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Does this add credence to the notion that this little Fiat 500 platform-mate might be headed Stateside or is it just a typical example of models from other markets getting passed around to U.S. Whatever the official line, we noticed quite a few show-goers giving it appreciative glances. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
Choose up to 3 vehicles to compare side-by-side on price, features, performance, cost of ownership and more. Guide to the latest ADAS offerings, including Blind Spot Monitoring, Turn Assist, Backup Collision Warning and more.
The sleek exterior lines and quality interior make this a large MPV you can feel proud about owning. As you read this, there are intelligent, highly paid executives working throughout the automotive industry. While we wait for the F-150 SVT Raptor to be unveiled, Ford is offering European customers a sporty truck of its own: a Ranger with stripes!
We use the term "iconic" a lot here, but the Performance Blue with twin white stripes running up the hood, over the roof and down the tail has become an icon for Ford performance vehicles, particularly on the other side of the pond. Birmingham, April 15, 2008 – Ford of Europe is adding to its portfolio of sporty commercial vehicles by offering a limited number of Ranger Wildtrak models in signature Ford Performance Blue with white 'GT' stripes.
Performance Blue has become an established Ford colour with sporty connotations within the company's European passenger car portfolio and is now available on the SportKa, Focus ST and Fiesta ST performance models as well as the Fiesta Sport, Transit Sport and new Transit Connect Sport.
The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is a highly specified model with ABS and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), air conditioning, heated front seats and an off-road information centre as standard equipment. The prominent Ford GT-style white stripes extend across the bonnet, over the cab roof and continue down the rear and are a standard feature of the Ranger Wildtrak when specified in Performance Blue. Right there amidst the Cobras, Ferraris, Ariel Atoms and Toyota 2000GTs sat a perfectly ordinary looking 2009 Ford Ka. While some were lamenting the time when these tiny European shuttles might be mandated as replacements for their high horsepower sports cars, others seemed to admire the lines and packaging, especially when price and gas mileage came up.
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These individuals are wracking their brains, studying sales data and interrogating focus groups in attempts to get a lead on the next niche market thata€™s ripe for exploitation. Although some media are labeling this the Le Mans edition, Ford's own release (which you can see after the jump) doesn't mention the name of the race anywhere. This powertrain completes the package on this very capable, stylish, and dependable pick-up.
Well, it was an ordinary 2009 Ford Ka, but its presence in California was rather surprising. Nor should it, because a compact truck has about as little to do with endurance sports-car racing as a lampshade, except maybe if you're trying chart your own path out of town when the 24 hours are up and the roads are closed.
However, the stripy Ranger will only be offered in limited numbers, so European customers had better either act quick or get out the whitewash and paint roller. After all, Ford hasn't said that they are going to be bringing this European COTY nominee to these shores any time soon. Since Mazda shares the parking lot with Ford at this site, it's possible Mazda was taking a closer look at it as well.
The resulting Ford S-MAX MPV brought previously unheard of levels of dynamism to the market for big seven-seat vehicles. As the first on the scene, Ford raked in the plaudits and its coffers swelled accordingly.Today, the S-MAX has been around for a while but other brands have conspicuously failed to top it. From its position of dominance in the market for large family vehicles that dona€™t look and drive like minibuses, Ford could have rested easy but instead, it undertook a programme of improvements on the S-MAX in a bid to maintain its stay in the limelight. The latest cars benefit from enhancements to the styling, interior quality and engine range which genuinely appear to move the game forward.There was always the suspicion that the S-MAX could handle more power than its mainstream engines had to offer. Buyers wanting to make the most of its fluent handling and alert responses could opt for the 2.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine but its high running costs were a major deterrent in a family vehicle.
The 114bhp and 138bhp 2.0-litre Duratorq units will sound familiar but improvements across the board see these common-rail injection engines comply with EuroV emissions standards while also achieving strong refinement and performance. It sounds impressive and, with 200bhp plus 300Nm maximum torque available throughout a 1,750rpm to 4,500rpm rev band, it is. This all-aluminium engine uses direct fuel injection, low-inertia turbocharging and twin independent variable cam timing to achieve its impressive performance.

Todaya€™s cars still feature the basic elements of Forda€™s Kinetic design programme but theya€™ve grown edgier, with the headlights, side intakes and foglights angled down towards the bold trapezoidal air-intake below the narrow grille. The rear has a more sculpted tailgate with foglights that extend right round into the cara€™s flanks. The distinctively long, low S-MAX shape with its super-steeply raked windscreen forming a wedge-like nose remains.The cabin is built around the Ford FoldFlatSystem which allows 32 different seating permutations. A number of lashing points are located across the floor and on the cabin sides, helping to prevent your belongings from destroying themselves if you do fail to resist the Forda€™s sporty character. The perennial complaint of seven-seat vehicles, namely that therea€™s no room for luggage when all seven seats are occupied, is partly addressed by the S-MAX which offers 285 litres of space with all seats in place.The S-MAX attacks the market for seven seat vehicles in tandem with its sister vehicle, the Ford Galaxy. The two bear a lot of similarities but while the S-MAX tries to bring a sporty element to the market, the Galaxy treads along more traditional MPV lines. The Galaxy will be the choice if practicality is your number one priority and the S-MAX is the MPV for people whoa€™d rather be driving something with a bit more pizzazz but are forced into a seven-seater by domestic circumstances.The latest S-MAX has grown notably more high-tech. Both on the options list and included in the various trim levels are some choice bits of technological wizardry. Forda€™s keyless entry system is a boon when youa€™re approaching the vehicle with an armful of something or other and the Easyfuel system is an ingenious feature that stops the worst case scenario developing when you forget if your car runs on petrol of diesel. Go the feisty 2.0 SCTi petrol engine and the 35mpg combined economy is very good for a vehicle of this size with this performance. Happily, the S-MAX manages to inject its element of flair without sacrificing basic MPV qualities like space, safety and practicality. Its arrival moved the large MPV game on significantly by proving that such vehicles needna€™t be dull and the latest models edge the game forward again with some desirable engine options and extra technology features.The Ford S-MAX gives you a great driving experience bound-up in a package that feels genuinely special. The seating system works well, helping you get the most out of the cara€™s prodigious interior space. Although the rearmost row isna€™t the most spacious, ita€™s fine for the children who will be its most likely occupants.

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