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Indeed I have read many times the advice "Take it to a dealer to get the bulbs changed", but I don't have that sort of money to throw around. Let me start by thanking Benjol for his excellent blog on changing the bulbs on the Mk1 Focus, which gave me the inspiration to try and do the same for the MK2. This blog illustrates carrying out the work on a Right Hand Drive UK spec 2005 Ford Focus Diesel Estate. Handling little fiddly things (bulbs, screws, tools) over a complicated engine with lots of deep dark holes is fraught with danger. Short of turning the car upside down and shaking it, there's not much anyone can do for you if you lose something (and Murphy's law prevents it falling out the bottom).
Please Note, in all the following sections, Right-Hand and Left-Hand are referring to the headlights as seen looking forward from the driver's seat NOT as you look at them from the front of the car. Of course, if you are replacing a blown bulb, then you don't have much choice, but in this instance, as I am replacing all my bulbs with Xenon's I'm going to start with the right-hand unit .
Remove the securing screw, and draw the headlight unit forwards about an inch (or 3cm if you are modern).
To pull it forward, you will need to disengage the clip which is at the back of the headlight unit, at the bottom, on the right as you look at it.
When the clips are free lift the outer edge of the headlight so that the inner, grill end can be pulled out further, and rotate the whole assembly forward to expose the weathershield at the back. Now, with all the bulbs replaced on one side, would be an ideal time to check they all work! With the weathershield fitted, rotate the headlight assembly so it is facing forwards, and then move it backwards towards the chassis member. On the UK spec Mark 2 Focus, the left-hand headlight assembly is a mirror image of the right-hand one, and all the fittings are the same.
The Mk1 was really bad when it came to changing headlight bulbs, but manageable with a bit of practise. For the side bulb (w5w), it's still behind a rubber inspection cup but on the end of a long plastic stick(?) you just need to pull with a slight twisting to either side to get it loose. By the way, to pickup on a previous comment, my owners manual shows the wrong bulb replacement pictures and doesn't show or detail the bulb inspection covers at all - but give Ford their due - they've made it simple compared back to the Mk1! My concern is how to determine if it is the lamp that is at fault and not something else, ligh a fuse or relay. I've actually removed the dip lamp dip, which is causing the problem on both sides, and it actually looks fine. I initially started by unscrewing the Torx screw then got stuck, so I took 5 and found these instructions. Some minor differences with our Focus (European model, sold in Aus?) but overall the instructions were a great help.
Airflow distribution is via moving flaps that are either cable operated or more commonly via a vacuum motor or an electric stepper motor.

The wiring connector to the HCV is where you test for changing resistance using a test meter. PURPLE_2L_LX has posted in Mr Muscle oven cleaner question in Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3).
TreborB has posted in Auto Gearbox, out of frying pan and into the fire in Drivetrain (Mk4 Mondeo). Moral: don't let anything (bulbs, screws) slip out of your hands, don't leave any tools lying on a handy bit of engine. Both are situated immediately in front of a chassis member which runs across the front of the car and therefore it is impossible to access the back of the headlights whilst they are in situ. If you don't have a set of Torx wrenches, don't despair, as the screw also has a big slot suitable for a large flat-bladed screwdriver.
I thought at first it had to be turned to lock or unlock it, but this doesn't appear to be the case, it just pulls out and pushes back in.
You will have to lift the outside edge of the unit to get the inside edge past the grill panel of the car. For this reason I don't propose to do a full description of the procedures for the left-hand headlight bulbs, as they are much the same as above. I never had to replace any of the bulbs in the 1yr old Mk2 which I had for another 3x years! Do you think it would be possible to wedge the sprung loaded bar on the solenoid open by infilling the inner cap which shrouds the solenoid coil?
Sounds to me like the distribution flaps on your car aren't moving according to selected position. Thankfully, it is much easier to remove the headlight assemblies on the Mark 2 Focus than it was on the Mark 1. Reach down behind the chassis member and push it down whilst pulling the headlight towards you and it will come free quite easily. Again, the bulb will only fit one way into the body of the headlight, marked by a flat side on the base of the bulb. Then you need to line up the plastic lugs which slide over the chassis member as you gently move the headlight assembly back into position.
Can you hear anything trying to move when setting the controls?Massive: Hi TK42138, your video is very intresting infact i have a problem regarding the heater, but i don't know if the problem is the same. Default setting on HCV is 'OPEN' (loads of cabin heat) but when full current applied the valve closes off and is held shut against spring pressure so no heat in the cabin. This does not intefere with your headlight alignment as that is all done internally by magic (or electricity, or something). The headlight is also located by plastic lugs which slide over parts of the chassis member behind it.
These are quite tight and I used a smaller flat-bladed screwdriver to persuade them to release.

The bulb will only fit in the holder one way as there is a tag on the bulb body which fits a slot in the holder, so unlike the Mark 1 Focus, you can't fit the bulb upside down! It is impossible to change the sidelight bulb without touching the glass envelope, as there is nothing else to get hold of. The weathershield has a rubber gasket which must be lined up carefully and then compressed in order for the clips to fasten. There is one of these lugs at the top outside edge of the unit at the back (shown in photos) and one lower down on the inside edge which is hard to see, and then there is the catch at the bottom which we had to release to pull the headlight forward when we removed it.
I have a ford fiesta 2009, and the problem is that tha air flow came out only from frontal position, and no from the bottom position (foot) or upper (the frontal glass), regardless the outup you want. Another test is to remove HCV and plug it in and see if the valve opens or closes when heater control is turned. These do not need releasing, but will have to be lined up carefully when you refit the unit. I found that you need to be quite forceful to get the thing pressed down hard enough to be able to get the clips fully attached. If everything is lined up, the assembly should slide back until the screw hole lines up, and you should hear the bottom catch engage.
Is the component you show in video the one that control the air flow direction?TK42138: Hi, I would fit the HCV as it's more efficient heater. Having said that, the process for swapping out the coil pack and HT leads on the 1.3 Endura is quite simple.
Whilst doing this you need to be careful not to scratch the front glass of the headlight by dragging it over the metal body parts it is resting on.
Don't overtighten it, as it is only screwing into a plastic fitting, and you could strip the fitting's threads if you get too enthusiastic. Read through, printed off and hot tailed to Halfords to buy replacement bulb and low and behold, they now do what turned about to be a 5 mins bulb fitting service for 6.99 (UK sterling).
Old HCV's can dump bits of plastic throughout cooling system which can lead to blockages and overheating.
Notwithstanding, super helpful for someone who has never, and still has not, changed a car light bulb. I know what to look for when I replaceA the sticky oneA on my 2005 Ford Ka.Keep up the good work sharing knowledge. Disconnect low tension feed on coil, make a note of where the HT leads go then squeeze clips on top of HT leads at the coil and pull off. I also might then try to take off the vacuum pull off and install it on the cable pull design.

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