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Comprehensive information on what to grow and how to grow it, plus great gardens, design ideas and stories from the show. SERIES 25 Episode 36Costa meets the winner"This is the Golden Spade," says Costa, "the trophy for this years' Gardener of the Year and I'm about to present it to the winner and she knows nothing about it. SERIES 25 Episode 31Jane visits a former Gardener of the YearOnce upon a time, Bob O'Neill had a large, sprawling garden in the hills north-east of Melbourne. 2 WAYS TO ENLARGE: Click directly on the photo to enlarge in a pop-up, or click HERE to see this image, larger, in a new browser window. SERIES 25 Episode 17Costa says: "As you are probably aware, this is a special year for us here at Gardening Australia as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show," says Costa. Search for a fact sheet on any of the stories on the Gardening Australia program since 1999. It may not be copied, reproduced, sold or used for any other purpose without the express permission of the ABC. I love surprises!"He's visiting Kelly Kershaw at her garden in Bodalla, an historic dairy farming and cheese-making town on the South Coast of New South Wales.
They're from Daniel Charles, and he says, "I am a passionate gardener, and I have created my own little touch of the tropics in my backyard in Berwick, Melbourne. What's particularly special about this story is that it was one of the last stories filmed by our late, great mate Colin Campbell, who was with the show right from the start."2012The garden is two and a half hectares in size and is in Chambers Flat - just south of Brisbane. But having come here, you have to make a new life and start again and just go for it," he says.There wasn't much to start with. Behind a keyboard is where I'm most comfortable, NOT behind a podium, but I am excited to be able to show off some of your awesome gardens!
When they moved in, the garden just had a couple of trees around the house and the rest of the block was natural bush. Around the house there were some garden beds, but rather overgrown, but not a native in sight.
So I'm asking YOU, the actual readers of the blog, to tell me which posts, over the past 4 years, have insired and wowed you the most.

Over many years, the family has turned the garden into what it is today.Philippe is a landscaper and jack of all trades and uses mainly recycled materials which he manages to collect from construction sites when at work. We brought in about 150 metres of soil and raised the beds."This enabled Bob to plant natives that need good drainage.
Wife Angela is an interior designer and you can see their combined design sense and eye for detail throughout the garden. Thank you so much!"After recovering from her shock, Kelly shows Costa around her 1.2 hectare block. At its centre however, is a strong focus on family.To encourage the kids to get out and use the garden, they've added lots of fun and quirky design elements in the garden like a group of bikes they found at the local dump which they painted up and arranged to have them appear as if riding up a tree!The block is surrounded by natural bushland with areas scooped out to create rooms for the different play areas. Then you put the others, with less requirements of drainage, lower down."With such determination, it's no wonder that Bob and Dot's new garden has thrived.
You can also search by state HERE, or if you remember a person's name, you can search for them in the website's search bar.
There's a more formal garden around the house, an orchard and a rose garden, but a casual sense of fun is a main aim of this garden.They have four chooks - a good amount to frovide for the family and the chooks are housed in a homemade coop made from recycled hardwood. It was built in or around 1864.""The house was built in the Victorian era so I guess this is my version of what a Victorian garden may have looked like, or a country garden," she says. He spots some scale on one of the trees and recommends that Philippe and Angela treat it with some white oil.Struggling with a way to display his succulents, Philippe has made a timber structure frame to house his clay potted collection - making a nice little seperate environment for them. We're out of space, so we have to focus on just some of the correas, so I chose Correa pulchella (Salmon Correa) which means 'lovely' or 'beautiful.' There's variation. Kelly leads Costa through the door and into another garden room that's dominated by a two-metre high stacked-stone sculpture of a pear. It's stone, stacked and solid, finished with river pebbles.Creating a more sheltered site was the first stage in creating the garden.
There's an orange one over there which is quite different in its leaf form and the colour of the flower," says Bob. Colin buys a ticket with a gumlife and is treated to a special ballet performance.Philippe and Angela have created an exciting and inspirational environment - one that makes the most of the bushland setting, but most importantly, encourages everyone to get out and explore the natural wonders of this amazing garden. It's not for everybody because it can be quite aggressive in its growth, but in our particular spot, we don't have that problem," Kelly says.
However, the cypress' root systems forced Kelly to create an unusual version of a lemon orchard.

She's planted thornless Eureka lemons in compost bins turned upside down and painted to mimic brass.
We have a number of variations of Leptospermums, but only two in flower at the present time.
But the roots of the cypress are very aggressive and they do suck a lot of the nutrients out of the soil, so by putting them in pots I can give them a good home and it gives a really good effect.
They can take a lot of dry conditions."However, Jane says it's Bob's collection of the stunning Western Australian Lechenaultias that really show off his skills as a gardener. They're growing well."Kelly also created a more formal-style garden by planting patterened hedges. They can be tricky to grow and need perfect drainage, but Bob reckons they're worth the trouble.
The yellows, reds, oranges, formosas (Red Lechenaultia, Lechenaultia formosa cv.) are not quite as hardy as the big blue ones. We had to raise them up on mounds and we also put a big long aggie drain on the side so it could wash away as well.""I like to push the boundaries to see what is possible. This way, you can try things out, it's interesting, it's different and to source them, you meet very fascinating people," says Bob.Jane says Bob's approach to gardening is as humble as it is inspiring. I put the birches down one side because we had a big tree on the other side of the house and I wanted balance and you can't have an instant huge tree, so I planted the Silver Birches (Betula pendula) to balance the two sides."Sweeping lawns also play a major role in the country garden. It just runs, so you have to be pretty on top of it all the time so you don't get it into your garden beds." The beds around the house are mostly full of mass-plantings, including Coastal Rosemary 'Wynyabbie Gem' (Westringia 'Wynyabbie Gem', French Lavender (Lavandula dentata) and even blue Agapanthus.
We've got apples and pears and they were here when we actually moved onto the property."Nearby there are rainwater tanks, the vegie garden and the chook coop.
I don't see a point in growing a vegetable that I can't eat and what we don't consume, I then give to friends. And the chickens are pretty happy with the scraps from the garden as well," she says."I really like this garden," says Costa, "because it has a serious side with the formal hedging and plantings, but it's also a lot of fun with the sculptures and the playful way that Kelly has used plants.
Kelly, does being crowned 'Gardener of the Year' change anything?" he asks."I don't think so, because I think that you still have the same level of enthusiasm and willingness to go out and have a go.

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