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You can submit a new first aid question by using the comment feature at the bottom of this page. Whenever you find someone collapsed you should assess the casualty using the mnemonic DR ABC. Firstly check for Danger, then check for a Response.
If they are breathing, you should place the casualty on their side with their head tilted back. I’ve always wondered what would be the course of action if a person started having a seizure.
If someone is unconscious but breathing then they should be placed into the recovery position.  This helps protect the airway from the tongue and any vomit. Unfortunately this is definitely a first aid myth! The priority with a burn is to cool the area to prevent further damage to the tissues. The priority is definitely cooling the burn as this will reduce the tissue damage and slow the burning process. On coming upon a casualty, we are advised to get the person into the recovery position there any danger if there is a possible spinal injury? The priority with any casualty who is unconscious is to manage their airway and keep them breathing. I’ve always wondered what would be the course of action if a person started having a seizure. As we don’t have a formal skills assessment the certificate does not have an expiry date. If someone is unconscious but breathing then they should be placed into the recovery position ?? This helps protect the airway from the tongue and any vomit. Hi there, you need to mark all the modules as completed (so that they have a green tick next to them) before you are emailed your first aid certificate. I already finished all the modules but I didn’t receive my certificate… How can I receive my certificate? Each unit should appear with a green tick next to it once you’ve marked it as completed.
I have just read that comment in the post above, in cadets (army cadets) we are told that if a casualty is unconscious – breathing and has a potential spinal injury from a fall, you do not put them in the recovery position as their air way is currently open and you regularly check every couple of minutes rather than causing more damage by moving them. Yes you should be able to save the certificate to your computer and print it out at a later date. As i am a member of a charity group and we deal a lot with the elderly are you doing any first aid for specific groups – elderly, children , and as many of us have pets are you going to do a first aid pets?
Hi All, please read the medical disclaimer on this website – This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments.
The term faint means a brief period (seconds to minutes) of unconsciousness followed by recovery. When handling an emergency first aid event, ita€™s good to know that you have received certified training from a nationally recognized organization. Participants may take the course exam as many times as needed to pass; however, ASTI recommends a thorough review of course materials before retaking each exam. Help prepare yourself for an emergency situation with one of our safety training courses today!
The American Safety Training Institute has one of the largest instructor networks in the US, with over 100 years combined training experience. American Safety Training Institute certifications follow the most up-to-date guidelines provided by the International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ICCR) and the Emergency Cardiovascular Care with Treatment (ECCT) recommendations. American Safety Training Institute certifications are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. You can access the online materials immediately following a successful registration and billing process. You may register and pay with a personal check or money order made out to: American Safety Training Institute.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Are you looking to get into a particular field of photography but don't know where to start? Looking to start a career in photography but are unsure of where to begin and what is needed? The best first aid kits are ones that take in to account the specific uses that the kit may be used for.

