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Ford edge review consumer reports youtube, Ford has extensively updated their midsized suv the ford edge. 2015 ford edge review drive youtube, Ford’s first foray into the midsize crossover market took place in 2006 when they introduced the edge. For 2015, Ford has given the Edge a brand-new outfit, complete with stand-out sheetmetal and a revamped 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine fitted with a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct-injection. Where many of Ford's cars have opted for a slim, Aston Martin-like grille, the new Edge's face is big and bold. The conservative take on the interior design belies the big improvements in material quality.
One of the more prominent new additions to the Edge is Ford's new Enhanced Active Park Assist system. A six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission is tasked with managing power, regardless of engine choice. The manual mode, which requires nothing but a tug of a paddle to activate, mitigates some of these bad behaviors, holding gears as needed. The overall ride and handling are improved, meanwhile, thanks to a new body structure that's 26-percent stiffer against bending forces and 14 percent stiffer torsionally. There's not too much roll, and thanks to the improved damping, it arrives more progressively than last year's model. The new Edge strikes us as Ford Motor Company's most premium product not to wear a Lincoln badge. Ford has made a business of using the Edge for conquest sales – 50 percent of the 2014 model's sales came from other brands, including some premium makes. Autoblog accepts vehicle loans from auto manufacturers with a tank of gas and sometimes insurance for the purpose of evaluation and editorial content. Although the 2015 Edge looks more like a lightly massaged 2014 than an all-new model, it actually rides on a different platform with two all-new engines under the hood and shares surprisingly little with its predecessor in terms of parts. This change under the sheetmetal explains the Edge’s growth which is up four inches overall with a one-inch wheelbase stretch.
Having not sat inside an Edge in about a year, I had to hunt one down to figure out what changed. MyFord Touch is one of the most maligned infotainment systems on the market, but it is also one of the most fully featured. Integrated telematics systems that email you vehicle health reports, allow you to call a concierge, request emergency assistance and know when your airbags have gone off are seeing a renaissance. Curb weight ranges from 3,912 pounds in the FWD 2.0-liter Ecoboost base model to a maximum of 4,236 pounds in the FWD Sport model.
The hefty curb weight, moderately soft springs and 55-series tires combine to give the Edge a compliant highway ride that wafted over potholed and rough pavement without batting an eye.
Priced between $28,100 for a FWD SE model and $48,100 for the AWD Sport trim, the Edge starts more expensive and scales higher than the Korean options. Autobytel has reviews that will walk you around a car, give you a peek under the hood and get you behind the wheel with an industry expert. Browse by category or get into a specific brand to see how well a car does when put to the test. The Ford Edge is a four-door, five-passenger crossover vehicle that also provides buyers with 69 cubic feet of total storage space.
For 2011, Ford reworked the Edge (introduced in 2006) to help the crossover, uh, keep its edge.
A mid-cycle refresh delivers a new 2011 Ford Edge that is more refined and better equipped than ever before. Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions ("Chrome Data").
The oldest sibling will always outshine the rest, while the youngest is routinely doted upon. Sandwiched between its highly successful big brother, the Explorer, and the stylish younger brother, the Escape, the Edge has had plenty of its own bragging rights over the years. The result is a vehicle that truly stands out from its compact and fullsize siblings while promising to retain Ford's edge in the midsize CUV market. The owner of a 2014 model wouldn't feel the least bit out of place climbing behind the wheel of a 2015, as it features Ford's same reconfigurable instrument cluster, and a center stack that's been crowned by the latest (and final) edition of MyFord Touch. The seats are wide and comfortable on our Titanium-trimmed tester, and they're finished in soft, perforated leather. Not only is the Edge the first vehicle in the Ford family to offer EcoBoost power as standard, it is the first vehicle in the brand's US lineup to get the new 2.0T. That said, the Edge's 2.0T is not a performer, despite producing more than 120 hp per liter. Fitted with paddle shifters for the first time, as well as a new Sport mode when in full auto, the new gearbox is at least a bit more modern, even if it's only got six cogs. Again, these are the kind of driving conditions we don't expect most customers to encounter – frequent five and six-percent grades aren't too common on America's freeways, after all. More importantly, though, the trailing-arm rear suspension has been replaced by a new and far more modern, coil-sprung, multi-link independent rear end.

