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If you’ve been through a Timmies’ drive-thru, shopped at a Canadian Tire store or have kids in hockey, you’ve probably come across an Edge or three. While the first-generation Edge was based on Mazda6 midsize sedan nuts and bolts, the second-gen model introduced for 2015 uses the current Ford Fusion chassis (as does the Lincoln MKX crossover). We found plenty of goodies normally associated with luxury brand SUVs in our Edge Titanium. With its roomy cabin, plenty of motor choice and available luxury gear, the 2016 Ford Edge should continue to make a lot of midsize crossover buyers happy. Arguably more of a styling statement than the groundbreaking original 14 years ago, the third-generation Nissan Murano brings plenty of exterior drama — from its so-called “V-Motion” nose, floating D-pillars and the Japanese automaker’s distinctive boomerang-shaped head- and taillights — compared to the more conservatively-style Ford competitor. The interior of the all-wheel-drive, five-passenger, four-door Nissan feels and looks more upscale than the Ford.
We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information. Indeed, there is, and we've assembled three of the latest and greatest -- the Ford Edge Sport, the Nissan Murano SL, and the Toyota Venza -- to determine which is the ultimate compromise.
For 2009, the new-in-2007 Edge inherits a $35,530 Sport trim, which features a monochromatic eight-piece body kit and, most notable (make that noticeable), 22-inch forged and polished wheels. For this shindig, Toyota sent us a $28,520 Venza V-6 equipped with the $4345 premium package 2 (leather, Xenon headlamps, smart key, power tailgate, backup camera) and a $1090 13-speaker JBL audio upgrade, bringing the bottom line up to $33,955. Out traversing the beautiful country roads winding their way through Santa Ynez and on the ranch property that was once home to Kiefer Sutherland -- "Imagine the parties that went on here," ponders editor at large Arthur St. Over our 35-mile road loop, much of which presents pockmarked and undulating pavement, the Murano, with its light, communicative steering and taut-yet-forgiving suspension, manages to soak up the worst of bumps while still delivering quick reflexes and confidence-inspiring agility. Although it's not quite as fun or sharp as the Murano, the Venza impresses us as the one that could get up and over the hills the quickest, thanks to its heady 3.5-liter, 268-horse V-6, intuitive six-speed slushbox, and grippy Michelins. Peruse the curb weights -- 4229 pounds for the Ford, 4023 for the Nissan, and 3911 for the Toyota -- and those sensations aren't surprising. Based on a Nissan Altima sedan platform, the stylish Murano’s tall-wagon formula has been mimicked by a slew of rivals that have flooded into showrooms over the past decade, not just the Ford that arrived four years later.

The Ford Edge has amassed 11,191 sales in Canada so far in 2016, an increase of 27.8 per cent. For almost a decade, Ford’s riff on the first-to-market five-passenger midsize Nissan Murano has become a crossover stalwart.
The Murano only comes with a naturally aspirated V6, while the Edge can also be had with a V6, along with a pair of so-called EcoBoost turbocharged engines, all matched to a six-speed automatic transmission. One rung down from the top-dog $43,998 Murano Platinum, our $40,298 SL AWD tester offered loads of features to rival the more expensive Edge Titanium, including navigation, upgraded Bose audio system, moonroof, 360-degree parking camera, heated steering wheel and heated leather front seats. For safety-conscious crossover consumers, the Murano SL trim also includes blind spot detection and rear cross traffic alert safety systems — features available on the Edge part of an expensive Equipment Group 302A ($3,800) that combines a host of luxury items as well. Nissan added acoustic laminated glass and plenty of sound deadening in the attempt to eliminate road noise, making the Murano much quieter than the Edge. It can comfortably swallow a nuclear family, even Lassie and Garfield, as well as a week's worth of groceries or travel bags.
Each is a car-based, two-row crossover offering athletic moves, peppy front-drive V-6 powertrains, combined fuel economy of at least 19 mpg, and substantially more interior volume than your average family sedan. Our tester, fitted with a $385 audiophile package and the double-deuces, appeared aggressive, a bit menacing, and, well, almost toylike -- a giant, plastic box and a "Hot Wheels" banner could've made it a centerpiece at FAO Schwarz.
Our $30,010 SL tester, loaded with a $1170 dual-panel sunroof and $4500 worth of packages, all of which included, among other items, a backup camera, Bose audio, Xenon headlamps, Bluetooth, power liftgate, and leather, came in at $35,805. Antoine -- we familiarize ourselves with the three crossovers, quickly taking to the shape and style of the Edge. Moreover, the Edge's 3.5-liter seems the wheeziest near redline and most overburdened under aggressive acceleration. In 2015, more than 16,500 copies of the Ford were sold in Canada, compared to just over 10,000 Muranos. A massive improvement over the old Ford MyTouch, Sync 3 was developed by Canada’s QNX (a Blackberry company), and now comes with a touchscreen that is quicker to respond to inputs, and with a more intuitive design. The Nissan also offers a nice balance between a comfortable ride and relatively athletic handling.

Making things worse are the showy wheels and tires, which add objectionable unsprung weight, dulling turn-in and stiffening the ride to the point we were begging for an SEL with 18s. Loh expresses similar sentiments: "Though I like the Edge's styling and prefer the Murano's drive, the Toyota simply can't be beat by virtue of the three Ps-packaging, performance, and price. So the thought of it caravanning down dirt roads with a slew of other SUVs, kicking up dust clouds as if it were a Land Cruiser, was not a desirable scenario. Put your foot in it, and you're treated to instantaneous and delicious acceleration," says Loh. And, let's face it: It's days like those that convince a majority of SUV-buying Americans a hulking rig is not only preferred but also absolutely necessary, even for everyday use. Nice proportions, clean lines, aggressive stance." We like the appearance of the Murano, too, but more in a "that's interesting" rather than "that's gorgeous" kind of way.
That said, the steering feels a tad numb, the 20-inch wheels degrade an otherwise pleasing ride, and the suspension "wallows and porpoises" when really pushed, according to St.
Weird placement of some wood elements, but at least you get the sense Toyota's design department is trying." While we generally like the cabins in the Edge and Murano, both are deemed either too dark, too frustrating, or too techy in light of the cheery and simpler Venza's. In addition, the Toyota's quarters boast the most comfortable second row, the easiest ingress and egress, and the largest cargo area, whether the seat is up or down. The Edge, in comparison, comes across as athletic but heavier and less refined than the Nissan and Toyota. Nonetheless, the Edge's heroic alloys and float-tube Pirellis do provide the largest contact patches, helping deliver the shortest 60-to-0 braking (123 feet) and stickiest lateral acceleration (0.83 g). A vehicle that bridges the divide-something that drives, handles, and sips like a sedan yet totes passengers and cargo like an SUV?

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