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This information was originally posted in a desperate attempt to quickly teach my friends and family how to prepare to survive the disintegration of the global economy and the difficult and scary times that will follow. These hard working, tax paying Americans are too busy putting their children through college, paying for weddings and becoming grandparents to notice the dark clouds of the "perfect storm" of tyranny forming on the horizon. They are living the "American Dream" and may not want or appreciate being woken up even if it's turning into a nightmare. They are busy educated professionals and would never have the time or inclination to stop everything and spend several years relearning their long held "truths". These "Captains of Industry" could never tolerate the painful proof and life changing news delivered by someone who does not looks and sound like Peter Jennings.
To my dear friends Eddie, Dave and Drew to whom I am forever grateful for the helping hand you offered me and my family during the course of this long crazy ride called life. The following quotes are all you will ever have to read to finally understand that an ancient international cabal of insanely rich and perversely powerful mafias of psychopathic elite global gangsters who were once mortal enemies in the age old quest for world domination have now come together and have been collaborating for over a century to create artificial threats against society that justify crimes against humanity in order to rule the earth by controlling our food, fuel and fear under a socialist totalitarian scientific dictatorship composed of sociopathic transhumanist international bankers and intellectual elite. History clearly documents that over the centuries this small group of inbred, collectively insane, sadistic, satanic, drug addicted, blackmailing pedophiles have stayed in power by committing the following crimes: ritual sacrifice, serial murder, genocide, torture, treason, assassination, money laundering, drug smuggling, arms trafficking, mind control, sex slavery, sexual blackmail, child sexual abuse, kidnapping, stolen goods, embezzlement, staged suicides, extortion, counterfeiting, trafficking of counterfeit money, securities fraud, insider trading, election fraud, judicial corruption, government subversion, ponzi schemes, suppressing technology, manipulation of financial markets, genetic, environmental and intellectual pollution (source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source).
They in turn finance and manipulate the Malthusian (pro depopulation) minded minions of heavily bribed, blackmailed and brainwashed (Tavistock, Rand, Stanford, NTL, IPS, etc.
These "necessary enemies" have been historically blamed on Global Banking Mafia secretly funded, carefully crafted enemy leaders (i.e. Their goal is to save their oil based domination of the planet by destroying the current unsustainable demand for petroleum via global genocide to preserve their irreplaceable, rapidly declining, grossly (40%) overestimated finite global petroleum deposits (source). What I discovered changed my life forever and after triple checking hundreds of mind-boggling facts and life changing claims Internet sensations Mike Rivero, Mike Adams, Dr.
I also uncovered a bold and blatant Nazi inspired global eugenics program to destroy the public demand for the irreplaceable military industrial complex oil and other critical war mongering resources by depopulating most of the planets "inferior" humans by slowly and intentionally poisoning their air, soil, food, medicines and water. Their latest deadly scam is conducting eco-terrorism with tectonic weapons by using HAARP antennas for the manipulation of global weather for profit and to stage worldwide "natural" disasters to bring about their version of end times to scare people into their plans (see NASA project Blue Beam). The corrupt bankers, corporations, governments and their militaries have been scaring, robbing, poisoning and killing millions of innocent people for power, oil and war profit for a very long time and have used the corporate controlled main stream media and Hollywood to distract the public and cover up their tracks.
If you don't read and understand the information revealed in this 21st century survival guide and you accidentally fall for one of their many carefully cultivated illusions, you may be broke, sick or dead in the very near future! The hidden truth is that all of our country's problems started in 1913 with the installation of the American branch of the Global Banking Mafia's privately owned World Central Bank Network called the Federal Reserve and IRS and its total control and manipulation of our monetary system and illegal income tax collection ever since. And as they squeezed our liberties to death with intentionally created fear they slowly and deliberately poisoned our bodies and minds until we were so fat, sick, sterile and dumbed down we couldn't fight back. The documented facts are crystal clear, 93% of Americans are totally polluted with over 200 persistent, bio-accumulative cancerous toxins by design!
Luckily, hundreds of honest, independent scientist, researchers and journalist around the world have uncovered documented proof confirming that for decades dozens of Global Banking Mafia controlled corporations and the Military have been secretly recycling their toxic waste back into our soil, food, water, air, medicines and military ammunition (i.e.
Greedy corporate polluters have been getting away with these sickening, treasonous crimes by installing influential corporate moles in many high level government agencies (FDA, USDA, EPA, etc.) and bribing (campaign contributions) elected politicians to pass ridiculous EPA laws with loopholes that allow corporations to SELL THEIR TOXIC SEWAGE AND RADIOACTIVE INDUSTRIAL WASTE to use as FERTILIZER for our FOOD SUPPLY and to put in our TAP WATER! THIS IS THE DOCUMENTED REASON EVERYBODY IN AMERICA IS SLOWLY GETTING FAT, SICK, STERILE and STUPID! But if you use this guide to look up the truth for yourself you will wake up in time to get out of harm's way.
