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This car is based on CD3 platform (while the second generation is based on CD4), same as Ford Fusion, Mazda 6 and Lincoln MKX.
When it comes to release date we could hear that it will come in the first two months of 2015. New model is also based on the same platform as Ford Fusion, which is praised by various online reviewers as one of the best cars in recent few years. When it comes to interior segment it is obvious that Ford used much more quality materials and this can be easily noticed. Price for this model hasna€™t been announced yet but we can guess it by looking at the price of previous year versions. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ford has previewed a longer, seven-seat version of its Edge crossover, tailored specifically for the Chinese market. This new version of the Ford Edge will be manufactured locally by Changan Ford starting in 2015 and sold through the joint venture’s dealerships. In China, the Ford Edge will be offered exclusively with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 petrol engine estimated to produce more than 300 hp.
With its sleek and futuristic design, the BMW i8's styling will most likely remain appealing well after its production run ceases.
If you dig the latest BMW M4, but wish it had more stance, Liberty Walk is here to answer your prayers.
Over the last couple of days we’ve had the opportunity to test drive a beautiful blue Ford Edge. We thought there were so many wonderful features about the Ford Edge that I put together a list of our favorites.
I absolutely loved this especially when my hands were full of groceries or the kids school bags and take home projects. When the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) detects traffic slowing down, it will automatically slow down your Ford Edge.
MyFord Touch is an industry first and it’s an amazing feature that offers incredible convenience. Above is a photo of the climate control and here’s area a few more pictures of the MyFord Touch system and you can see even more options below under Ford Sync. I like that Tired Dad Dave set it up so that every time we got into the car, Ford Sync automatically detected our phones and we were able to use the in-car speaker system to use the phone. I also like that when the kids need something and I am stopped at a stoplight, I am able to easily reach them. The nice part about having the backseat within a reachable distance of the front seats, is that allows for a large and very spacious trunk.
To give you a better idea of how big the trunk is Kora & Logan hopped up and posed for a photo. There area few  other features of the Ford Edge and they really made the crossover stand out. It was mentioned above how nice the Ford Touch system is, but I found these controls just as easy to use.
The center console between the driver and passenger seat offers a wonderful selection of storage and organizational features. As you can see from the rave reviews from all of us, we all loved the Ford Edge and recommend it to anyone looking to buy their next vehicle.
Tesa (pronounced Taysa) is a work-at-home mom who enjoys blogging while raising her family in Detroit, MI.
First generation of this vehicle was presented on 2006 North American Auto Show in Detroit and its production started just one year later.

Even this has not been announced officially we can suggest that something like this could happen.
It comes with a six-sided grille, similar to the one we can see on Hyundai Santa Fe, its shoulder line looks like ones that we can see on some BMW vehicles and C-pillar came straight from Lexus RX. They also decided to change dashboard configuration, and the whole front of the cabin with introducing center console again.
With new 2015 Ford Edge model you can choose between two six cylinder engines, both are naturally aspirated. If only slight adjustments are applied base version could be offered at less than $29,000 while the top trim levels could be price at up to $40,000.
Making its world premiere at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the new three-row Ford Edge offers full seven-seat capability for customers in China. However, the wheelbase doesn’t seem to be longer, with Ford adopting the more cost-effective solution of lengthening the rear overhang to obtain more space for the third-row seats. Our research indicates that premium SUV customers in China are looking for more space and comfort. Ford didn’t say whether the seven-seat Edge will be offered on other markets outside China, but promised it will share further details of the new model closer to its 2015 launch. We will be in the market to buy a new vehicle in the next couple of months and have started researching which car to buy. Even better if you need all four doors to unlock at once simple open the passenger door instead, again no key needed. It doesn’t matter though because the camera still served its purpose and gave me a good idea of what was behind me.
My Ford Touch allows you to customize climate control, radio settings, navigation, your phone, and your music library, all on a large center console touch screen and through switch pads on the steering wheel.
We enjoyed using this system and think it’s a wonderful safety feature because it makes it so much easier to keep your eyes on the road with the easy to read displays and touch screen or steering wheel buttons at your finger tips. It felt so much safer and Kora & Logan loved it because they could hear and talk to Grandma while we drove. They aren’t sitting a million miles away from me which as every parent know is important when you have to pick up that dropped book or quickly hand out a tissue.
Underneath the lid (photo bottom left) there’s places to store business cards, pens, and tissues. In between naps, Tesa enjoys writing about family life, giving back, food, tech, and travel. NerdDad will be needing a new car in not that long and this definitely grabs my interest;).
After a lot of waiting it seems that the 2015 Ford Edge will be offered and that it will come with significant changes. If these rumors and reports come as a true, than we can expect to see official presentation of new model slightly before the end of this year. Since the new model is riding on Fusiona€™s wheel base it now comes few inches wider and longer which slightly increases the space inside the cabin. First one is smaller 3.5 liter V6 that produces 305 hp at 6500 rpm and 253 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm.
Have in mind that these are the ratings for front wheel drive version and that AWD models of 2015 Ford Edge will have slightly higher fuel consumption.
One of the things about which we could hear speculations is related to another engine that could come to the 2015 Ford Edge lineup and that is the 2.7 liter EcoBoost that is also announced for Mustang. By building on the global Ford Edge, we have been able to deliver that with this vehicle,” said Ford Motor China President John Lawler.
We have 2 kids, Kora & Logan, and in between trips to the lake and walks with our dog Yoshi, we love blogging & sharing the best for families including gadgets, apps, trips, pets, food, fun, and more.

