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Whether you are investing in a new fence to create more privacy in your garden, reduce noise levels to a minimum and keep the neighbours happy, or even to make your garden more secure for your children or pets, Arbworx has wide range of garden fencing solutions just right for you.
We install all types of fencing from closeboard, trellis, post and rail, willow hurdles, and lattice fencing to gates and heavy duty wire netting, perfect for keeping livestock away from your carefully nurtured garden. Why not fix a trellis to the top of panel fencing to create a decorative effect, provide a frame for a rambling rose or jasmine and give extra height? We have been very fortunate when it comes to avoiding deer and rabbit damage in our garden.
Also, this past weekend I placed 5 foot fence in a circle around our plum trees and cherry tree, around 5-6 feet away from the tree.
A large fencing contract consisting of 75 meters of green close board fencing to enclose a property and create garden boundaries. We cover a large area across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, although mainly within a 20 mile radius of Camberley.
Instead of a standard closeboard fence we used Balau decking boards to make a stunning, contemporary screen fence.

Using ball finials and gravel boards we can transform even the most basic of fence panels into an attractive garden feature. Last year, it took about 2 weeks until they found our newly planted plum trees, and then they only stripped the one tree, and never came back. If you need any landscape gardening in Surrey or the surrounding areas of Camberley please get in touch. If they started getting in, I would simply place chicken fence around the entire perimeter, so the openings are much smaller.
Split-rail fencing is also an affordable and attractive option for livestock containment and property enhancement. We offer a wide range of services, including hard and soft landscaping, ground maintenance and landscape gardening. Our blueberries got mowed on the first night, however, so we quickly installed a fence and didn’t have any issues after that. Using this setup also allows us to use pantyhose as a way of tying the tree in place, rather than buying tree staking kits.

If they began getting in, I would quickly double the size of the fence to around 10 feet, but placing another section of 5 foot fence on top of the existing fence.
Just tie the pantyhose to the tree, and to the fence in various places, and the tree is secure. Round-rail (dowel), split rail fencing is also available for a a rounded, more traditional look, and Western Cedar offers another beautiful and rustic alternative. Welded wire can also be installed with the split-rail fence for containment of livestock and pets, or for a pool enclosure or garden protection.

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