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For those who pay $900 for headlights and $100 for wiring harness over $1000 dollars, you do not have too.
First was ordering the HID lights without the Ballast but they did have the bulb which was nice because they had the bracket. I pre heated the oven first to 200 and couldn't get it apart so I bumped up to 225 and loosen up a little, but 250 and heated them for about 15 mins checking through out was able to get them to pull apart. I sprayed 3 layers on each part and reversed the steps to heat up the original glue and pressed the lens back in place. This is how I mounted the ballast but the wires was long enough so zipped tied to the frame by the radiator sorry didn't take pictures of that.

For the wiring you can search for how to hook up a relay that is $5 bucks from autozone or advance, really simple tap into the headlight + wire, ground 1 wire from the relay, hook 1 wire up to the battery with fuse $5 I think and the other wire will go to both lights to the + red wire, the black wire is ground just ground to metal.
Now to remove this piece from the actual lens you have to remove about 15 torque head screws.
Now the difference with the D2S bulbs is they do not have the brights they are just low beam, What I did was get a 24" LED light bar which is really bright plus with HID's you won't really need brights. And for the record I am still running my aftermarket hids in the oem projector housings with no issues.
I was able to find one but in chrome so I would have to open it and paint the 2 plastic pieces.

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