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2014 Ford Edge model is expected to use a new Ford hybrid system, the link has an electric motor with a V6 engine. A best-seller with suburbanites, if you’ve been through a Timmies drive-thru, shopped at Canadian Tire, or have kids in hockey, you’ve probably come across an Edge or three. As the Nissan is based on a midsize car V6 drivetrain and chassis (the Altima), so is the Ford. In addition to the Sport’s look-at-me dubs, the model gets the upgraded 3.7-litre V6 from its Lincoln MKX clone. In fact, unless you are a total slave to fashion, consider the Sport’s dub rubber wisely.
2014 Ford Edge exterior changes include a new front fascia, wheels and modified bumpers, while newly designed interior features upgraded materials and capacitive touch controls rather than any of the conventional buttons and switches that are also seen in the Lincoln MKX.

It is a hybrid electric vehicle hydrogen used as fuel to the plug-in charging the lithium-ion batteries for a combined range of over 320 kilometers . Polished aluminum wheels 20 inches are standard on high end model but for greater aesthetic brilliance and grip sizes are available with 21 inch summer tires only.To further beautify style Edge Sport LED taillights doors and new exterior colors such as spices Fire bronze metallic magnetic and electric.
And in the case of the new-this-year Sport version of Ford’s Edge, it’s all about the 22-inch rims on this car. E-Flex platform was introduced in the 2007 Detroit auto show that the drive system of the Chevrolet Volt Concept. Lay one of these black and chrome pie plates down in your backyard, and the neighbours will think a UFO has landed.
Unfortunately, the seat of my pants couldn’t feel the additional oomph from the larger mill.

And if you drive on snow and ice, you’ll need a proper set of winter tires to factor into your budget as footwear for your AWD vehicle.
But add traction to all four wheels, and the $35,999 Edge SEL AWD actually costs more than a base $34,498 Murano S AWD. The Edge has always been a less-than-agile beast, feeling heavy whenever you turn the wheel. As in a base price of $43,499, and an as-tested (with optional panoramic sunroof, nav, and blind spot monitoring) of $47,129.

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