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Back in Boston, Walter is dragging Peter through a grocery store to get ingredients for a custard (for Peter’s B-day).
And as soon as they get there, Peter starts in on Agent Jessup (the new FBI chick) about where Olivia is, where Charlie is, basically where anyone he knows that’s involved somehow with Fringe Division is.
Back inside the hospital, Peter and Walter are still waiting to hear on Olivia’s condition. At the New York Federal Building, Jessup is trying her best to find out more on the Fringe Scoobs, but she’s getting shut down at every turn.
After drinks, Peter heads back to the head trauma center where he runs into Olivia’s sister, Rachel. Next day, Peter heads to the Federal Building in Boston looking for Agent BAMF or Charlie, but instead gets his access pass shredded.
They bust into the house and find the dead guy Shapeshifter originally looked like on the floor.
Shapeshifter strolls into a typewriter store, asks for a model that was never made, and the shop owner knows exactly what he is. Peter and Jessup find the other dead guy’s body, and determine that Shapeshifter leaves the body behind after he shifts. As the nurse, Shapeshifter starts questioning Olivia about what she remembers (which is basically nothing). In the end, Olivia seems better (can even load her own gun now), but doesn’t know what the foreign stuff she said to Peter means.
Besides being way too into comics, Summer enjoys nerding out over various movies and television shows (Supernatural, Lost, and Doctor Who to mention a few), listening to music, and adding to her massive book collection. Currently, she's looking for a college or university where she can finish her double major in Art History and Art Therapy and getting her work into various art galleries, all while trying to survive working in a cubicle jungle. Follow Us!About FandomaniaFandomania is a blog and weekly podcast about entertainment and pop culture — video games, TV, movies, comics, music, books, collectibles, conventions, cosplay, fan creations, and more!
On his personal blog, Sanchez writes that the actual solution ended up taking just a few minutes. Sanchez relates that he had been personally challenged by a friend to see if he could work out the solution, being told that the cipher might not be crackable. To aid amateur decoders who plan to watch the show's return to the air tonight, fan site FringeTelevision created a convenient key based on Sanchez's solution, included below. Never exactly a ratings powerhouse in either its original Thursday or current Friday time slots, Fringe is an expensive series that Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly admitted last month loses money for the network.
But on Thursday Wyman highlighted what an accomplishment it is just for a science fiction series to complete four seasons, and stressed that there’s a satisfying end prepared for Fringe, should it not be renewed.
With that conclusion, whether temporary or permanent, fast approaching, they’re trying not to pay too much attention to ratings, and instead remain focused on simply producing a good series. I’ve always loved kimonos, particularly including fringe, but have always bought them as a statement piece with a fun pattern or design. Sign up here to receive a bio on Kristen and to keep up with the latest from High End Hippie.
Usually people let their outfit do the talking but sometimes it’s good to mix it up and go dramatic in the accessory department. There is not much I love more in an outfit than a high waisted bottom paired with a bandeau and choker. This little ensemble is inspired by the big sweater and midi skirt combo I saw during Fashion Week. So the Nina that was with Olivia clearly wasn’t the Nina that she grew up with, but does her escape mean that she was the Nina from Earth-2, or just a shapeshifter? New FBI chick (who’s totally going to be a new member of our Scooby Gang) finds out that Olivia is the owner of the other vehicle.

