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Prosze o porade w sprawie realizacji podlaczenia zasilanie gniazdka zapalniczki w ford KA III.
1996-2000 auto na niemieckich czesciach - jezdze po Krakowie 12 lat fordem Ka i oprocz wymiany bebnow, tarcz i przegladow typowych ( olej, filtry) nie mialem ZADNEJ awarii i usterki!! Ford Ka szokowal stylistyka - pietnascie lat temu, teraz jest chyba jednym z najbardziej "znudzonych" aut - przeciez nawet Cinquecento mniej sie postarzalo. Nowy Ford Ka ConceptFord jakis czas temu oznajmil, ze obecna generacja Ka nie bedzie miec nastepcyFord jakis czas temu oznajmil, ze obecna generacja Ka nie bedzie miec nastepcy.
Ford Ka bez nastepcyAuto to porazka i nie bedzie miec nastepcyFord zamierza utrzymac Ka w ofercie do konca cyklu produkcyjnego, czyli prawdopodobnie do 2015 roku.
Czas na nowego Forda Focus Europejska wersja nowego Forda Ka pojawi sie dopiero pod koniec tego roku, ale egzemplarz poruszajacy sie bez kamuflazu zostal przylapany w Indiach, gdzie produkowany jest pod nazwa Figo.
Ford Ka - zawadiakaInzynierowie i stylisci z Forda staneli przed zadaniem dorownana poprzednikowiTrzeba przyznac, ze Ka prowadzi sie dobrze. Ford ka 2013 verde la dotazione tecnica e gli optionals potrebbero in alcuni casi differire dall'effettivo equipaggiamento della vettura. I got the Ka as a replacement for an old Hyundai Getz about a year ago and it has turned out to be a great car for my use.
All in all, the Ka is a great, cheap to run car as long as you don't often have to carry four full-sized adults in it.
The seats upholstery seem to stain very easily, even with water so I bought my own car seat covers. It would be great if the car had central locking and electric windows, my rating would have been higher if it did.

The bluetooth is great for hands-free calls but I rarely use it, I have only used it when the car is stationery. Looks great and the interior quality is superb as with any modern Ford but had no end of engine problems! Very nippy engine not very good with hills and inclines with it only having a small engine but not bad at all can easily cruise on the motorway no problem! Before the car developed engine problems the fuel consumption was pretty good for what you would expect for a small city car. The ford ka is a good second car but the back footwell at drivers side is saturated with water. Trzecia generacja nie jest poki co planowanaPierwsza generacja Forda Ka zdobyla serca klientow swoim nieszablonowym wygladem. I mostly drive a relatively short distance in town and, obviously, that's where the Ka comes in very handy.
I also think it looks better than most of it's rivals, and the interior feels reasonably well made, too.
It is a good car, however there is not much space for back seat passengers at all, especially for those who are tall. I have owned the car for 3 months now and bought it used with 22,000 miles on the clock and the injection system has gone on the car causing a loss in power and also now the catalytic converter has broken on the car but also the rear suspension has developed a really bad knocking noise very disappointed with the car I have now purchased a new Mini to get rid of the car before anymore problems happen with the engine!
Problems are it seems to stall easily, the dash rattles terribly, the windscreen steams up, the steering makes a racket and the doors leak. It's short, has a small turning circle and the steering is light enough making it really easy to park and manoeuvre.

The steering is accurate and responsive, it's not unstable despite its small size, and the suspension is good.
As said, this is evidently just a feature and thereby it's not really a big issue, but it can get a little irritating sometimes.
The windows are always steaming up, the glove boxes hinge snapped very easily just one day after I purchased the car. If anyone considers buying a small car I would advise to go to the Fiat garage and buy a Fiat 500 instead!
Plus points are reasonably comfortable and whilst not packed with gadgets, it does have aircon and elec windows.
I have had to contact ford and they are investigating the problem and may or may not cover the full cost of the claim. In my opinion they were told of a possible problem and didn't check it and it may cost me money now, and seems to be erring on the crooked side. I'll go for something from the VW group next time or maybe a Dacia if reports of build and reliability are favourable.

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