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Ford which is one of the leading cart manufacturing companies has recently unveiled the all new Ford edge concept. The most attractive features of this all new Ford model is that it is slim, sleek in design, sporty looks, higher capabilities, fuel efficiency and latest technologies that will assist the drivers.
There is a 10-inch touch screen which is featured and it is fitted alongside the control panel. Copper is used for coloring the carpet, instrument panel and other area, which makes it look attractive and classy. Apart from all this the all new Ford edge has fully assisted parking facility; a new first of its kind technology, which enables the customer’s to park their vehicles at the touch of a button, or by remote control. In addition to all those there are other features like automated collision avoidance, lane shifting and other safety features.

The new models define the crossover utility vehicle segments and have introduced all new driving technologies. However according to recent data provided by IHS Automotive indicates global utility vehicle sales grew from 45 percent in between year 2007 and 2012. The utility section now financial records for more than 13 million transactions annually which is around 17 percent of the global automotive market.
Utility vehicle sales in China have grown significantly, by more than 100 percent from 2007 to 2012, according to IHS Automotive. From inside the driver pushes the button to set in motion the system; at the same time it can be activated from outside the vehicle, fully support parking assistance can be remotely activated, which allows the passengers to wait until the vehicle is pulled out from the tight parking arrangement. There is an automated navigation system, full global positioning connectivity and other facilities.

According to Joe Hinrichs, executive vice president and president of The Americas, Ford Motor Company the new Ford Edge will offer the customers a fresh and compelling choice, which will also feature qualities like high efficiency, easy accommodating and safety features. The model will attract lots of customer around the globe for its specialties and affordable price range.

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