a dedicated mum from my own children’s school.
It also will offer classes on its rooftop garden, as well as a wine class with David King, wine assistant at Cube Marketplace & Cafe (the Hollywood restaurant and shop on La Brea Avenue).
Which ever niche you choose , you will certainly enjoy the bulk of your time outside and get a great tan.
The cost of entry into the pool cleaning world is very low, with very little specialized equipment needed.
Offer your service once for free or at a cut rate then sign a long term service agreement , most will not require maintenance more then once a week or month. However should you not live in such an interesting city you could do guided pub crawls or even ghost stories. Well if you have the horses the land or access to great trail riding , then why wouldst you spend your days making money teaching people or touring around. The world is a prettier place when its green and you could be getting paid making it that way.
If you have them pass your survival skills down to those worried about giant rats or whatever else is about to take over the world.

Hey you will get a killer tan, and if you get way hot you have a ready made way to cool down right.
Point out extra pretty fish and tell a few jokes during briefings and you will make a small fortune in tips at the end of the tour. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of the following books at your local Library.
This book will give you time to sit back in your lawn chair with a cup of tea and one of these great gardening books. Kitchen Garden Basics with Marta Teegan, master gardener and creator of Homegrown Los Angeles. Word of mouth and a catchy name may be all the advertising you need for your fledgling pool cleaning company. If you acquire large accounts there are specialized line painting machines available to make life easier.
Now obviously preferable that your town or city has a cool ghost story, however if not you should motivation and make one up. It is even possible to get large contracts from apartment buildings, government buildings, parks or any of the area that pets may be.
When people ask what you do advise them you are a Sun Deflection Installation and Engineer and part time entertainment director sit back enjoy your beer and your bronze tan. If you’re scuba certified you could also clean the barnacles of the bottom of the boats still in the water.
She is an amazing specialist in permaculture and she is very excited about sharing her knowledge with our children from Term 3 at Artspark studio. Well maybe not now, but you get the idea.  Overheads are low and they typically are mobile businesses so you will see plenty of your town or city. Today, we just forgot the rain and had a lovely time talking and sharing our vision of our soon to be mini-Farm!
Peddle boat technology has come a long way in recent times and they can even operate on the ocean. I cannot wait to see the peninsula’s children, hands in soil, growing love for delicious and organic vegetables or discovering eggs in the chicken nest… I am so proud to be part of this beautiful and inspiring project in the heart of our community! Cube wine assistant David King discusses how to understand wine classifications and addresses general misunderstandings about Italian wine. Explanatory tastings of five to seven of Italy's most famous wines will also be included.

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