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Fort Edmonton is an Alberta attraction that draws people to its grounds for a variety of reasons. Fort Edmonton Park is owned by the city of Edmonton, operated by the Fort Edmonton Management Company, and supported through the Fort Edmonton Foundation.
First imagined as a Canada Centennial project in 1967 to rebuild Fort Edmonton, FEP has become a destination place for those seeking to discover life as it was in Edmonton's past.
The park offers attraction representing four distinct historical eras from Edmonton's history. Fort Edmonton was an essential settlement, the most strategically located fort west of Winnipeg.
Within the fort visitors can observe artifacts and historically significant features of over 20 buildings. Visit the "1885 Street" section of the Park to discover how a small western prairie town functioned. The 1885 Street gives visitors a glimpse of the transformation of Fort Edmonton to the burgeoning western town of Edmonton.
As homesteaders and shopkeepers moved west to till the land and supply goods and services, the town of Edmonton developed. The "1905 Street" represents Edmonton as it quickly developed form a western frontier town in the late 1880's to a modern city in the early 1900's.

Many structures from the early 1900's have been moved to the park and give visitors a glimpse of life as it was in Edmonton at the turn of the 20th century. One can catch a glimpse of the changes in society and the implementing of modern inventions in this area. Ride the train, hop onto a streetcar, enjoy a buggy ride, climb into a wagon, hail a stagecoach, or show the little ones the thrill of a pony ride and specific venues throughout the park.
Staying at the Selkirk gives you the opportunity to enjoy the park at a leisurely rate, rest during the day if you wish, or make your stay at the park a destination vacation.
Wedding guests and wedding parties find staying at the Selkirk a charming and convenient choice when participating in a Fort Edmonton Park wedding. Booking rooms at the Selkirk offers the wedding party the onsite comfort of having everything in one place, a less stressful option for wedding planning!
Outdoor venues are available during summer months and some discounts are available when your reception is also hosted at the Park or the Selkirk Hotel. Visitors can tour a fort from the 19th-century fur-trading years and wander replicas of streets from 1885 (the frontier era), 1905 (the year Edmonton became Alberta's capital), and 1920 (a time of rapid growth).
Costumed interpreters interact with patrons to help represent what it was like to live during these eras. The Hudson's Bay post offered goods to settlers, trappers and indigenous peoples alike, and was a major fur-trading and distribution hub in the west.

Interpretive experiences allow guests to not only observe goods and materials of the era, but also better understand how the community functioned. Interpreters provide local color, interesting facts, and interactive opportunities at the various sites.
The "1920 Street" area of the park represents the times and places as they were almost a century ago. Each area offers fun souvenirs, thoughtful gifts, and a wide variety of quality items to purchase. The Selkirk Hotel is a fully functioning Edmonton hotel where patrons can book a room for a night or two and indulge in delicious cuisine at the Selkirk. Transportation appropriate to each era (ponies, wagons, streetcars, trains) allows guests to ride in the style of the day, while games and shops offer diversions for kids and adults alike.

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