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My daughter’s were very¬†extremely excited to see West Edmonton Mall, a destination in itself! There were multiple staff doing science demonstrations, while we were there, or ready to chat with us about the museum. We also visited Fort Edmonton Park, a historical village in Edmonton where you can step back in time.
There are period houses, a bank, the Capital Theatre, the Hotel Selkirk, a 1920’s midway and more!
If you’re looking for a perfect and free spot to visit on a hot summer day with kids then head downtown to the Alberta Legislature Building. We couldn’t leave Edmonton without trying out the new attraction, Launchpad Trampoline, 24,000 sq ft, indoor, trampoline park.
Doris and Dave had their first date at the Heritage Amphitheatre, so we stopped at Hawrelak Park to do some photos with it first.
Visitors can tour a fort from the 19th-century fur-trading years and wander replicas of streets from 1885 (the frontier era), 1905 (the year Edmonton became Alberta's capital), and 1920 (a time of rapid growth).
We had no idea when we started planning our visit, how many things there would be for our family to do in Edmonton! The really unique thing about Fort Edmonton Park is that you can walk through four different time period’s, not just one! There is a huge fountain and wading pond in front of the building that children are allowed to swim and play in.

Transportation appropriate to each era (ponies, wagons, streetcars, trains) allows guests to ride in the style of the day, while games and shops offer diversions for kids and adults alike. The mall also has an indoor skating rink, mini golf course, sea life caverns and a sea-lion show. The Telus World of Science in Edmonton had a temporary exhibit about conservation on, called Wildlife Rescue .
The park has streets showing what life was like during the fur trade in 1846 and the pioneer days of 1885, 1905 and 1920.
The street car runs through the town and there are lots of people dressed up in period clothing, who help to make your time travel adventure more authentic. They have a large open area with many trampoline’s all over the floor and trampolines that curve up onto the wall, a trampoline dodgeball court, a foam pit with trampolines on the edge to launch you into it and slam dunk trampoline basketball courts.
If you’re looking for more information on Edmonton please visit the Explore Edmonton Tourism Website.
My youngest daughter currently wants to be a zoologist when she grows up, so she loved the emphasis this exhibit put on taking care of wild animals. The movie was really cute and the IMAX theatre was one of the best I’ve ever been in. You can ride a real steam train to the end of the park to the 1846 Hudson’s Bay Fort and then walk back through the different time periods. The Alberta Legislature Building is also located on the grounds of the original Fort Edmonton.

It didn’t disappoint us, we spent two whole days there enjoying exploring and shopping.
We had a fun day wandering downtown and went to a fantastic restaurant for supper, Taqueria Tres Carnales! We lasted an hour but I can’t imagine taking one of their trampoline exercise classes! The Science Center is also playing full length movies, in the IMAX theatre on certain nights this summer.
Listening to the words of their ceremony, watching them greet their guests, photographing them share their first day as a married couple together, and watching their family and friends entertain them all evening, was a gift. Our favourite tacos were the Pescado (fish) and Hongos Mixtos (mushrooms with garlic and capers) and the watermelon juice was a treat! I hope that you are sitting on a Hawaiian beach enjoying the sun and the company of your new life partner!

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