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Ford company is on the Geneva Motor Show unveiled an updated version of the Edge model year 2015, this model we are expected by the end of 2015. The concept of this model was presented at the Motor Show in Los Angeles last year, has now presented the final version of the new Edge models for 2015. The engine is a strong piece, making 265 hp at 6250 rpm and 339 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm from a 3.5-litre V6. Driving the Edge somewhat aggressively on public roads, we never did reach the limits of the wide tyres. Ford told us not to take the Edge off-road, but we would’ve tried some mild sand if we had the time.
The new Ford Edge is a great cruiser, doing nothing wrong at all in terms of what the market wants.
Drive Arabia serves Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Northern Emirates car markets, and relevant to the Middle East region, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain. 2014 Ford Edge model is expected to use a new Ford hybrid system, the link has an electric motor with a V6 engine. One hundred years ago, before the independent country of Jordan was created, a certain British military officer called T.E.
If you’d like to know more about the historical march, Wikipedia is your friend, but suffice it to say, we had to drive a convoy of Ford SUVs, including the Expedition, the Ranger, the F-150, the Explorer and the all-new Edge, from the Kempinski resort by the Dead Sea to the Kempinski resort by the Red Sea in Aqaba, via the paved roads of Tafileh village and the offroad terrain of Wadi Rum, passing by the Seven Pillars mountain and a WWI train-robbery re-enactment on the way. Since we’ve reviewed the other models, the most interesting vehicle at the event was the all-new 2016 Ford Edge.
Styling-wise, the new Edge looks good for what it is, essentially an evolution of previous designs. We did not get the chance to drive the all-wheel-drive Edge offroad, but we did follow it into the rough terrain of Wadi Rum in a Ranger Wildtrak, and the crossover handled itself fairly well on rough gravel and soft sand, although an inexperienced driver did manage to beach himself on a small dune. Not sure why people will buy this if you can get a Santa Fe for similar (if not lower) prices that will most likely be more reliable and fit more people (if required). Maybe because not everyone is obsessed with compromising anything else just on account of saving 500dh of service costs each service or fitting more people once a year. What’s this ossession with fitting more people anyhow, if you never gonna need them, the 7 seats configuration reduces a lot boot space and it accessibility. New Ford F-150 2014 Natural Gas Mustang Tackling Camaro Chevrolet Malibu: The Law of Series Aston Martin Vantage GT4: From The Road into The Track! The main changes are a new set of headlights and new dimensions of the whole model, the car is now smaller but still comfortable as it was earlier.
With big rims, horizontal chrome grille, colourless tail-lights and a chopped top, it goes for a look that could appeal to both conservatives and hipsters alike.
Access to the cabin is granted by either a simple keyless entry system or, unique to Ford for years, a keypad on the door handle to be used to enter your date-of-birth or something.
The Edge is usefully quick, but not downright energetic, as we managed a 0-100 kph time of 8.9 seconds after three tries.
But taking turns is hindered by thick A-pillars, while backing up requires trust on the beeping parking sensors since the rear window is tiny. We forgot to check the size of the tyres wrapping the large mirror-finish rims, but they did well to keep the car in play without squealing, no doubt helped along by the all-wheel-drive system.

