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In preparation for the dance competition, the Pretty Cure attempt to balance that with school, home lives, and their duties as Pretty Cure - but this takes a large toll on their health and leaves them exhuasted and irritable. Miyuki watches Love, Inori, and Miki train when they tiredly come to a stop after finishing the finale. At Kaoru's Cafe, Miki and Inori talk about being scolded and worry they aren't good enough as they notice Love dozing off. Love failed to jump over the boxes The next morning, Love was late for school and immediately went out of the house eating a few bites of breakfast.
During Gym Class, Love's class were doing jump and when Love starts, she became dizzy and falls over, injuring herself.
The cameraman not agreeing with Miki's smile Meanwhile, at a studio the cameraman tries to help Miki open up a little.
Setsuna talking to Love As Love continues to walk hoome she happens to see Setsuna approaching her. The following morning, Love is busy packing up and preparing to head off to her dance lessons. The girls confronting Eas and the Nakisakebe Once again Love meets up with Setsuna, who tells Love that by doing two things she can always achieve both of them. When the girls spot it, they run to the construction site and Love demands to know where Setsuna went, since she saw her around there. Northa (??? Noza) is the final Labyrinth member to make an appearence in Fresh Pretty Cure!.

This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. They ask about the strange monster they they faced last time, and Love comments on how much more powerful it was compared to their previous fights. After she left, Ayumi was worried for her health and comments that barely eating isn't good for the body. They take a break a bit later and she attempts to reach a bar until Daisuke came up to her.
She is in the middle of modeling but he notes how she doesn't seem like herself and isn't bringing her usual spirit and energy. He asks if she still likes his donuts and she claims she does, but she doesn't have any money on hand right now. Setsuna asks her how dance is going, and Love lies by saying its going good, and that she is full of energy - but Setsuna is aware of her lie and asks her what the problem is.
Secretly her plans are to tire Love out even further, knowing she couldn't do well as Pretty Cure if she was worn out.
She also points out that they only have a week before the contest starts, and scolds them for tiring out so easily. He brings up the box and Love comments that she assumed he was going to taunt her for this, so she asks that he leaves her alone.

They call a break in hopes of waking her up, but after Miki trips she starts to worry she isn't perfect enough. He offers to let her have the donut though, and suggests she just pays later, knowing she would. Love attempts to tell her, but she stops herself from doing so and quickly takes off instead. Love thanks her before taking off, and Setsuna transforms into Eas and summons a Nakisakebe. They transform and attempt to fight the Nakisakebe, but with their lack of strength they are barely able to beat it. Dochira o Erabu?"?) is the 20th episode of the season Fresh Pretty Cure!, the sixth season franchise, and also the 262nd episode of the Pretty Cure all series. In an attempt to get on her good side again, the trio attempt tp show Miyuki that they are energetic and encouraged to keep going - but they grow embaressed and hungry, so she calls a break.
Daisuke confesses that he worried due to her strange behavior, like sleeping in class and not finishing lunch.
Kaoru promises to make special donuts for her the next day to give them plenty of energy, seemingly aware that something concerning is going on.

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