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Happy Interior Blog added this to Guest Picks: An Arsenal for Urban GardenersA garden hand fork comes in handy whether you're cultivating a little garden, growing something on your balcony or tending plants in your home. Garden Tool manufacturers seem to have taken the lead from Kitchen Tool companies who have a gadget for everything and most of these are quite unnecessary. But for those of us who spend a lot of time gardening, it is worth going that extra mile and buying some decent stainless steel, good crafted wooden handle types.
These would be about five to ten times the price of the plastic cheapies, but are better to feel, easier to use and will last a lot longer. Stainless steel for secateurs is good and for loppers, good PTFE coated blades are recommended. The RazarSharp Long Hand Rolling Hand Tiller is perfect for tilling soil and preparing beds for planting. Do we buy cheap and replace perhaps more often or do we spend extra and get longer distance out of it.

There is nothing worse  than making a day free to tidy up your plants to find the secateurs have rusted, or the spring won’t take them back to cutting position. There are two types of Loppers; ratchet (more strength in cutting but need to be opened up more or By-Pass with blades similar to a giant secateurs).
Don’t bother with DIY stores or any of those fancy barrows they keep pushing as the best thing since sliced bread. Then there’s prettily designed kneeling pads, when an old piece of rubber backed carpet folded over will suffice!
There’s an excellent range of hand tools available at Harrod Horticulture – check out the Sneeboer and Wilkinson Sword for top quality garden hand tools. RazarSharp Urban Gardening tools are comfortable to use and built to last, making them a great set for urban gardeners of all experience levels. None of them worked, for me at least, as well as licking the end of a pencil and using that to pick up individual seeds.

Head down to a proper builder’s merchant and get the same type they use with a pneumatic tyre. The simple, clean design of the Urban Gardening Line make these affordable tools an easy choice for any urban green thumb.
Car boot sales tend to be the best source for second hand garden tools but do check the quality. Forks with bendy tines, spades with splits and any tool with a loose handle are not worth buying.

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