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Escort hobby azul 1.6 inteiro, pintura nova, parachoques na cor do carro, insulfilme, alarme, manual do proprietA?rio. Ford Edge Titanium V6 AWD 2015 Noir metallique avec interieur en cuir noir full avec GPS et Toit pano! The original crossover utility vehicle from Ford is loaded with more technology, higher levels of craftsmanship and greatly improved vehicle dynamics.
The 2015 Ford Edge is a better vehicle by every measure.When launched in late 2006, Edge helped to define the crossover sport utility vehicle segment in North America, the biggest such market in the world. With a car-based design, Edge delivered better on-road comfort, fuel efficiency and overall driving dynamics than any truck- based SUV. It was proof a utility vehicle could meet the demanding needs of an everyday commuter.The 2015 Edge revealed today in North America and Europe is all-new from wheels to roof, designed to reset the standard in the two-row utility vehicle market. Based on Ford's successful, global midsize vehicle platform, Edge has been reimagined with a stronger, more athletic shape.
It has been retooled to meet higher expectations for quality, and reengineered to add more features and technologies for a more rewarding driving experience. Ford utility vehicle sales have been strong elsewhere as well, increasing nearly 20 percent in Europe last year.
The advanced new system has been tuned to deliver a more dynamic, engaging ride customers will feel immediately.Thanks in part to the use of more high-strength steels, the solid body structure of the all-new Edge provides a far better platform for the new suspension to work. Compared to the 2014 Edge, the new model shows a 26 percent increase in stiffness when reacting to bending forces and a 16 percent increase in stiffness when reacting to twisting forces.This means less noise, vibration and harshness characteristics, giving Edge customers a quieter, more substantial ride.

With Ford adaptive steering, the steering ratio continually changes with vehicle speed, optimizing steering response in all situations.At lower speeds, such as pulling into a parking space or maneuvering in tight quarters, the new system makes the vehicle more agile and easier to turn, as it dials more steering into the road wheel.
Nous pouvons vous fournir les pieces necessaires a la reparation de ce vehicule a prix tres competitif.
Each low-speed maneuver requires less turning of the steering wheel.At highway speeds, the system further optimizes steering response, enabling Edge to react more smoothly and precisely to driver input. Si c'est le VUS vous voulez, faites vite, ils ne sont meme pas disponible usage et les dealers Ford ne fournissent pas a la demande dans le neuf.
Adaptive steering technology can help make any drive more enjoyable.The Ford system uses a precision-controlled actuator placed inside the steering wheel, and requires no change to the vehicle's traditional steering system.
The actuator – an electric motor and gearing system – can essentially add to or subtract from a driver's steering inputs. IMPOSSIBLE DE TROUVER MIEUX CHEZ LA COMPETITION - NOUS SOMMES LE SPECIALISTE EN EDGE ACCIDENTE LEGER - Faites vites!! A new, lighter engine block casting along with new aluminum balance shaft assembly shaves six pounds from the engine's gravitational weight.
Setting a new standard in world-class powertrain engineering, this twin-turbocharged V6 is one of the world's most advanced engines.
This advanced cylinder block allows for a remarkably stiff and compact design that returns exceptionally refined noise, vibration and harshness control.
Drivers will have the ability to manually select gears via race-inspired paddles on the steering wheel.
The paddle-shift system is standard on all models.The SelectShift transmission features two modes of operation – drive and sport.

An electronically controlled clutch, which can engage faster than a human can blink, transfers power between the front and rear axles, sending up to 100 percent of the power front or back.New level of technology for better drivingThe 2015 Edge will be a technology leader for Ford, with a suite of standard and available technologies designed to improve the driving experience and the level of occupant comfort.
A pliable, injection-molded plastic bladder is sandwiched between the inner and outer glove box door panels. On impact, a small inflator fills the bladder, extending the glove box outer door panel toward the passenger's legs• AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability ControlTM: Uses sensors to measure the roll rate of the vehicle and predict its roll angle. It is designed to reduce head, neck and chest injuries for rear seat passengers in frontal crashes by distributing crash force energy across five times more of an occupant's torso than a traditional safety belt. Inflatable belts are available for second-row outboard seating positionsHigher standards for quality and craftsmanshipThe 2015 Edge will be available in four trim levels. Throughout the vehicle, seams are tighter and more consistent, and the design has been executed in a way that reduces visual cutlines. The team worked out the smallest of details, such as rethinking how the front doors meet the instrument panel, simplifying merging points and reducing potential alignment issues.The dashboard and center console have also been carefully designed and shaped to look like one thin, streamlined piece. This enhanced quietness is due to better sealing of the body, sound insulation improvements, and powertrains that are better isolated from the cabin and operate in a quieter manner. Using three microphones strategically placed throughout the cabin, the system is able to generate opposing sound waves directed through the audio system, enhancing overall cabin ambience.Even the tires have been selected to deliver a better on-road experience.

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