Since the Ford Edge arrived last week, we’ve thrown all that research out the window. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle check out the Ford Edge and the list below and why we think it is a fantastic family car full of features that provide comfort, convenience, and fun!
There is a line of lights in front of the steering wheel at the base of the windshield and it alerts you by sound as well. The information is then displayed on three LCD screens including the 8-inch center console and two in the dashboard instrument cluster.
After a quick set-up, we were able to sync our iPhones with the Ford Edge through Bluetooth technology. I thought that was great because it kept them busy and happy while I was able to concentrate on driving. You can input your destination and receive turn-by-turn directions by touch or through the Edge’s speakers and get traffic alerts as well. In fact, there was so much room between the car seats that I was able to fit between the seats for a short ride when Tired Dad Dave’s mom came with us to a neighborhood party the other day.
And the trunk is so big we won’t feel a loss when we turn in our large SUV to buy the Ford Edge. 2015 model year is important for this model, because it is becoming a second generation vehicle.
Slightly larger and more powerful is the 3.7 liter V6 unit that pumps out 305 hp at 6500 rpm and 280 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm. This unit could offer similar hp figures like the 3.7 liter V6 or slightly higher, above 305 but more torque than it. We loved having the Edge so much that it has moved to the top of our list and can’t wait to have the money to go car shopping!
We know this because our neighbor needs to trim his tree alongside his house, it leans over into our driveway a bit but not enough for it to brush our car, however the Rear View Camera picked it up every time. Using the Rear View Camera made seeing what was behind me a snap and I am really going to miss the peace of mind it gave me knowing I wasn’t going to pull out into any unseen oncoming vehicles. It only came on twice in the time we had it  – when other cars suddenly pulled out in front of us.
The Ford Sync Smartphone connection offered a number of  wonderful features in itself including quick dial, phone book, and call history all of which you can see in the photos below. On top of all of that you can also hear customized content anytime with personalized news, stocks, sports, weather, horoscopes, and movie times.
The console is very deep and can hold a lot and also has USB Ports, 3 different jacks, and a battery charger.
There are still no third row seats, and we think thata€™s much better than to come with three rows and decreased leg room. Those drivers that like turbocharged EcoBoost engines can opt for the 2.0 liter inline four powerplant that brings 240 hp at 5500 rpm and 270 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm. We didn’t feel like we were going to get in an accident but were thankful for the warning and could see how the warning sounds and lights grab your attention and are a wonderful tool for accident prevention. It also offers the option to support text messaging via Bluetooth, which we didn’t have a subscription for but I thought is a great option.
New Edge has 39 cubic feet of cargo space that can be significantly expanded after second row of seats is lowered.

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