Make sure that all your family members know where the first aid kit is located so that it can be quickly retrieved in an emergency situation.
Online first aid certificateIn order to download your first aid certificate you will need to complete all modules of our online first aid course. In order to access our online first aid course you must have registered an account with us and be logged in. Be careful not to touch the casualty’s skin before the electrical source is disconnected, and be alert for the presence of water or conducting materials which may be in contact. High voltage electrocution involves an extreme degree of danger to rescuers due to the capacity of the electricity to earth itself by arcing across an air gap to an object or person. If the electrical source is part of the electrical distribution grid (poles, pylons, underground cables, transformers or stations) you must not enter the area until electrical authorities have certified it safe.
Tyres insulate people inside a car with fallen power lines across it, so tell them to stay inside the car and not to jump out. Ensure that all bystanders do not approach the scene and remain at least six metres away from the nearest suspected energised material.
Questions can be anything to do with first aid or related topics such as first aid training.
These include cardiac arrests (where the heart stops beating), faints, diabetic emergencies and seizures.
If you don’t get a response from the casualty then they are unconscious and this is a medical emergency. I’ve heard so many advices – some of them even contradictory – that I’m overwhelmed with information and would not know what to do.
You can learn how to place someone in the recovery position by taking our free online first aid course. Chewing an aspirin can reduce the chances of death from a heart attack by over 20%! You should encourage the person to chew a 300mg aspirin (not swallow). If the only source of water was a lake, which would be the priority- cooling the burn or preventing infection from the dirty water?
Infection is a longer term complication which can be managed by health care professionals later in the healing process. All unconscious casualties should be placed into the recovery position to protect their airway. The priority is to get them on their side with their head tilted back to protect the airway.
However generally YouTube has lots of good first aid videos if you just search for the topic. I’d like to ask if there is a difference between someone fainting and someone being unconscious. American Safety Training Institute certifications have been issued to participants throughout the world from our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
Our staff is comprised of experienced medical professionals, first responders, and safety training instructors.
All students are fully protected by American Safety Training Institutea€™s money-back guarantee. The CPR Certification and First Aid Training courses typically require approximately one hour each to complete. All participants have 30 daysa€™ access to our training portal to review the material and complete the online exam. Send us your list of participants and we will register each participant for you and email you back activated usernames and initial passwords. As soon as you complete registration on our sign-up page , your billing account will be charged and your login credentials immediately become active. Your wallet certification cards are mailed out to you within 24 hours following completion. We follow international safety guidelines so training can be completed from worldwide locations; however, payment must be billed to a US or Canadian-based processing system. While other training sites charge fees for items or services, such as certification cards and shipping charges, we do not. An American Safety Training Institute representative will be more than happy to assist you. Once a month we will hold a FREE Photography Clinic (open to all, Dublin Photography School students & non) and an experienced tutor from the Dublin Photography School team will be on hand for one to one sessions to give advice on all photography matters .Whether it is needing help on purchasing a new DSLR, lens or flash?

If you are in a remote area the contents of the kit will vary from the kit that you keep at home. A regular check of contents is essential to ensure that the contents are present, in date, and in good condition.
When a casualty receives an electric shock from a household appliance or a power line, the electricity is conducted through the body. Be alert for hazards to yourself and to other rescuers, and approach the scene with extreme caution.
This risk increases with humidity and high voltage cables have danger zones around them of up to 20 metres depending on the voltage they carry and the level of humidity in the atmosphere. Our team will then review your question and post the answer here (after debating amongst ourselves!) .
Our editorial team as a combined experience of nearly 30 years of working as first aid trainers and instructors. If they are not breathing you should call an ambulance immediately and then start performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
You main priorities are to keep the person safe and protect the airway after the seizure stops. The priority is to manage the airway rather than worry about the diabetes mellitus, however you should pass any information you have onto the ambulance crew.
After cooling a burn the next step is to prevent infection by covering the burn with a non-fluffy dressing.
There is always a risk of causing further injury, however this is far outweighed by the benefit of keeping them breathing! The first image shows a female lying on her left side, while the short British Red Cross video shows a man lying on the right side. If I give someone with hyperglycemia something sugary thinking they are hypoglycemic surely that would cause a problem?
Our online first aid course is not a substitute for hands on first aid training by an accredited training provider and should not be used as such.
If you read the page above, someone else has asked what to do if someone collapses in the gym.
After successful completion of each course exam, participants receive a ready-for-print digital certificate and certification card(s), signed by an American Safety Training Institute instructor, which are valid for 2 full years. In addition, we are one of only a few nationally recognized training companies that offers online, on-site, and blended course delivery systems. For billing purposes, we will send you one invoice for the group so all participants can have access to materials at one time. Blended training assessments will require a small additional fee to cover instructora€™s time.
Maybe it is advice on setting up your own photography business or possibly you would like your work critiqued in a constructive manner.
Possession of an adequate first aid kit will equip you to provide emergency assistance if required. A casualty may receive significant burns or the electric shock may interfere with the heart’s electrical system.
Considering the ease at which the stomach content may come out from the mouth, on which side should the victim be positioned?
From your course I know, a major burn (third degree) means destruction of deep tissues and shock means non-availability of oxygen and other nutrients in the tissues due to major blood loss. Drop in and meet with us, chat with us and let us steer you in the right direction and give you pointers and help to improve your work.
First aid kits can contain different contents, depending on your specific requirements and situation.
Please keep in mind that participants have access to the online training materials for a period of 30 days following registration.

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