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Children were roasting marshmallows over fire-pits located in various places around the garden. In order to link up, you’ll need to include a link in your MM post back to the party so the other participants will have an opportunity to receive visits from YOUR wonderful blog readers.
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Do not link up a post that was just linked last week since a lot of readers will have already seen that post. The Gardens are gorgeous, wish I’d had time to go there on our (flying) October trip to Atlanta. Oh, gosh, Susan, thank you so very much for taking time to share those great photos of the Christmas lights, etc. Garden Lights, Holiday Nights features more than three times as many lights as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.
Because of the show’s use of energy-efficient LED lights, the entire production runs on 300 watts of power. The Great Lawn display uses a computer-controlled system designed to run complex theme park shows and is capable of presenting up to 16.7 million colored lights timed to a musical soundtrack.
Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I saw this on a Forbes list of 10 dazzling holiday diplays around the world, Atlanta Botanical Garden - In Photos: 10 Dazzling Holiday Light Displays - Forbes. I am planning to go this week and will likelu avoid buying online and just play it by ear as to which to day. Don’t miss the 5th annual dazzling display of twinkling lights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
I recently went to Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden with MaryJo and the boys and a coworker of MJ's. You may recall that MJ and I took the boys to the Garden this past summer to see Imaginary Worlds. Let me start with a tip: To help ensure you have lasting memories of your visit, perhaps visit a photography site or two that offers nighttime photography tips. You'll notice that Ice Goddess' face and hands are still living plants and before this photo was made we'd already had several back-to-back below freezing nights.
The Orchestral Orbs on the Great Lawn in front of the Fuqua Conservatory are singing some new songs this year! There are two items that I'd like to point out to help you ensure that you have a pleasant experience. Whether you've never been to the Atlanta Botanical Garden or saw Imaginary Worlds a dozen times, I highly recommend seeing Garden Lights, Holiday Nights—there's nothing else quite like it in Atlanta!

Of all the things I love and find interesting, and there's a lot, being a tourist is a passion that has been consistent throughout my life.
Great Christmas Experience Garden Lights, Holiday Nights is Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Festive Christmas celebration that runs from November 16 – Jan 4.
Travel through the conservatory on your way to the orchid house to warm up, you will ooooo and awe at the green twinkling lights overhead light your way through the dark conservatory.
I was able to warm up with a hot totty while my kids got their groove on under the disco lights with the help of DJ Lethal Rhythms. These are just the highlights of the garden, I don’t want to ruin it for you, so you will have to check the rest out for yourself.
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I have been so busy running around I have not had time to enjoy any of the local Holiday events. It was my first visit to the city and I fell in love with it, really beautiful – hoping to come back some day. In addition to the millions of lights, there will be s’mores, hot cocoa, and adult beverages for purchase. Please note that younger sliders that meet the 42 inch height requirement may ride with a parent to get acclimated to the slide. Perhaps you saw in the news the announcement that the Garden got to keep Earth Goddess for Garden Lights, who has been transformed into Ice Goddess. The brilliant folks at the Garden installed heaters "inside" Ice Goddess' head and hand—to keep the plants' roots warm and to prevent freezing. In addition to the 11,000 strands of lights, we enjoyed the model trains, 70-plus stars in the Glittering Galaxy, 150 trees, shrubs, and tree-wraps throughout the Garden, as wells as the deliciousness of s'mores—that we made ourselves in fire pits near the Cafe!
And I'm sure the nights leading up to Christmas and New Year's will be equally as well attended—as long as the weather cooperates. It is a sensational exhibit that will leave you amazed at the simple beauty of Christmas lights.
Her long, flowing hair is adorned with lights and the fountains dance around her in complete harmony, truly a magnificent sight to behold. These 18 foot tall creatures are far less intimidating when decked out in holiday lights, almost friendly I would dare to say. These large, colorful orbs cover the great lawn and light up in time to your favorite Christmas carols. The glow bar is a full outdoor bar that serves up any manner of hot beverages and special Christmas concoctions for the adults.
Here we were in a garden without iPods, tablets or dancing characters to keep them entertained and my kids were completely enthralled with the sheer beauty of this place and begging to stay longer.

They start putting up the lights as early as September and they don't disappoint, there are lights everywhere you look, and not just lights but trains the kids love to watch, music to dance to, a train you can ride, hot chocolate and smores and more.
We are leaving for Disney world tomorrow and am so excited to see it all done up for the holidays.
I suggest afterwards to take a carriage ride around Piedmont Park and ice staking at Park Tavern. Please note that all sliders must be potty trained, swim diapers are not allowed on the slide.
Certain days are selling out (like Monday, December 23) and you don't want to fight holiday traffic and wait in line only to discover that there are no more tickets for the evening you're there.
As many spaces as the lot has, it's frustrating to have to go find parking somewhere else (even though some of us remember that not too long ago there were only a few dozen spaces—the new parking lot has made things so much better for the visitor experience!). They ran from light display to light display, excitement growing with each new exhibit they came across. It just makes you smile to walk by the dancing lights, some people couldn’t help getting into the Christmas spirit by dancing together in the large open area in front of the orbs, even my kids jumped in for some swing dancing. This 20 foot tall tree is amazing, the poinsettia’s wrap around the tree like a giant red ribbon, simply amazing. Get up close and personal with a trio of animatronic dragon flies taking flight in the center of the bug garden. They have 2 large fire pits going for roasting your marshmallows and plenty of staff there to help out.
It was a perfect Christmas night, now I know why this is considered one of the top light shows in the country. The Garden Lights team and Garden volunteers put in a LOT of hours to bring us such a wonderful show! My kids were transfixed for a long time just admiring the Goddess and all her beauty.Candy Cane Cobras- Just outside the entrance are Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ resident cobras.
Orchid House- Travel through the conservatory on your way to the orchid house to warm up, you will ooooo and awe at the green twinkling lights overhead light your way through the dark conservatory.
Roasting S’mores around the Fire pit – Of course this was the highlight of the night for my kiddos.

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