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Save Elephant Foundation is working within the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary to protect and conserve 1 million acres of jungle habitat, approximately one hour north of Angkor Wat. Initially, this project will focus on tree planting and restoring the region's forest and combatting the illegal logging that has taken place.
Get ready for a new adventure and meet new friends from all over the world while boosting your CV with experience in fieldwork, independence, remote living and seeing what Paraguay is really like. Paraguay remains one of the least visited countries in South America yet is also amongst the most friendly, safe and traditional. We encourage Para La Tierra volunteers to publish the results of their work and offer all the assistance necessary to those that wish to do so. We need your help to find out more about this disappearing habitat, and by volunteering with Para La Tierra you’ll be directly contributing to the conservation of the reserve.
We have already hosted more than 170 volunteers from all over the world who have built lifelong friendships. At Para La Tierra we specialize in training life sciences undergraduates and graduates in the skills they need to enter further education or the job market.
We have already hosted more than 130 interns who have progressed to careers in biology and conservation. Fresh Energy is an independent non-profit organization that works to speed the transition to a clean energy economy in Minnesota. Fresh Energy seeks an energy professional to join our Energy Markets team with a primary focus on leading our distributed renewable energy interconnection and grid modernization work. The senior policy associate will work with Energy Markets director to analyze, identify, and execute the most effective strategies for progress, working in multiple forums, including the Public Utilities Commission, and with other stakeholders. Conducting needed research and analysis to identify solutions and specific policy recommendations. In collaboration with the communications department, creating and publishing reports, white papers, web content, and other program information. Under the direction of the Energy Markets director, analyze utility filings and prepare formal written comments on proposals related to clean energy policies. Actively participate, and sometimes lead, in the planning, execution, and reporting on program work, including objectives, strategies, and tactics. At a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree is required plus three or more years of related experience in energy policy, renewable energy development, or project management.
Fresh Energy provides a comprehensive compensation package with industry-leading benefits, including medical and dental insurance, retirement fund contributions, vacation and a culture that values and promotes work-life balance. Get ready for a new adventure and meet new friends from all over the world while boosting your CV with experience in primatology fieldwork and seeing what Paraguay is really like.
Endemic to Paraguay, and wedged between two closely related Sapajus species, the biology of this sub-species of capuchin is virtually unknown and its conservation status remains unclear.
The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.
The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. The Forum hosts 10 Global Challenge Initiatives, which serve as platforms for advancing public-private action on global issues. The Head of Climate Change will manage, shape and evolve the Forum’s well-established flagship Global Climate Change project and its wider climate agenda within the context of the Global Challenge Initiative on Environment and Resource Security. The successful candidate will also keep abreast of developments across all aspects of climate change and help shape the wider Forum agenda on the issue.
If you are an energetic and positive leader and team player, with excellent organizational, interpersonal and communications skills, please apply online. At Fundacion Para La Tierra, we specialize in training undergraduates and graduates in the skills they need to enter further education, or the job market. Laguna Blanca lies on the frontier of the Paraguayan Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest, two of the most interesting and important habitats in the world.
Help create and deliver educational materials as part of our routine school education at all levels, including high school. Develop interactive educational exhibits and other display materials for the PLT Museum and Eco-Club House.
As an intern you will begin your project before you even leave home as you work with our intern supervisor to design your project and complete a literature review.
We have already hosted more than 280 interns who have progressed to careers in biology and conservation. VOX Global offers internships focused on corporate sustainability in our Washington, DC office. The project spans 25,000 acres and aims to protect the land and all of the native species, flora and fauna, that call it home, including tigers, monkeys, buffalos, and of course, the Asian elephant. Other goals for the Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia are plant and wildlife identification, seed collecting, trail-making and educational outreach. Competitive salary offered commensurate with experience.The role is diverse, involving all aspects of ecological consultancy work, and will be focussed on undertaking phase one and protected species surveys, preparing ecological impact assessments and appraisals, obtaining European Protected Species licences particularly for great crested newts and bats, and managing relocation and other mitigation schemes. We need well-presented, energetic people with science based graduate or A Level qualifications to join us as an Environmental Analyst within our monitoring department.The candidate will need to be able to demonstrate common sense, clear communication skills and maturity within the office environment and site work. Paraguay is perfect for an adventurer ready to explore a different world off the beaten track. Perhaps you would like to learn about the species of Laguna Blanca, gain some research experience or just explore what the reserve has to offer. For many volunteers the opportunity to see their name in print is something that is extremely appealing. Supported by Rolex, the Rufford Foundation and US Fish and Wildlife Service, we are here to help you develop your project design and management skills while you gain experience of a wide variety of field work techniques.
Our team of scientists, attorneys, and analysts are shaping and driving policies that benefit our communities and our future.
In addition, the senior policy associate will contribute technical expertise and policy analysis to the Energy Markets team’s work advancing solar markets, electric vehicle adoption, clean energy transmission planning, and wholesale market innovation.

