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Mine is a 2015 Lariat Super crew with moon roof and it is a 10-14 early build 15 model truck. The water would drip down thru the side panel on the driver side of the dash and puddle in my hood release and drip down to the door sill. I kept looking while it was raining and found the water dripping in thru the side of the upper windshield at the red spot in the picture and running down and dripping off the bottom of the side air bag. General Ford Ranger Discussion General discussion of the Ford Ranger that does not fit in any other sub-forum. I have found out that after pulling the rear panel off they leak is coming from the sliding window channel filling up with water and then overflowing inside the truck. I recently replaced my rear window seal because it was developing a slight leak during heavy rains.
To avoid certain windshield leaks auto glass technician’s should not take certain short cuts when installing a windshield. We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car.
Adding engine coolant (also known as antifreeze) to your 2002 Ford Explorer is pretty easy. The leak occurs because this gutter doesn't have a big enough lip on it to keep water from flowing over the gutter (similar to how a bent-down rooftop gutter would overflow when it rains).

Instead of fixing this gutter (by adding a bigger lip on it), I decided to start with the easier route of covering half of the air intake with packaging tape. Underneath your carpet and behind the emergency brake the fender, firewall and floorpan all come together. Engine coolant circulates through your engine to keep it cool in the summer but won't freeze in the winter. Water runs down the passenger side windshield and flows between the windshield and the crowl (the crowl is the big flat plastic seal connected to the bottom of the windshield). This water flows into the air conditioner's air intake, which is located directly beneath the crowl.
I simply cleaned this surface and placed packaging tape over half of the grating (the half that is towards the center of the car). Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans. Therefore, Ford put in a gutter on the bottom-side of the crowl that is supposed to collect this water and move it elsewhere to a safe place. There are 3 clips on the crowl that need to be unclipped and you can lift up the crowl afterwards (with a bit of wiggling) at least enough where you can get your arm underneath it. You need to make sure that the tape covers the grating and the grating's housing so that there are no gaps such that water can still flow into the air intake.

The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir in your Explorer is located and how to add coolant.
I actually took out the entire housing so that it would be easier to clean and get to, but this is a little bit difficult and requires a wrench. Be sure to check your owners manual to determine the correct type of fluid to add - for Fords, it will typically be in a section titled Fluid Capacities in the back of your manual. Mix the coolant with distilled water so that you have a combination of 50% coolant and 50% water. Sedan 239.23 Rola anodized aluminum cross bars are constructed of high strength molded nylon and stainless steel hardware for long life. Animals love its sweet taste, so even a spilling a small amount on your garage floor can end up in the dog's stomach pretty quickly.

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