That said, feedback is extremely limited and there's too much forward dive under hard braking for our tastes. The hydraulic rack has been ditched in favor of a trendy electric power-assisted setup that's both light and particularly numb. That character, though, comes with a fairly steep price tag – a base Edge SE starts at $28,100.
Like most of the auto news industry, we also sometimes accept travel, lodging and event access for vehicle drive and news coverage opportunities.
With compact crossovers getting less compact and folks defecting to supersized three rows, Toyota and Honda chose to kill the Venza and Accord Crosstour while Ford pressed on with a redesign of the Edge. The increase gives the Edge a sleeker and less boxy profile than before while offering more interior room. Rear-seat comfort is excellent and I found the rear cabin more comfortable than the competition, especially the Jeep which has strangely stiff seat cushions.
Starting in the 2016 calendar year, we will see the highly-anticipated SYNC3 system start to roll into Ford models.
Even in 2015 there are still mainline brands that don’t offer voice command of your USB-connected music library. This generation of Ford’s infotainment system includes SYNC Services which offers OnStar-like telematics without the integrated modem. If you want AWD, it adds around 165 pounds, bringing the AWD Sport to a fairly hefty 4,400 pounds when fully equipped.
While not as soft as the new Murano, the Edge has a more pleasing balance because the Nissan often feels too soft on your favorite winding mountain road.
It's where the Blue Oval chose to first launch MyFord Touch in 2011, and was one of the company's first applications of an EcoBoost engine in a CUV. Meanwhile, more JD Power Initial Quality Study-friendly buttons have replaced the obstinate and unintuitive touch-capacitive controls.
It's a similar story throughout the cabin, where owners will notice softer dash plastics and generally richer materials. Support is limited, but these are thrones designed more for the long haul than the lap record.
It can now pull out of parallel parking spots, while also backing the vehicle into perpendicular spots. According to our wristwatch, it takes around ten seconds to hit 60 miles per hour, likely thanks to the crossover's 4,060-pound curb weight. We're looking forward to testing the 2.0T on the more level grades around our metro Detroit office, where the gearbox might make a better showing. Vertical motion is nicely controlled, giving the Edge a planted, composed feeling over hilly, undulating terrain. It's nicely behaved at higher speeds, though, allowing precise inputs despite the lack of effort.
Adding all-wheel drive bumps the price up by $1,495, while moving onto the Titanium trim you see here demands an extra $7,500. The new CUV is a highly competent, lifestyle-oriented crossover that places as much emphasis on comfort as it does on style. For 2015 Ford pulls from the new CD4 parts bin which serves as the basis for the current Fusion and will underpin the new Taurus and Flex among others. Meanwhile, Ford tacked on a new grille that strikes me as the merger of Hyundai and Ford’s styling cues.
The long answer is: the design is similar enough to the outgoing model that current Edge shoppers will feel right at home, but different enough to give them a reason to lease another. Seat comfort is, in general, a reason to upgrade from a compact crossover to this midsized category. Until the software refresh hits however, the Edge will soldier on with the base 4.2-inch SYNC system or the optional 8-inch MyFord Touch (optional in SEL and standard in Titanium and Sport).
At this point Ford has addressed most of the major issues that plagues the MFT system launch, except for the speed. Ford increased the compression, fiddled with the fuel and oiling systems and tacked on a new twin-scroll turbocharger for improved efficiency and a broader torque curve. Hyundai’s Santa Fe Sport actually deserves its name because it feels the most nimble and athletic in the corners. Equip the Hyundai and Kia with a 2.0-liter turbo engine so they compare more directly with the Edge and they ring in at $31,250 and $31,100 respectively, giving Ford the upper hand in MSRP.
It's difficult to spot in pictures, but the result is a decidedly more assertive profile than the outgoing CUV. That said, Ford (and Lincoln) are developing a disturbing habit of finishing the center stacks of their vehicles in a hard, character-less black plastic.
Snaking through the hills outside Scottsdale, AZ, it's easy to see that this transmission is geared for fuel economy above all.
Rough spots are easily dispatched, as the Edge soaks up bumps and blemishes with zero drama.
What's more, the Edge features a 360-degree underhood seal, meaning that only the engine's most pleasant notes enter the cabin, even when pushed hard.

To match the vehicle we tested, you'll also want the 302A option pack, which adds $5,645 to the price, while also adding heated and cooled front seats, heated back seats, a heated steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, remote start, a blind-spot monitoring system, Enhanced Active Park Assist, a grille-mounted camera (and the world's most adorable washer nozzle seen in the video, below) and HID headlights.
