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Proximo Tema » Herramientas Mostrar Version Imprimible Enviar por Correo La franja horaria es GMT -5. The Raptor includes the latest version of Ford’s MyFord Touch system, with a bit of a twist. The Truck Apps functionality allows the driver to view information geared specifically for off-road use. If the front locking differential is also engaged, the computer will adjust how it functions to aid in off-road cornering and maneuverability.
Finishing out with the electronics specifications, the Raptor features high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights that make seeing at night a breeze. The Raptor comes equipped with keyless entry (but not keyless ignition) and a remote starting system.
The Raptor also features an automatically dimming interior rear-view mirror, heated and cooled power leather sports seats, and a set of switches pre-wired for use with off-road accessories that many drivers fit in the aftermarket. Many reviews  talk about how great the vehicle is off-road, jumping across sand dunes or rock crawling at Moab. It is an excellent grand-touring truck, which is impressive for a vehicle that was not designed for that function.
If anything, the truck lulls the driver into a false sense of security because it is so capable. The Raptor is an amazing piece of engineering that, on paper, does not seem to make any sense. Wow, at first I did a double-take to make sure I was at the right site, here was a vehicle review on GBM! We got an in-person look at the new 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor at a Ford event yesterday, and we have to say that Ford's stock photography does not do this new "Terrain" color justice. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
En este nuevo modelo no se ven demasiadas modificaciones con respecto a los anteriores, solo se trata de pequenas actualizaciones esteticas que renuevan al conocido pick-Up,ademas de nuevos colores para el acabado exterior y nuevos opcionales.En las imagenes, el nuevo F-150 Raptor modelo 2012 muestras los nuevos faros con luces de Xenon, que son opcionales, las nuevas llantas de aleacion liviana con diseno de Ford Racing y el nuevo color Terrain. The F-150 Lightning, the SVT Focus and the Shelby GT500 are just a few of their popular items. Instead of all touch-sensitive buttons, like in the 2013 Fusion, the Raptor features physical buttons with nice grips on them. This allows the vehicle to slide for a bit before applying brakes to straighten everything out. The remote starting system takes a look at outside temperature and can turn on the heater or air conditioning unit automatically.
If the mirrors are set properly and proper attention is given to the width of the vehicle, then driving the Raptor in rush hour is a painless experience. It is mated to a 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission and features a tow-haul mode and manual shifting sport mode.

Trucks are popular in Texas for a lot of reasons, and one of them has to be the off-road capabilities. After the week was over we convinced ourselves that we would love to have one in our garage, fuel economy or not!
With the way vehicles are coming loaded with each manufacturer’s take on a Tech system of some kind (Sync, etc), some detailed, nuts-and-bolts reviews of really living with the systems, would be appreciated.
Neither do these pictures, really, but Ford wouldn't let us find somewhere more suitable to photograph their updated SVT truck. Underneath those 12-bolt cosmetic trim rings are 24 holes, already tapped for the Ford Racing beadlock ring.
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. The Raptor has a towing capacity of just 8,000lbs in SuperCrew trim and also only comes available with a 5.5ft bed, which limits space.
They can be used with gloves as well, making this version of the system preferred in cold climates.
It would be nice to see it with a single-button activation though, or a split screen with the rear camera, to aid in parking. Also, it cuts back on the anti-lock braking system (ABS) to actually allow the wheels to lock. The rear-view parking system consists of both a rear-view camera and an audible parking assist system.
The Raptor is actually about 7 inches wider than a standard F-150, so this is supposed to help. But what many of those reviews do not tell you is what the Raptor is like for on-road driving. The truck is noticeably wider than many vehicles on the road, though, and that leaves the driver with less room to move while within the lane. It provides excellent feedback about what type of surface the vehicle is currently driving on. In many states, turning on a country road would involve a paved road with two defined lanes. However, with the Raptor if you just increase speed the ride becomes much more comfortable. That surprise, combined with all of its capabilities, make the Raptor an excellent purchase for someone with the means who wants a great utility vehicle and can afford the fuel. In fact, it's quite reminiscent of those wonderful old lacquer finishes from the '30s and '40s. Our test vehicle was equipped with the front-mounted off-road camera option, which is engaged through the Truck Apps. When driving on sand or gravel, this improves traction and stopping distance by building up the sand or gravel underneath the front of the wheel and providing resistance.

We never encourage distracted driving, and in the Raptor the margin of error is less, making it downright dangerous. Texas was unseasonably cold and windy during our trip, and our combined fuel economy to Houston and back from Dallas was just over 12 miles per gallon. After spending an entire week and nearly 1,000 miles in it, we believe it is more than that. The wheels themselves are forged aluminum and officials tell us this convertible system is an industry first which it aims to patent. Unlike the Fusion, the system features just one screen and does not provide redundant information like navigation or music playing. This camera activates when off-road driving and allows the driver to see items that may not be visible from the cockpit. After a week with the Raptor it’s far easier to back the Raptor into a parking space than it is to pull it in. The only place we found it useful was the drive-in at Sonic, where the order box and menu make it a very tight fit at mirror level.
Mainstream manufacturers try to limit it but sometimes the wheel will shudder a little bit.
Because of the 4.10 final drive gearing, the Raptor at 60mph is turning just over 2,000RPMs. We often found ourselves (on purpose, of course) driving down a dirt or gravel road just off the expressway. The Raptor has over 11 inches of suspension travel from the Fox Racing shocks and soaks up the worst Texas can throw at it effortlessly. For 2013 Ford made a few changes to the Raptor and added some more advanced technology to the package.
On the Raptor, the vibration of the wheel was easily translated into rough tarmac, sand and gravel. While this might seem normal for a Ford Fiesta or other small vehicle, a big V8 spinning that fast is the main reason for the fuel economy being so poor.
However, that gearing does make the truck even more capable off-road, which is what SVT intended. At one point we encountered a detour just outside of West, Texas and found ourselves down a country road. Normally performance tires are loud when driven, and it is amazing how quiet this truck is at speed.
Not the case in the Raptor: all that was required was throwing caution to the wind and pressing the right foot to the floor!

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