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The American automaker Ford unveiled the 1996 Ford Fiesta a compact car with limousine format. Twelve years of the first generation of mini-car was built, a bestseller, but noticed by many TA?V - related defects. If you think that the users of the site made a mistake by posting this image in this section, it would be nice if you wrote about it in the comments and pointed out the error.
As one of the first representatives of the subcompact class, the Ford Ka was a big hit, so in collaboration with Fiat, a successor model was created in 2009, which in the mini class as Daihatsu, VW up!

Technically based the city car of the first series on the Ford Fiesta and was offered with two different 1.3-8V Duratec engines with 60 hp and 69 hp. In addition to the Ford SportKa also a convertible called StreetKa was built, whose models belong to this car today.
We have explored the details in place, namely in the Ford Design Center in KA┬Âln Merkenich. To offer buyers of new cars a cheap alternative to Dacia and Renault Twingo, the base model Ford Ka Concept was assembled in the fall of 2010, which is offered as a new car at a price of less than 10,000 euros.

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