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The MyFord or MyLincoln Touch system uses an interface module that works kinds of like an automated traffic signal light. Doing the manual reboot (by temporarily removing the black battery cable clamp) may result in the radio resetting to AM, or the clock resetting to 12:00, but those items can be easily reset. Sometimes the reboot process is interfered with if you immediately start switching radio stations, change climate controls and so on – and not allowing the complete reboot process to finish. That aside, I have taken many of the steps discussed online and think I may have isolated something. You see, the software developers allow the option for the driver to pull the SD driven mapset and just use the Sync Services.
Heck, even my computers at home and at work have at least one reboot and system refresh from MicroSoft every week.
The biggest challenge is letting new MyFord Touch and Sync users that these system work well. I’m not sure what the Sync system has to do with a rattle, but, yes, see your Ford dealer for more assistance. Bluetooth connected devices can and will lose their signal through a variety of issues — using this reboot process usually clears everything back to normal. If this is happening again, I would say there is something else going on… such as Bluetooth being turned off on your phone. I have never had this issue asked before… Do you know if you have the latest Sync software update. For the 4th time in 10,000 miles my sync system has acted up with the latest after touching my media button on the steering wheel, my screen says scheduled maintenance.
Ok, you can say that it’s difficult for a computer inside a moving vehicle be always operational.
Anytime you have a software driven computer using Bluetooth connectivity in a vehicle that’s driving all around (especially within known interference like other BT signals and radio) you will have connectivity issues.
Now, you can go to the phone menu, system settings, Bluetooth devices, add Bluetooth device (add phone), push OK to begin pairing. Features and specs for the 2014 ford edge including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drive train and more..
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Both procedures require the owner to open things up to remove and replace things… but with this process, it seems a little easier to do. I have discovered there are a number of people with issues with their Ford MyFord Touch system. With your vehicle on and running (in park), go to the Settings tab (in the Phone corner of the MyFord Touch). Loosen the bolt holding the black battery cable clamp assembly (on the battery’s negative pole). Of course, if this process doesn’t work, then please, visit your Ford or Lincoln Service Department. It tries to let the onboard computer receive and send commands between the voice system to the various “departments” (such as phone, media, navigation, climate, Sirius and so on). Now the screen has gone blank and after disconnecting the battery it still doesn’t go though the reboot process . Sometimes folks will have USB cords connected, or USB flash drives in the ports, which can interfere as well. At least in my case I have found that when the system is fully shut down (after having previously done a battery disconnect and factory reset in the UI), keeping the SD card for the Navigation software out of the SD card slot has dramatically improved the health of the MFT system. As you can know, you have a microprocessor using flash memory… so having constant graphic output (of the map on display, or the turn by turn directions) can create a lot of demand on the processor. So it is not unusual for your MyFord Touch system screen to go black while you are driving and then reboot. There are billions of personal computers, laptops, pads and other smart devices in the world. You’ll be able to download the update on a USB flash drive and take it to the car to do a self-install.
That should reboot things… but you still may need to visit your Ford Service Department to see what is behind the system error. Nothing would work after this warning would come up, but I was able to go in and disable the 911 assist to get the Sirius to turn back on. I bought a brand new battery and after replacing the dead battery, sync refused to come up. I have seen and worked with the Hyundai system… if that was the one I first learned, then I might have trouble using the commands on the Ford system.
I would suspect that you might not have received a good presentation on how to use the Ford equipment. Turn on your vehicle, start it up, then go to your phone menu, system settings, bt devices, delete device and then delete any phones you see on the list (select and then push the OK button). Your vehicle may start up with the AM radio on, so for now, just turn down the radio and give the vehicle a few minutes to reboot before resetting anything (such as the time). Sometimes the touch screen moves at such a slower rate that it causes the system to slow down or “freeze.” A “freeze” results in a black screen as the system tries to self-reboot.
Briefly removing the black battery cable clamp assembly is an alternate way to reboot as compared to “pulling the fuse.” Of course, it is highly recommended for an owner to visit their Ford or Lincoln Service Department. Your system is connected via the Cloud — the internet accessible via the wireless phone network. Yes, in some cases you may have to adapt to the system (based on the device you have, or the task you’re trying to perform on the system). Loosen and take the black (negative) battery cable clamp assembly off the battery for at least five minutes.

Later I was able to go in and enable the 911 assist again, but now I can’t get into my Sirius screen.
I’ve read that in some cases jump starting can cause power surges that damage the radio head unit.
Then start the vehicle and let the vehicle run for at least three to five minutes before trying to reset anything on the radio or clock.
Your Sync system can only do it’s updates while the system is on, and yes, when a computer is downloading and reconfiguring its system, not all features are accessible or usable. The system’s do work differently, like an iPhone is different than an HTC droid phone. Are you charging your cellphone as you are driving, yet using it frequently to make Bluetooth calls? By the 2014 Model Year it is also in the F-150, the Super Duties, C-Max, Mustang, Fusion, and Taurus. On the next page, tap the phone tab (usually shows the model number of the phone or the name you have given your phone). Before the phone allows the phone book to download, it will show a secondary screen asking for your permission.
This probably warrants setting an appointment with your Service Department so they can access what is happening. I made an appointment with ford for repair went out the next day started the car nothing no radio no navi black screen backed out of driveway with no camera. The reality is that most people don’t need a full-time turn-by-turn voice-activated, SD-card driven navigation system all the time.
If you’re ever in the Tulsa, OK area, please stop by for a personal appointment to learn more about these dynamic systems. I can get to the home screen, then go into the 3 other screens (phone, info, climate), but Sirius won’t open and it’s driving me NUTS! The Sync system uses Bluetooth to allow your phone to “project” its functions through the vehicle. Tap the Sync tab, your phone will either ask you to enter the PIN number from your console screen, or, with the latest MyFord Touch software, the Sync system will automatically send the 6-digit number to your phone. To not have a reboot after a (black) cable clamp is pulled would indicate to me that something else may be the cause of the issue. Put the trans in drive then woala screen lights up Microsoft sync reboot in process everything works fine. You can bet in a moving auto the chance for the Bluetooth rolling codes to be affected is greater.
While it’s rebooting, replace the battery cable clamp assembly and retighten the clamp. And if I do the reboot, will I loose all of my presets in my Sirius system, along with my alerts for my fav songs? If I recall the new software set up new standards and I’m not sure if this is backwards compatible. I’ve never bought an electronic device that came with a warranty as good as the one that comes from Ford.

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