For over a hundred years the Global Banking Mafia owned corporations have been waging a sneaky, deadly war against humanity just to make a buck and are in the process of intentionally depopulating the planet to stretch out it's rapidly dwindling finite natural resources for their own selfish use. These are just some of the documented facts contained in this survival guide about the longest running global crime wave that everyone must read and understand in order to survive the next few years.
The hidden truth is spread out all over the Internet in plain view, but invisible to most citizens in the fog of disinformation cloaking the web. So here is my humble contribution to the exploding truth movement and to humanity’s global awakening. It should take you a few weeks to catch up but in the end, you'll be in the company of real American heroes!

To solve a mystery you have to be a good detective, stick it out through the longer videos, they are the keys to solving the "crimes of the century". This is a fantastic website, I am browsing through it litttle by little - have watched some of the videos previously, however there are many new ones on here that I have not seen!
I hope you allow me to send a hyper-link to my friends and use it in my comments to help awaken amd quicken the population? I appreciate your take on the royal bloodlines which are in bed with and allowing the mad merchants to damage the Earth and its creaures.
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So I took the time to look it all up, checked it all twice, wrote it all down and hoped it would help.
Here is my heartfelt attempt to help you and yours get through the very near future in safety.
Members of the Club of Rome include: Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates, George Soros, Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Henry A. Eric Pianka University of Texas evolutionary ecologist, recommending solutions for reducing the world's population to an audience on population control. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital.
Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Osama, etc.) to keep humans united in fear, oppression and in continuous profitable wars.
Joseph Mercola, Jeffrey Smith and many others have reported on over the last four years, I finally pieced the really BIG picture together.
It's an elaborate Global Banking Mafia sponsored mainstream media enforced lie intended to scare the freedom out of us and slowly bring about a long planned One World Government. From cradle to grave for more than a century, banker controlled Corporate America and the Military have been illegally using Americans as human guinea pigs, bio-hazard waste containers and filters for their expensive to dispose of toxic waste and deadly industrial byproducts while making a profit! Anyone involved should be prosecuted under RICO statutes, the Geneva Conventions, and the International Criminal Court as criminal members in a racketeering organization. To survive this 21st century holocaust and rise up from the ashes of the coming financial crisis you're going to need your health.
Even if you don't care or your preacher, politics or paycheck prevents you from believing any of this, skip the evil bankster history in chapters 1 and 2, and please read chapters 3, 4 and 5 and at least save the children! A must see video guide to unify all our efforts to expose humanity's real enemy, their poisonous plans and get smart and healthy once and for all.
Despite an intense effort by Hollwood and the Main Stream Media to convince us that we can't handle the truth or that life on earth is coming to an end.
If you survive the first 4 chapters (warning: these videos are going to beat your denial like a rented mule) begin protecting yourself and your loved ones by following the survival guide suggestions in chapter 5 to quickly RESTORE and PROTECT your health and learn how to avoid getting caught in a greedy corporate trap until we can vote with our wallets and force them to stop the madness. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the word to wake up the sleeping masses to the truth.

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As it turns out tens of thousands of people from all politics and religions also need to read this information and discover the gut wrenching truth about what has happened to America and the entire world - in a hurry - without the drama. I apologize profusely in advance for any distress learning this information will cause you as the truth can cut hard and deep. That's great, we must expose them all, but everyone knows cutting branches won't kill the tree!
Join the national boycotts in chapter five and start "striking at the root" of evil with your nice sharp wallet! The results of five years of rigorous investigation and meticulous research, painstakenly organized and condensed in a step by step easy to follow 45 minute summary (not including videos) of the incredibly real and dangerous mess we are in and the best ways to survive it. I just could not understand why they would want to kill us off since there is so much land unused and there is no overpopulation. Denial, disbelief, shock, anger, fear and grief take time to go through - that we do not have. If we all stop buying any "one" thing it will scare the financial crap out of them and force them to stop their madness. Keep watching them daily until you finally learn enough to connect the dots - I guarantee these videos will blow your mind and change your life forever! No matter how absurd or unbelievable what you are about to read seems, it is all sadly true and a very real threat to you and your loved ones. In the mean time we must stay healthy in order to survive the fierce battle for our freedoms and country.
I have studied this corruption for many years and your work is the icing on the cake fellow patriot.
Massage continuing education can be completed online as massage ceu classes or on paper and will satisfy the NCBTNB ceu requirement. Everything is very simple and user friendly, with personal user accounts that you can edit at any time. I want to write a book about all this and sure I will use your blog for direction in my research and to keep my bearings. Strange how they are using more and more of it up building their own underground (yuk) tunnel retreats and increasing military developments.
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