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Wire that up to the + side of the battery so that it can charge, otherwise that battery will be junk in less than a year. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.
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This procedure is to be used to remove the slack from the system if a new Tension Limiter has not been installed. Grip the threaded rod to prevent it from spinning and tighten the equalizer nut 6 full turns past its original position on the threaded rod.
Attach an appropriate cable tension gauge (Rotunda Model 21-0018 or equivalent) behind the equalizer assembly either toward the right or left rear drum assembly and measure cable tension.
The Tension Limiter will reset the parking brake tension any time the system is disconnected provided the distance between the bracket and the cinch strap hook is reduced during adjustment. 1993-99 ModelsStarting in 1993, all models use a self-adjusting parking brake cable assembly.
Slip a spare front parking brake (or remove you existing one) cable around the pulley and insert the cable end into the pivot hole in the ratchet plate. Position the free end of the parking brake cable on the floor and step on it, or clamp it in a vise.
On 1991-92 models, back off the equalizer nut and remove slug of front cable from the tension limiter. On 1993-99 models, relieve the parking brake cable tension as outlined under cable adjustments. Using a fishing line wire leader or cord attached to the control lever end of the cable, remove the cable from the vehicle. On 1991-92 models, adjust the parking brake cable at the equalizer using the appropriate procedure shown above.
On 1991-92 models, remove the locknut on the threaded rod and disconnect the cable from the equalizer. With the spring tension off the parking brake lever, lift the cable out of the slot in the lever, and remove the cable through the brake backing plate hole. Route the right cable behind the right shock and through the hole in the left frame side rail.
Insert the front of the cable housing through the frame crossmember bracket until the prong expands. On 1991-92 models, adjust the parking brake tension using the appropriate procedure shown above.
Lift the parking brake rear cable eyelet off of the parking brake lever at the rear disc brake backing plate.
For the right rear cable, insert the cable end through the rear guide bracket until the retainer fingers engage.
The battery has been checked in June 2008 when my local dealer kept it overnight, charged me 3.5 hours labor =$210 with tax and stated they didn't know what the problem was but---pointed at the aftermarket Kenwood DNX7100 headunit. Yes, your battery will have to be replaced after this, but it's pointless to do that now until you fix the drain.
You’ll help keep your battery at its very best, and our technicians can spot battery troubles before they become serious. If any of these symptoms occur, you should get your battery tested at your local Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealership immediately. You’ve just brought your vehicle in to the service department for a problem with your battery.

Once you’ve authorized the services we recommend for your vehicle, we’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If your vehicle needs a new battery, the service experts at the dealership will consider these factors to make sure you’re getting a battery that’s right for you. CCA determines how well your battery will supply ample power for 30 seconds at a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celsius.
RC measures how many minutes the battery can supply power before falling below the minimum voltage level after the alternator has failed. If you do get a battery that’s been on the shelf for a long time, it usually regains its full potential and long-term performance by being charged in the vehicle or with an external charger. Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Dealerships carry Motorcraft® batteries, Ford Motor Company’s recommended battery for your vehicle. Replacement labor and towing is covered when the battery was installed at a Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealership. The best thing you can do for your battery is to have regular maintenance performed at the dealership. You’ll help extend the life of your battery, and our technicians can spot any problems before they become serious.
Looks good, a lot of us have done that mod as well, where did you get your awesome cables end-caps from?.
Replacing the stock stereo on the Ford F-150 or F-250 Super Duty is a popular modification. Upgrading a stereo system has many options to choose from, including satellite radio, an MP3 player, and high definition systems. Input the wiring harness and bus cable in the back of the new stereo and plug the antenna cable. If your truck's sound system is without sound, and you want it back, you've come to the right place.
Installing a factory navigation system has its advantages including looks, added functionality, and improved resale worth.
Spark plug wires can affect your Ford F-150 or Super Duty in ways that will keep you scratching your head. Negative side of the battery to the frame, and either side of the breakaway switch to positive. The cables should be tight enough to provide full application of the rear brake shoes, when the parking brake lever or foot pedal is placed in the fully applied position, yet loose enough to ensure complete release of the brake shoes when the lever is in the released position. When the cinch strap contacts the bracket, the system tension will increase significantly and over tensioning may result.
Insert the ball end of the cable into the key hole slots on the equalizer, rotate the equalizer 90° and recouple the Tension Limiter threaded rod to the equalizer. Push back the spring and put the exposed cable through the slot in the backing plate bracket. Escape City is an unofficial Ford Escape site, and is not officially endorsed, supported,authorized by, or affiliated with, Ford Motor Company. If it shows that your battery needs service, there’s no better place to have it done than right there at the dealership. For example, you don’t want a battery that will have trouble starting if you live in a cold climate. This is the physical size of the battery, and most vehicles will allow for more than one group size.
In general, use the number recommended by your owner’s guide or the CCA of the battery that was originally installed on your vehicle.

A battery that’s been on the shelf for an extended period can lose some of its charge, and might not perform the first time it’s used. Look at how long the free replacement period is, and if there is any coverage on a prorated basis beyond that point. Therefore, Ford reserves the right to change the specifications and colors of any models and items shown in this publication at any time.
After battery, alt check, alt connections, cleaning battery terminals, and as many ground points I can find.
There are kits that have built-in satellite radio, an auxiliary port, and an equalizer, all of which improve the stereo system's sound quality. You can remove it by carefully inserting a flat head screwdriver under the trim and slowly popping it out.
The cables should match the old ones, so connect the colors the way they were connected previously.
We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come.
Pull the cable through the brake backing plate until the end of the cable is inserted over the slot in the parking brake lever. So possible sitting for a week or more may have drained the batt, but after it doed the first time, I charged over night, ran fine for a week or 2 (again only started it a few times, only drove it once) and it died again, so I charged it a for like an hour, let the engine run a while, and 2 days later took it in replaced. The Ford name, trademarks, designs, logos, and all Ford division, affiliate,and model names are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company and its divisions and affiliates.
That’s why it’s important to keep your battery free of corrosion and to have it checked regularly by the people who know your vehicle’s electrical system inside and out at your Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealership.
You also don’t want to overpay for cold cranking power if the area you live in is warm all year.
This is an important factor to consider if you’ll be operating electrical equipment on your vehicle while the engine is off.
Motorcraft® battery warranties are honored at all Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealerships, so you don’t have to worry about being protected, no matter where you are. It is important to check with your local Ford Dealer for the latest information on models available for order in your market. Using aftermarket decks can be easy to install, or it may require technical experience with the assistance of an expert. Pull the excess slack from the cable and insert the cable housing into the brake backing plate access hole until the retainer prongs expand. I guess the point of the story is, if there is a dead cell in the batt, no matter how often you charge it it won't take a full charge, hence the needing a 'jump' every other day. All other company, product,or service name references on this site are used for identification purposes only, and are trademarks of their respective owners.All opinions expressed on this site are those of the members only, and are not necessarily endorsed, supported, or rejected byFord Motor Company or by Escape City. These batteries might not be as powerful as you think and may not perform when the temperature drops. After upgrading the wire the alt that was put on (DCPower 250 XP) gives me no problem at this point. At idle it's rated at 170 amps, but I seen 200-220 at idle until the glow plus go out than it drops below 100 amps works it's way down to 28 amps (in about 10 min.).
There seem to be a lot of FEH assistance on there.just some late night random thoughts, hop you figure it out!

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