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The plastic cover for the little hole beside the shift lever had been removed so clearly the tow driver eventually had some thought about the transmission.
Now when I'm doing a moderately tight turn under gas, both left & right, the vehicle stutters.
Okay, assuming the plastic cover was removed, how do you explain how the tow truck driver got into your car without setting off the alarm?
2) Bring your car to a reputable mechanic, tell him your car was towed, explain how it drives and have him check the undercarriage. 1) "don't park illegally" you said this is a no-brainer so i'm not sure why you are pointing it out unless you think I don't have a brain?
1) "don't park illegally" you said this is a no-brainer so i'm not sure why you are pointing it out unless you think I don't have a brain? Stuttering while turning is more than likely as the result of all four wheels having power while turning, which means somehow AWD system is staying engaged.

I'm pretty sure the front wheels were lifted (because they were still slightly turned when I picked it up) and the rear wheels left on the ground while towed.
If this damage results in a permanent AWD type of power transfer (instead of the normal FWD) that would explain the stutter when the left & right wheels are all under power but have different turn radiuses. I've never been towed before; hope I never will, but can you go after the towing company for damages to your vehicle?
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If this is the biggest mistake I make for the rest of my life i'll consider myself a very lucky man.
All product names, trademarks, and trade names are the property of their respective owners. 2015 hyundai santa fe review comparison review comfort the ford edge offers rear passengers about the same room to stretch out as the.

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