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From the little bit I've dug up doing searches, the dealer fix should take slightly less than 2 hours shop time but then I hear stories on forums that it took all day? Unfortunately it's a very tricky job, even dealers were not able to do it right the first time.
Well the weather improved and I had a free Saturday to tackle this so I went ahead and installed the new seal today. Since the CAT and Y pipe must come out for the PTU to be removed, we will need to remove them as well as the front pipe of the exhaust system. I absolutely hate that ford decided to use 2 heat sheild bolts facing DOWN on the cat heat sheild.
I waited to refill my PTU until it was in the car so I could ensure a good drain too, since I installed my drain plug for servicing of the PTU. I must say, I am very glad I was topping up and overfilling my PTU like a mad man to prevent damage as it seems to have paid off. I really really strongly recommend anyone capable to install their own PTU drain plug and drain and refill their PTU with quality lubricant.
Everyone is pushing for further and further maintenance intervals so this is a pressing issue, considering everyone wants to make appliances these days instead of maintainable machines I understand where they are coming from, so this mandates a much higher quality lubricant needs to be used. Not sure if you are still monitoring this thread, but I joined just to ask you a question, so hopefully you are still around because I don't know much about cars. I have a 2010 Mazda CX-9, and was directed to your thread posts because apparently our vehicles have the same transfer case. Well I'm at the end of out 100,000 mile extended warranty and luckily the PTU started leaking again 900 miles short of expiration. I have a 2008 Edge Limited AWD, which I have owned since new in Canada and had noticed the tell tail sign of the PTU problem from the bad stinkly drain like smell every now and then when I stopped but never any oil drops on the driveway, it was not very often so I chose to ignore it.
I have now moved to Finland and brought the Edge with me and the occasional stinky smell started to concern me and at 80,000km, I finally got it up on a ramp for an inspection and no signs of any leaks.
Am I one of the lucky ones?I have a 2008 Edge Limited AWD, which I have owned since new in Canada and had noticed the tell tail sign of the PTU problem from the bad stinkly drain like smell every now and then when I stopped but never any oil drops on the driveway, it was not very often so I chose to ignore it.I have now moved to Finland and brought the Edge with me and the occasional stinky smell started to concern me and at 80,000km, I finally got it up on a ramp for an inspection and no signs of any leaks.
I crawled under the truck and had the engine accelerated to 4,000 RPM and there are drops of oil coming out the (whatever it is) farthest pulley closest to the firewall. I have a 2007 AWD Edge and at 65k I noticed black grease drops on my driveway very small and not consistent. I am a pretty stong audi mechanic, and I refuse to drive anything not AWD as my personal vehicles. First the Shaft seal will leak from the output shaft seals on the Passanger side of the vehicle. Anyone looking at their PTU and seeing alot of black stains and fluid on it can clearly distinguish a VENT VOMIT from the fact there appears to be no leaks around the Pass Side Shaft seal. Ford may say that the PTU is overfilled and causing this, however that is only true if it actually is overfilled.
What is going on is there is a large ring gear to finally drive the center shaft, this gear spins right beside the VENT. There are a few 10mm bolts holding the casing half on, spin those off after you shatter off the deflector and the rest is simple physics of tapping and wiggling the case cover off it's alignment dowels. Once you see the PTU you can remove the large ring gear and or all the gears and rinse it down. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. What is the drain interval for the PTU\transfer case and rear axle on a 2012 Ford Fusion Sport AWD ana where are the respective drain and fill plugs. Thanks for the info, so is there an fluid change interval i need to abide by to make sure the fluid doesn't get worn out.
Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. AlvinC answered a question about my Ford truck that only someone with an in-depth knowledge of his subject would have known what was going on.
Because of your expertise, you armed me with enough ammunition to win the battle with the dealer. I do know, after going though this with JustAnswer, that I can somewhat trust my mechanic but I will always contact you prior to going there.
