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I’ve been neglecting you Android users lately, so I wanted to share a little love and tell you about a relatively new app that works on both Android and Apple operating systems! How It Works: If you’ve used any of the Toca Boca apps, such as Toca House, you’ll notice some similarities in their function and appearance. Aubrey is a part-time speech-language therapist and full-time grad student with a love for taking advantage of technology to enhance therapy.  She is currently working as an SLT with preschoolers, as a direct support staff with adults with developmental disabilities, and as an intern for a variety of grad school placements.
The app covers all the bases you'd need to know: common name, botanical name, description, care info, soil, climate, planting time, bloom time, pests and diseases.
There's also a separate section on pests with about 20 common garden threats, such as weevils and aphids, and advice on both symptons and treatments. Garden Plot is a free app, but you will need to splash the cash to get the most from it as useful features. However, without paying out you can access some data on produce, create a handy to-do list and set up the "My garden" section.
This section is comprehensive; you can not only add plants from the set list, but also enter the date they were planted, see the days until harvest, and add notes and photos.
Designed as an aid for "less confident" gardeners, the RHS' free app is a solid resource for anyone looking to start growing his own produce. While you can purchase more data within the app, there is useful information about 20 common varieties of fruit and veg for free.
The profiles for each plant will help you decide what to grow, based on your own competence and the space you have. When you do decide, there are sowing and harvesting instructions and info on common problems. In addition, you can add fruit and veg profiles to the "My garden" section of the app, which offers calendar alerts to remind you what to do, and when.

Organic Gardening magazine's official app, The Planting Planner is a great tool to make sure you are planting varieties at the right time. Once you've set up a "garden," you can select what you want to grow from the extensive database, and the app then gives you info about how and when to plant seeds. Finally, this app is the mobile version of the excellent social networking site. Members can add plants to their gardens, follow other gardeners, see activities and make their own to-do lists. It’s also one of the few kids’ apps available on Google Play to measure up to what is available on iOS, in my oh-so-humble opinion.
I mostly focused on the cognitive objectives you can, but since the app was simply designed for play, it can be used for most anything.
I would definitely recommend it for preschool through early elementary, or any clients with whom you’ve successfully used Toca Boca apps. I was not compensated in any way for the review, and they were aware that I would be discussing the app’s strengths and weaknesses. She has recently joined the staff of YappGuru as their Director of Website Content Development.
There are about 750 plant species in the app's database, and you can view photos and read up on the plants you're interested in. Produce data, the plot planner and information on garden bugs, are all additional in-app purchases. The app also offers weather information, including frost dates, so your poor little seedlings won't get chilled to death.
We have previously rounded up 10 great options to help you get more greenery, and now we're topping up that selection for summer 2012 with five fabulous freebies.

Let us know in the comments below about any other apps that have helped you out in the gardening department.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. For example, throughout a task, you can ask questions like, “What fruit are we trying to grow here?” and “What animal asked for these raspberries?” to promote memory. This might seem silly to point out, but many kids’ apps out there feature some less-than-nutritional options.
There are also plenty of reasoning and problem-solving opportunities, such as discussing why indoor potted plants might need to be rotated and how we are going to keep rodents out of our garden. However, when I used it with kiddos, I realized how valuable it was for them to have to figure this out without blatant visual prompts. Planning and sequencing are integral parts of this app, as the child has to figure out what to do next and plan out the steps of how to do it.
Oh, and I often throw in a little incidental theory of mind teaching in the beginning when the thought bubble comes up, with questions like, “What do you think he’s thinking about asking Dr. The app then takes you through various tasks of garden maintenance: shoveling, planting, watering, picking, etc. It also has fun “extras” within some of these tasks, such as cleaning up the tool shed and squishing bugs. After the task is completed, you bring the produce back to the animal that requested it and do another one!

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