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Catherine Kasper Place's Fresh Food Initiative helps local refugees -- who are primarily from Burma at the moment -- chart out garden plots that include their native vegetables, such as bitter gourd, taro, Thai peppers and watercress.
Pictures and a simple, intuitive interface help gardeners plan what to plant and how much to plant, and then manage the garden throughout the season. The goal is to help both the refugees and the community by providing an abundance of healthy food. Recipe for Success Foundation, works with schools to plan and plant gardens that are used to teach children about everything from gardening to healthy eating. The foundation encourages its affiliate partners and schools to use Garden Planner and Garden Plan Pro to plan and manage their gardens. These new garden planning technologies, she said, are making the school gardening projects more effective and educational. Ultimately, garden planning sites and apps give gardeners access to a wealth of information that might otherwise be difficult to track down.
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Garden Plan Pro (iOS, US$9.99) is a stand-alone garden planning app that doesn't require a subscription to use, but can be synced with Garden Planner accounts. She writes features regularly for ECT News Network, and her work has also appeared in American Profile, Bluegrass Unlimited, and many other publications.
Here in Western NC, we are about 8 weeks before last frost, meaning it is time to get things like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant started inside. They have listed most of the common- and some of the uncommon- produce varieties and have everything from large fruit trees to cover crops. You have a beautiful garden planned- which you can print out and have a hard copy out in the garden with you as you plant. We don’t really plant enough to need such a service but I appreciate being knowledgeable about it. If your particular item happens not to be listed you can choose from a couple generic titles such as herb, other-perennial, other-large, etc. By dragging the cursor down you can create a row and create a block by dragging your rows to the side.

The garden planner takes into account your spacing and puts the correct number of plants in your rows and blocks.
It is not a finished plan- but from the looks of it I’d better get started soon- since I have a lot of seeds to start!
By clicking on each of your produce items you can specify when they will be in the garden, allowing you to create layers of your garden and create a successive planting schedule. You can also edit the specific variety of the item as well as change the label on the garden planning page.

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