I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time.
The service bulletin I posted does give a broad diagnosis of PTU and transmission leaks possible at different places, but it does include the seals I was referring to between the transmission and ptu. You must register to create new topics or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup.
I own a 2009 Taurus X which, I'm told, under the skin shares the same drivetrain as the Edge.
Everything went well with one exception, I had a bugger of a time removing the old deflector.
Its easier to remove the front pipe since there is a nice factory clamp and mostly shit stainless exhaust so it will not be completely seized together.

The Ring gear must be removed first, then the transfer pinion and finally the input pinion and output pinion. I am starting at the point most people would be at for the passanger side intermediate shaft seal replacement.
You only need to remove the heat sheild from the lower engine mount to access the drain plug and drain it. It has a pair of needle bearings to ride on and it seems one of the needle sets also partially locates the gear in the PTU during assembly. So this seems to be an issue that can save owners and FORD alot of headaches if they would make it a serviceable item.
I am at 80k now with larger spots took to Transmission shop and they determined where the PTU connects to the Transmission the seal has failed therfore leaking grease from the PTU. Ford pretty much has this covered as updated parts, and proceedures to replace the offending seals with newer design units and ensure a leak free setup. It make confuse you to think it is a compression seal, but it is not as the stains proceed up higher on the PTU.
With that oil gas separator gone and the ring gear now starting to pump oil right next to the vent is the reason it is being forced out the vent.
I normally use paint thinner or parts cleaner, but do not use water based stuff, you want to avoid rust.
You could get a new unit if you have warrenty or feel like spending the money, but in the mean time your original unit was working despite the damage, why stop now? The fill plug is located on the on the rear differential cover, in order to drain the rear differential, you must remove the rear cover. No oil is a "lifetime" oil from my understanding, they all break down and I am especially hard on my cars.
They should both be changed at 50,000 milesOils, fluids and flushingIn many cases, fluid discoloration is a normal operating characteristic and, by itself, does not necessarily indicate a concern or that the fluid needs to be changed. I know that there are "general" guidelines for all Ford vehicles, what I need clarification is on my specific application. My name is***** you for trusting us with your question.Just to be clear, did the mechanic indicate that the transmssion was leaking, or the PTU?
On a front drive Edge, the transaxle takes the power from the engine and transfers it out through a pair of axles, one to each front wheel. If you paid for the repair out of warranty, how many hours labor and what did it end up costing you? I found nobody's proceedures did this but were happy to complain about the gushing flood of ATF once you pull the intermediate shaft.
This needle bearing set seemed to have moved and was then rubbing on the ptu's driver side of the housing. Dealer attempted replacing the seal and shaft but ended up replacing the entire unit due to internal damage. Trans oil level is also correct and has never been topped up.Is it possible that the smell is from a vent in the PTU?my 2011 has an antifreeze smell on ocasion. Could see a slow drip landing on the exhaust and it appears to be coming from the driver's side axle near the case.
I'm not really going to go into it much since everyone and their brother has done so before. The seal is held between the transmission and PTU pretty securely and no debris can really make their way there.
If you have a small mirror and flashlight you can confirm it by looking above and down onto the PTU. What is worse, is if you actually do develop a low gear oil event due to a seal leak, and the PTU takes a beating from it, well now you have even more crap that the oil has to deal with and will definately plug up the case vent system. While your at it you will also be spraying any debris back into those lovely taper bearings:D so I do not recommend this. We see these all the time at the dealer for noise accompanied by leaks and nasty fluid like you describe.
The power take-off unit (PTU) is bolted to the transmission and is basically the all wheel drive unit. On all wheel drive vehicles, the PTU bolts to the trans and the right side axle passes through it. The heat sheild is bolted to the cat, and to the engine block, but the bolts on the cat point from the interior of the heat shield down. I could order online but it would be quite a while with the car off the road, so since I had a spare PTU that was junk, I salvaged the bearings from it.