He totally runs her through the ringer about what is (or isn’t) going on in about a minute flat. She starts to balk and protest, but being a total BAMF that he is, Broyles makes her sign the report.
The doctor finally comes out and informs them that they were unable to restore brain function. What else are you going to do when the chick you work with, but totally want to be your Special Lady Friend, is brain dead in the hospital, your father has knocked himself out with a complex cocktail of drugs, and you don’t have any other friends? She finally pulls out a folded piece of paper with some numbers written on them (did Agent BAMF pass that to her?), and plugs it in as the password.
She tells him that Olivia had a living will and didn’t want to be kept on life support. For a few moments, he makes like he’s trying to come up with something really deep and revealing to say to her seemingly unoccupied body, but only manages a good-bye while going in to kiss her. They get to the door, he tells her this is her last chance to walk away, and they go into the lab.
He tells her a story about when he ended up in the hospital from a GSW, and that from his experience he knows she’s not okay. Look at it this way — it seems she’s moved on to Level 2 in the Charles Bronson School of Acting (she’s not making the same face she made through the whole of S1)!
In the biggest upset ever (for me), the real Charlie is dead and Shapeshifter is still alive.
Bad Robot, the production company that created the Fox TV show, has been integrating puzzles and easter eggs into shows like Lost for years. Building on that background, Sanchez was able to use a "dictionary attack" to create a correspondence between each unique image and a letter of the alphabet.
Each picture shown was a combination of three things: one of eight images (including a butterfly, a seahorse, an apple, and so forth), its orientation (sometimes the image got flipped as if shown in a mirror) and the position of a small glowing yellow dot.
So when I came across this black fringe kimono I had to buy it to have as a staple in my wardrobe. Since this outfit felt rather plain to me (I always have to have a 3rd piece or I feel incomplete) I decided to go against keeping the whole look neutral with contrasting accessories. Are we now supposed to accept that Peter was, somehow, behind Olivia remembering the other Olivia’s memories, despite Peter apparently disproving that last week – and if so, should we ever expect an answer as to how Peter could have done this? So what, exactly, does Henry go on to do – or is it Peter that does something because of Henry? And either way, what does the reaction of the Nina that was being interrogated by Broyles and Lincoln suggest about that Nina’s trustworthiness? Walter does not accept that Olivia is brain dead, claiming they have primitive equipment at this hospital, and starts to freak out. Peter’s watching it all from outside the room instead of going in there to comfort his father. It works, unlocking all sorts of classified info, and her eyes pop out of her face from the shock.
Olivia’s eyes suddenly fly open, she starts speaking in a foreign language, then sits up and screams.
Apparently, trans-dimensional communication is done with an old timey typewriter and a mirror.
Jessup saves Olivia, and she, Peter, and Charlie all head to the basement to hunt down the perp. There's still some minor work to be done should the letters F, J, M, Q, W, X, Y or Z show up.
Something I could throw on over a boring outfit (like you see above) to make it a little more “high end hippie” if ya know what I mean.

It shows just enough skin and brings an edgier vibe to any look. This particular getup has a western, festival feel perfect for the upcoming summer months.
My suspicions right now are centering around the discovery of time travel, especially considering that The Machine that undid Peter seems to (at least, judging by the tie-in comic Beyond the Fringe, which is apparently canon) be a time machine of sorts. Is that connected to whatever his plan is – and will we find out what that plan is before the end of the season…?
All throughout this episode, I kept wondering to myself, “What if there’s no real Nina anymore? He finally finds one, gets someone to buzz him in, encounters a tenant in a hallway, kills him, and proceeds with the weirdness.
Yours would too, if you saw a picture of the full-grown man baby with umbilical cord still attached.
It’s confirmed Shapeshifter was supposed to kill Olivia and stop her from meeting with Bell (which he thinks he did). Of course, the three of them are split up because nothing bad would ever happen if the group split up.
He tells him to tell the stiffs they can have this tech, but they are not shutting Fringe Division down and Fringe Division is calling the shots from now on. Referring to the previous Ars post on the subject, he thanked Ars for leaving a last step for him to tackle. Viewers will be able to continue working out the remaining secret phrases as each of the final six episodes of the season air.
Is Henry responsible for creating the technology that allows the Observers to exist outside of time? The other side informs him he failed and that his new directive is to interrogate her, then kill her. Bell and he concocted an experiment where a girl was drugged out and hooked up to machines and saw into one of the other realities. Sanchez determined that these images represented a simple cipher, building up to a single word per episode tying into the theme of that show. So we really have to sit down and figure out, ‘Is there a number at which it makes sense?’” Some saw the comments as a message to Warner Bros.
She doesn’t give him a straight answer and before he can press her further, Walter rushes out of the house to excitedly tell him they said he could ride with the body.
Television executives to cut the show’s licensing fees if they had any hopes for a fifth season. Suddenly, the SUV comes to life and, in one of the best effects ever, Olivia flies through the windshield of the car!
Peter gets Astrid to start looking for any bodies that have turned up with the same 3 wounds.
Jessup and him find Charlie standing over the dead nurse and busted shapeshifting machine and assume he got the shapeshifter. After the title credits, she’s rushed into surgery, with a stunned Peter and Walter standing in the hospital hallway. Walter, Astrid, and Gene surprise Peter with birthday custard and you think this episode is going to end happy.

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