Ford themselves did take one of these deep into the desert during one of their media events, but given that on one occasion we powered through sand with a Focus hatchback, that doesn’t really say much.
2014 Ford Edge exterior changes include a new front fascia, wheels and modified bumpers, while newly designed interior features upgraded materials and capacitive touch controls rather than any of the conventional buttons and switches that are also seen in the Lincoln MKX. It is a hybrid electric vehicle hydrogen used as fuel to the plug-in charging the lithium-ion batteries for a combined range of over 320 kilometers . Lawrence led an army of the Arab Revolt on a grueling, two-month march through the desert that was believed to be impassable, and captured the Red Sea town of Aqaba on the other side. Finishing the course in 7 hours, with a lot of stops in between, it goes to show how far we have come as a civilisation, when a 2-month journey can be condensed into a leisurely air-conditioned single-day drive that can be completed before sundown. Available with three different engines, the one we got to drive was the mid-range model with the 280 hp 3.5-litre naturally-aspirated V6. It’s not going to set pulses racing, but there are unique design elements such as the LED lighting on the front bumper as well as the LED strip-lighting at the rear.
The upper dash and all upper door surfaces are padded with soft-touch materials, with cushy armrests and attractive leather upholstery in Titanium trim.
While it’s no rocket with the V6, the engine provides linear and predictable power, although the economy-minded 6-speed auto gearbox can be too conservative with the downshifts when going up hilly roads, requiring regular use of the sport mode as well as the manual paddle-shifters. The ride is generally smooth with a hint of firmness, so mild jitters could always be felt on the rough roads of Jordan’s city outskirts. The lack of low-range gearing meant it had to be dug out and pushed, but if you know what you’re doing, the Edge can go pretty far in the desert. If third-row seating and extreme offroad abilities aren’t absolutely necessary, the Edge is all the vehicle you will ever need. Ford Explorer 2013 New Interesting Mechanical In Major Failure Ford Explorer 2013 is a vehicle specifically designed for lovers of the nature which abound every opportunity for adventure.
The biggest changes are visible in the Interior, no longer its default black leather upholstery and dark designs, new look Interior are futuristic red and silver, luminous colors. And then the Japanese upped the ante even further with risque vehicles like the popular Nissan Murano and the redesigned Lexus RX 350. Since it would be rude to back out by then, we took it for this short stint, but we’ll admit up front that we might have failed to notice specific things that we usually observe in our longer test drives. As we prepared to drive off for the first time, the driving position felt too low for a 4WD. All armrests are thoughtfully padded, but the rest of the cabin is hard plastic, textured to only look leathery. But body roll was more than what we expected for a vehicle attempting to be more sporting than a barebones Explorer.
When a vehicle finally gets stuck in the sand, the lack of low-range gearing suddenly becomes apparent. Power, fuel economy and safety are also concerns, and the Edge is better than average on those counts too. E-Flex platform was introduced in the 2007 Detroit auto show that the drive system of the Chevrolet Volt Concept. The brake pedal is also well-weighted and responsive, making it easy to dial in just the right amount of stopping power.

It is a given that Ford could not continue competing in the midsize segment with the bulky Explorer when crossovers are starting to dominate as the lifestyle vehicle of choice nowadays. So we started playing with the seat adjustments, of which only the seat bottom was powered in our tester, and raised the seat to a level befitting a 4WD. The plastic does look good in quality and feel solid, but there are sizeable panel gaps all over the dashboard, probably by design for easier assembly at the factory.
While probably quicker in the winter, we don’t think cooler weather would help fuel economy much.
While it does match the competition easily enough, we couldn’t find anything that makes it better than the competition. The connection isn’t particularly tenuous, as Ford apparently did provide 40,000 Model T military vehicles during World War I, but we believe the actual desert march was completed only with horses and camels. The daft touch buttons on the centre-console have been replaced with proper physical buttons. And while we never took any corners particularly quick in our police-escorted convoy drive, whatever moderate-speed turns we took were handled with minimal body roll and confident grip.
There are two exposed cup-holders at the front, two fancy hidden ones in the rear, and at least two front bottle-holders that we could remember, along with useful centre console storage and a sizeable luggage trunk. At 15.7 litres per 100 km, with a lot of highway driving involved, the Edge burns as much petrol as a V8-powered full-size car, but less than the V6-powered Explorer. And the window sills have seemingly been lowered, so it doesn’t feel like sitting in a bathtub any more. Truth be told, legroom is very good for all passengers in the five-seater Edge, but the chopped headroom means six-footers might feel a bit compacted.
The split rear seats also have a cool feature whereby they fold flat at the touch of a button to increase the loading area. The smooth six-speed automatic is excellent at smoothening out shifts and choosing gears, although there is no tiptronic function. It only feels floaty when going over large dips on the road surface, but due to limited suspension travel, the car body never flies up and down too much like with many other 4WDs.
There’s great space both front and back in this five-seater, with a generous boot as well. The most awesome feature by far is the optional panoramic glass roof, as equipped in our tester, which turns the car into a cool greenhouse in the evening and a hot oven in the afternoon. And there’s tons of other tech, including a panoramic glass roof, hands-free electric tailgate operation, cooled front seats and rear inflatable seatbelts. The Ford Explorer is a SUV for small families looking for a reliable, spacious and especially very versatile vehicle. Not sure if Honda Civic Hybrid version 2013 won the same honors since it will not be sold in the country.

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