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Here you will find our extensive range of First Aid, Medical Products, Health and Safety Documentation and Safety Supplies.
Teenagers are some of the best rescuers because of their willingness to help and their general sense of fearlessness. Student First Aid is designed to teach first aid to secondary school students throughout the UK while overcoming the time and cost obstacles with which schools are often faced. This is done by replacing the conventional classroom-based first aid course with a video-based e-learning course. Each school then has the option to add a hands-on component, in which the student’s cognitive knowledge is evaluated on a manikin by a trained skill evaluator. Teachers are provided an online dashboard to monitor the students’ progress. Training of skill evaluators, training on the system, and follow-up service are all included so that implementation is fast and easy.

KeithProTrainings Europe was set up by to offer classroom training nationally and video e-learning to enable students to lean using different media. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Why not take the hassle out of ordering, and buy your Health and Safety supplies and Documentation Online. Wouldn’t it be logical if, in addition to learning grammar, science and maths, every student across the UK also learnt basic CPR and first aid skills?
They can also view completion and test scores and even order cards all from a single online dashboard. We may also be able to send in one of our national instructors to your school at no cost. This programme is completely free.

We believe training should never end when the course finishes so whether a class course, video online or blended we offer a host of extra resources to continue training long after the course finishes. Well, that’s exactly what the free student first aid e-learning programme from ProTrainings aims to do! Students can learn first aid from home or from a computer lab, allowing them to learn at their own pace and also teaching them valuable computer skills.

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