Intern will be expectedto work some weekend days.Outreach Intern will work with scientists and managers from the Universityof Florida as well as state and federal agencies. Based at Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca, you’ll conduct and teach field science at a fully equipped ecological research station, contributing to our understanding of this unique ecosystem. You’ll be served three meals per day, and have free access to a laundry service, Wi-Fi and Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca leisure activities including horse riding, kayaking and beach volleyball.
You’ll be contributing to ground-breaking research in Paraguay, while enjoying all the benefits living on a clear lake in a beautiful nature reserve has to offer.
Whether you’re preparing for a degree in biology, or a masters in primatology, this program will give you first-hand experience of life on a research station as you explore little known habitats and learn the skills you need to progress in your biology career. Due to extensive habitat destruction across their range in Paraguay, population numbers are predicted to be low. This includes the Global Challenge Initiative for Environment and Resource Security, which facilitates and stimulates substantive public-private collaboration on global environmental issues, including water, forests, circular economy and climate change. Acting as a knowledge hub and catalyst for collaboration between leaders from industry, academia, government, international organizations and civil society, as well as across the World Economic Forum itself, the Head of Climate Change will leverage the extensive networks and global platform associated with the Forum’s Climate Change project to develop, advance and implement a series of public-private climate action tracks at scale, following the adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015.
He or she will manage and deliver successful public-private global initiatives on climate change, ensuring that the most innovative and important stakeholders are not only engaged but also are champions of the work. Supported by Rolex, the Rufford Foundation and US Fish and Wildlife Service, we are here to help you develop your project design and management skills while you gain experience of a wide variety of techniques. The Cerrado was named a biodiversity hotspot by Conservation International while the Atlantic Forest is one of the five most rapidly disappearing habitat types on Earth.
By the time you arrive you’ll be in the final stages of planning and ready to start exploring the reserve. A full driving license with a minimum of 2 years driving experience with no penalty points is required.We offer full training for industry relevant BOHS qualifications and also welcome applications from people already experienced in UKAS-accredited asbestos monitoring works.
Alternatively if you are feeling strong, you could join in with the Forest Guards patrolling and maintaining the trails.
By working purely in the public interest, Fresh Energy is able to push for innovative long-term solutions while securing incremental improvements that move us forward. Primary duties includedeveloping and delivering outreach materials such as posters and door hangersto raise awareness and reporting of nonnative reptiles in South Florida.Ideal candidate will be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking both Englishand Spanish. You can design and develop your own project wherever your interests lie, including mammalogy, herpetology, ornithology, botany and entomology. Through a weekly meeting, help them to analyse their data and prepare reports and presentations on their work.
We are also surrounded by small, underserved comunities, where the level of education is well below average.
Your work will start soon after, and a couple of weeks into your stay, you'll present your project to the PLT staff and other volunteers and interns. Responsible for supporting the development and documentation of procedures and best practices related to grant making and grant management and sharing with local teams as appropriate.
You will be able to explore both of these areas and see some of the biodiversity that Paraguay has to offer such as the maned-wolf, jaguar, capuchin monkey, brock deer, burrowing owl and armadillo. At the same time you’ll be immersed in Paraguayan culture in one of Paraguay's most beautiful locations - Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca.
The recruitment process will also include a Skype interview, and a written project proposal for the project of your choice.
The project aims to establish the first long term research into the behaviour, ecology, and genetics of this sub-species. After all your hard work you’ll leave with an academic reference and a certificate, plus hundreds of fantastic memories to share with those at home. Support the development and implementation of programs with non-profit partners and development agencies in the areas of affordable nutrition, healthy lifestyles, access to safe water and sustainable agriculture.
Perhaps the most important species of all is the White-winged Nightjar which is found to breed near Laguna Blanca and in only two other locations in the world! With lots of options you can try a bit of everything and see what it's like to be a part of a conservation organisation.
We want the children in our local community to develop the skills they need to have opportunities in life.
If you’re interested in taking on some more responsibility and learning at the same time, you could try designing your own scientific project, and attend some of our science workshops. Perhaps the most important species of all is the White-winged Nightjar which is found to breed near Laguna Blanca and in two other locations in the world. Other duties will include trail cutting, trail marking, GPS work, map making and collection of basic data when the monkeys are located. You can choose to begin your own project from scratch depending on your own interests, or you can pick a project from our list of options which you can find on our website. In addition you can get involved in PLT’s other ongoing projects including working with lizards, frogs, bats and insects.
Your fieldwork will start soon after and you might want to enlist some of Para La Tierra’s volunteers to help you. At the end of your fieldwork, you’ll write up your project results and give a short presentation of your study to the other interns and volunteers in the house. Submissions: Work with environmental subject matter experts on targeted submissions, such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Water Disclosure Project and the Forestry Disclosure Project. Non-Financial Goals: Work with Public Policy team and Sustainability plank leaders and Subject Matter Experts to help manage public commitments and goals. Provide particular guidance and oversight on environmental goalsExternal Communications: Partner with Corporate Communications to provide data, positions and background necessary for use at Annual Meetings, Annual and Sustainability Reports and media inquiries on environmental policies and sustainability initiatives.

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