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Our lawn maintenance program is the best way to keep your garden pristine with thick, green, lush grass. Our top priority is to provide unquestionably the best lawn maintenance and care services in Havre de Grace MD and the surrounding areas. You can also count on us for many other lawn care and maintenance services like spring cleanup, mulching, tree trimming and removal, gutter cleaning, aeration, leaf removal, fall clean up, grading, brush removal and many other, but if you want to know more about those!
We can provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly or seasonal maintenance visits keeping your garden in beautiful condition all year around. With more than 20 years experience of Garden Maintenance and Development in the Swansea area, we are able to offer a truly professional, personalised gardening service tailored to the precise needs of all our corporate and domestic clients. We can tame the most out of control garden, large or small, and produce a manageable environment for your relaxation and enjoyment.
Whether you wish to create an entirely new garden, or develop an already existing feature, our landscaping service can meet all your needs. This article is a quick reference guide to the tasks required throughout the year to keep your lawn in good condition. The guide will equally apply to all lawns, whether newly constructed or old established turf, and should be seen as a general outline of the tasks and materials required.
You’ll want to create your own bespoke lawn care schedule depending on location and conditions, but this will provide you a great start. The very wet weather over the past few years has led to a huge explosion in the moss population as moss just loves damp conditions and will thrive when the grass is growing very slowly over the Winter months. A word of caution, do not scarify to remove the moss at this stage as exposing the grass crowns to frost or cold winds can damage or even kill the grass.
It is very important to be ready for the first signs of spring as this is when, with the proper treatment, we can ensure a healthy lawn for the rest of the growing season. Around the middle of March is the ideal time to aerate the lawn by spiking with a motorised spiker fitted with slit or knife blades, or by hand forking, then run the lawnmower over it to restore any disturbed areas. Around a week after the fertiliser application the moss will be blackened and killed ready for removal. The cutting height can be gradually lowered to the preferred summer height over the period from early April till the end of May, ensuring it is done regularly.
Working in the topdressing with the bevelled back edge of a wooden hay rake.I prefer using a liquid fertiliser for the two Summer applications. If weeds are a problem the time to apply a selective weedkiller is early June, about a week after the late May fertiliser application to unsure the grass is strong enough to quickly fill in the gaps left by the dying weeds.

Raise the height of cut to your preferred Winter height and be prepared to keep the lawn trimmed throughout the Autumn and Winter during any mild spells as this keeps the surface much drier and healthier.
The moss can be kept under control by applying sulphate of iron twice over the Winter, aiming for around early December, then mid February.
Duncan has been a Golf Head Greenkeeper thirty five years, with experience in sports pitches, public parks and bowling greens, including the world bowling championships at Ayr Northfield.
As you would expect your garden needs a lot of maintenance during the growing seasons of spring and summer.
Once you get the lawn of your dreams let us maintain it, so it could look great all year long.
We know your lawn care is significant to you but with all of today’s responsibilities you don’t always have the time to dedicate keeping your lawn well maintained. Whether your garden is big or small, we can handle everything from simple lawn mowing through to complete garden care. My first experience was cutting grass for my parents for pocket money and then moving on to cutting the grass of other houses on the estate in Swansea.
Our skilled team are fully trained, licensed, and insured to carry out a wide range of tasks at your home or commercial premises such as Hotel's, Factories and Offices. Whether you require a complex ornamental garden, or a simple functional space, we are able to offer advice on the best ways to proceed, and then put these ideas into action. Using experienced, fully insured tradespersons for bricklaying, paving, and carpentry, in conjunction with the best tools for the job, we have earned a reputation for producing first class results with all our Garden Services and are widely known around the Swansea area.
All of these are covered in detail elsewhere on our site, and in the shortly to be completed LawnsForYou e-book.
There are a lot of different forms of iron which can be used, but over the colder Winter months sulphate of iron is the most effective. As soon as the a warmer spell of weather occurs, often late march to early april in the north, but earlier in the south of the UK, apply a Spring fertiliser consisting of nitrogen to promote growth, and iron to finish off the moss. On a small lawn this is easily achieved by using a spring tine rake, but on larger lawns a powered scarifier will be required. Ideally a seaweed liquid with 8% nitrogen and a little chelated iron applied around the end of May, then again around the end of July. I do not like weed and feed mixes as they can cause a lot of damage to the lawn if not applied properly, or in the right weather conditions.
Deep forking or spiking should be followed by an application of good quality sand at one to two kilos per square meter. Since 1991 he has run a turf advisory company, including Lawn Care services, and this has now morphed into Lawns For You and the site you see today.

It is however equally important in the autumn and winter months to keeping a well maintained garden, especially if you want to enjoy looking at it from the warmth of your armchair! Our clients adore our detail oriented landscapers, which provide top of the line lawn services in Havre de Grace MD.
With our lawn care services, you won’t get only freshly mowed, and green grass we provide all the lawn services needed to make your Havre de Grace MD garden a showplace. After leaving school I went straight into the family garden services business working for my late father and my uncles. Our prices are extremely competitive, and our garden services are designed to leave you with the perfect garden, functional yet aesthetically pleasing. February is ideal for applying a dressing of iron sulphate at 15 grammes per sq metre to knock back the moss before the onset of Spring, as this allows the grass to fill in the resultant gaps very quickly when the ground warms up. If the soil is a heavy loam or clay then I would advise a dressing of seaweed meal before the sand as this helps to improve the soil structure.
We can offer you a regular maintenance contract or, alternatively, are quite happy to do a one off maintenance visit.
This gave me invaluable knowledge and the grounding I needed to set up my own business gardening in Swansea. We undertake all manner of pruning, and the cutting back of shrubs and trees, and offer comprehensive tree surgery, along with hedge trimming and shaping. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or to view references from satisfied clients. We are masters when it comes of using insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides, weed prevention and everything to keep the lawn looking its best. Vegetable hybridizers and botanists are steadily creating and finding enhanced types of the fundamental species and new ones, often more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective by needing less fertilizer, water, disease and pest treatments, and maintenance. I placed a advert in the Evening Post under the headline "BRING BACK A SMILE TO THE GARDEN" and the rest as they say is history. Just after you decide, you want to change the look of your outdoor space with a garden pond, for example, we can make these visions comes true.
With our regular lawn maintenance programs, you can be sure that your property will look as never before. We know when is the best time for fertilizing and use only top of the line fertilizers and weed preventers to keep your lawn pristine.

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