This required some deburring from the PTU housing and I use my press to relocate the needle bearing to it's original location. IMHO the PTU should be flushed after the first 15K with new fluid, and this means installing a drain plug in the PTU (easy and something I plan to do).
The problem is when the vent system does fail this ring gear will act as a pump and force lube up into the vent system for it to vomit forth all over the ptu and exhaust.
NOTE: The Power Transfer Unit (PTU) is not to be drained unless contamination is suspected.

Your vehicle's oils and fluids should be changed at the specified intervals or in conjunction with a repair. The PTU uses a clear, light brown fluid which may turn very black and sticky if the PTU has an internal problem. The ptu takes some of this power and tranfers power towards into a rear driveshaft which connects all the way to the rear axle of the vehicle, allowing all 4 wheels to get power. It took me a while but I devised a method to remove it without hacking it completely to pieces.
Still looking for the proper torque values for the various fasteners that need to be removed for this job.This picture shows the two seals and the hollow shaft between them.
I beleive this happened as the sludge issue plugged up the shaft's oil feed holes that supply oil to the transfer pinion's needle bearings.
Once it is off the car, it is mandatory that you knock off the deflector, but you do not need to remove the seals (although why you wouldnt replace them at this points baffles me).
My eBay unit suffered galling on the hypoid gears due to lack of lubricant, no big surprize considering where I bought it, but I knew it was for disection purposes. Flushing is a viable way to change fluid for many vehicle sub-systems during scheduled maintenance. Under the vehicle the PTU is located right about in the middle of the engine and transmission at the front center of the vehicle. Afterwards i ground off the welded on nuts and flipped the assembly so the bolts were accessable from the exterior bottom of the heat shield.
It appears upon further research this is common in AWD Edge's and is a faulty design on Fords behalf Built Tough?
Do you know if the transmission and PTU fluid levels were checked?Thank you in advance for this additional information.
The special tools to perform the repair are also relatively cheap as well and they are on order. Dune pearl, it will be a redish colored fluid and if you look under neath, just follow the axles to the transmission and if leaking, it should be visable. I would rather say Built quick and Cheap as the 2007 was the first generation and Ford wanted to cash in on the Crossover SUV.
Ive also got a whirring bearing noise that sounds like a wheel bearing (checked them and they are ok).
Add friction modifier XL-3(EST-M2C118-A) or equivalent for complete refill of Traction-Lok rear axles.Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. I hear noise at the right driveshaft bearing (could be the bearing or resonating from the pto?) Is the pto junk or what?
Let the vehicle sit 10 minutes after the road test before checking the fluid level.With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. Let me know if you have trouble opening the file.The problem develops when the seals between the transmission and the PTU leak.
This won't cause an external leak directly, but trans fluid is allowed to pass into the PTU. To correct this, the PTU must be removed and updated seals installed on the transmission output and the PTU input. There is a service bulletin regarding this that requires some dealer-only special tools (unfortunately).
The online Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 308-07B has been updated with new tools and service procedures to assist with resolving leaks in this area. The RH intermediate shaft passes from the transaxle through the input hub of the PTU, where the intermediate shaft seal is located.
A red ATF leak indicates fluid from the transaxle is leaking past this intermediate shaft seal contained in the PTU.
Use the seal kit, which contains four pieces: the intermediate shaft seal, alignment washer, deflector, and seal protector tool. The intermediate shaft seal, alignment washer, cover seal, and deflector need to be installed individually and before the seal protector tool is used. Use seal kit, which contains the PTU cover seal, intermediate shaft seal, alignment washer, and deflector. It is very important to remove the seal protector off the intermediate shaft during the installation at the proper distance to prevent seal damage.
It is very important to properly heat the new deflector to the desired temperature specifications called out in the WSM, prior to installation.
Never attempt to heat the deflector on the PTU assembly to seat it, seal damage will result.

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