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SERIES 22 Episode 30This tip was sent in by Geoff White in Warwick in Queensland who says that he's always been told to put a twine fence right round his crops of broad beans to stop them falling over, but as Geoff says, the problem is that only those on the outside are properly supported and the others are left to fall - crushing some plants and inhibiting the airflow. Copyright Restrictions: This fact sheet is for private and domestic information purposes only. Links to sites that may interest you, including botanical gardens, private gardens, and gardening societies in your state.
Comprehensive information on what to grow and how to grow it, plus great gardens, design ideas and stories from the show.
The Broad Bean seeds I planted nearly a month ago are up and looking healthy, and I have a spot where some zucchini and squash have just come out, so today they’re going out into the garden. They were potted up in my usual compost and creek sand mix with some wood ash mixed through, and I’m giving  each a good double handful of compost mixed with wood ash as I plant them out.
I shall plant another round of seed in the shadehouse today too, so as to have at least one successional crop.
Last year the mice got my early rounds of peas and snow peas and in the end I had to bring the potted seeds inside and rig up our Weber barbeque as a sort of temporary propagation house.
Thanks Linda, that’s the sort of simple, resourceful and affective solution I have come to expect from you. I’ve been reading your blog and getting much needed inspiration since signing up a few months ago. Thanks for your answer to my query about moon calendars – a bit late but I lost the right spot in the blog! It may not be copied, reproduced, sold or used for any other purpose without the express permission of the ABC. You can still pop a few seeds in the ground now (in a tunnel house for cooler areas) for a late-spring harvesting. Some of the taller bushes may need to be staked to help keep them upright during heavy winds and rains.
Your use of the lunar calendar really interests me, more as a planning device than anything (but I have an open mind).

Meanwhile I have been roughly following the moon cycles and am finding that it really does help organise me.
Each square of the grid is about 20 centimetres across - that's roughly one space per plant. Broad beans (called fava beans overseas) are one of those rare garden vegetables that grows best during cool weather. If you have a less-than-stellar spot in your garden that has challenged your gardening know-how, plant some broad beans there so it can be productive.
They also tend to be top-heavy once they start producing.Black aphids can be a nuisance in spring and early summer.
Wanting the nitrogen fixing to be spread around the beds I have planted them on the inner side. This means that as the plants get bigger and heavier with pods, they're all individually supported and remain upright. This versatile legume can withstand temperatures that dip down into negative digits and will grow all winter in mild climates.
Otherwise, select a planting spot that has moist but free-draining soil and receives a few hours of sun each day. Blast them off with the hose a€“ or for persistent pests, spray with a suitable insecticide.
But by planting earlier, and an early variety, I”m getting decent crops even this far north, right on the margin of broad bean territory.
We too up here just north of Briz, need to wait for our all-too-short winter to plant peas and cabbages.
Dig in some compost and even aged manure if you've got it, but avoid chicken manure or fish emulsion, which are high in nitrogen. Trying to simplify the garden as much as possible, do we need offer them anything to climb besides the surrounding plants? Or in my case, Broccoletti which I’ve heard from someone who grew it, is a long-lived plant giving lots of cuttings of smallish Broccoli.

Not everyone is, which is not surprising when these much-maligned beans can easily be overcooked and turned into dry mush. As legumes, broad beans fix their own nitrogen, and too much nitrogen leads to lush leaves, not beans.
They’re at the 2-leaf stage now and sitting in pots with good rich mix so they will be big and strong before they get put out into the garden. But cooked till just tender they are a superb winter, spring or early-summer staple with a versatility in the kitchen that gives them star quality.I wish, though, that the crimson-flowering broad bean was readily available here (does anyone have one?). Instead of high-nitrogen fertilisers, sprinkle sulphate of potash over the soil and water it in. Cramming plants close together raises the humidity level, and that's what encourages diseases.
I saw these growing in Australia a while back and they look really attractive in the vegetable garden.
Leave your soil for a week before planting.Overseas gardening books suggest soaking your seeds overnight before planting out. If you don't mind spraying, use a copper-based fungicide if symptoms appear.You can harvest your beans at any stage of growth.
The typical white flowers are fine, but some lovely red hues in the vegetable garden over winter or early spring wouldn't go amiss, because it's often a time of scarcity in the vege patch.
In warmer areas of New Zealand it's not really necessary, since we have enough rain to keep them moist. In cooler spots, and especially now when the soil is cool, it does improve emergence and will get your beans off to a quicker start.Soak overnight, then plant the seeds directly into prepared soil at a depth of 3cm and 20cm apart.

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