Even at such a relatively high price (for this loaded tester, anyway), those qualities make it an easy vehicle to recommend. Although weight reduction is all the rage these days, the platform swap sheds less than 100 pounds from the Edge’s curb weight.
Since the Venza and Crosstour are leaving us this year (production has supposedly already stopped) this means the Edge’s direct competition comes in the form of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, Nissan Murano and certain versions of the Kia Sorento which comes as either a two- or three-row crossover for 2016. Ford merged the squarish style of the 2014 interior with design cues from the latest Focus and Fusion. Interacting with the touchscreen requires patience as screen changes are considerably slower than the Kia, Chrysler, GM and Toyota alternatives.
Power is up 5 horsepower and 5 lb-ft over last year to 245 and 275 respectively with a beefier power band. In perhaps the most interesting twist, the Edge Sport doesn’t come with AWD standard.
The Hyundai weighs around 500 pounds less which certainly doesn’t hurt, but the suspension is also tuned on the firmer side of this segment. The value pricing continues against Nissan and Jeep with the Edge undercutting the Murano by around $1,000 across the line and the Jeep by $1,500-2,000 depending on the options. Beyond that, the rear is home to Fusion-inspired taillights, although unlike Ford's popular midsize sedan, they're joined together by a vehicle-spanning lighting element that prominently features a Ford badge at its center. Shown above in the gallery around the HVAC controls, it disrupts what is otherwise a cleanly styled cabin and makes it seem like a total "oops, we forgot this part" afterthought. While the diameter is relatively big, it's not a handful – those that are small of hand (roughly 50 percent of the Edges Ford sells are to women, after all) need not be concerned. The 6AT is hesitant to downshift, forcing you to really dig into the throttle to demand a gear change, although when it does move down a gear, it does so with quick action. Upshifts are a smidge quicker, but on downshifts and inclines, the more aggressive shift mapping is much more noticeable. The result of this work is a smooth, pleasant four-cylinder soundtrack that's backed by not much else.
Add another $995 for the 20-inch alloys and you'll match our tester's $44,685 as-tested price, including $895 for destination. Beyond that, it's further proof that the Ford Edge is far more than just a tweener in the company's product range – middle child or not, this CUV makes a bold, unique statement. Instead of continuing Ford’s button minimalism strategy, 2015 adds buttons to make the infotainment system and climate control easier to use.
For 2015, the Edge gains three inches of combined room vs the outgoing model. The way legroom is measured seems to be a matter of constant debate, highlighted by the similar legroom numbers you get in the Honda CR-V.
The twin-LCD system is starting to look dated compared to the LCD clusters that are optional in high end trims of the Grand Cherokee and Sorento but on par with what’s in the Murano. On the other side is the Grand Cherokee which, thanks to its off-road mission, weighs more, is higher off the ground and feels more ponderous. The Sorento handles surprisingly well in its latest generation and top-end trims are better equipped than the Edge. The vast majority of Edge owners should find the 2.0-liter an adequate companion for everyday driving. Still, the transmission truly desires to keep you revving low in a high gear, which will leave you flatfooted on steeper inclines. Hell, dig into the Titanium trim's standard 12-speaker Sony stereo, and you'll easily drown out all else.
However, in the real world, the Edge not only feels larger, but it’s larger in practical terms as well. Also different from last year, you can finally get the small Ecoboost engine with all-wheel drive. While the aspect ratio and spring rates obviously play a role in lateral grip, the SE and Sport are closer together than you think. Meanwhile the Sorento straddles the middle of the segment thanks to a light curb weight and moderately firm springs. While the Sorento EX is more expensive than a base Edge, you do get more feature content in the Kia and by the time you compare top-end trims the Sorento is less expensive. The only trouble with the Sorento is that Kia attempts to compete with the Edge, Escape and Explorer with one vehicle. Steering feel is numb but accurate and I had no problems understanding what the front wheels were up to.
The 2.0-liter turbo Sorento is a 2-row luxury-leaning crossover with optional Nappa leather and HID headlamps. Check the box for the V6 and you get a small third row for your mother-in-law as a smaller alternative to the Explorer. L'interieur n'est pas certes pas exceptionnel, mais il n'y a pas de fautes de gout; il esttres proche des autres productions de la marque.

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