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Gas mileage is something that more and more drivers are considering when choosing a new car. For this reason, you may want to know how to calculate the gas mileage of a certain auto before you decide to buy it. Filling up your tank does not need too much explanation, but there are things you might not know. You should write down how many gallons it takes to fill your fuel tank, as well as the number of miles your tank allows you to do.
To figure out the gas mileage, simply divide the number of miles on your milometer by the number of gallons it took to fuel the car for that journey.

You can do the same again to check that your reading was accurate and then you will have a clear idea of your gas mileage, and this may inform the choice of your next automobile, or reassure you that yours is a great car for you.
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Gas is not cheap and some automobiles really guzzle it as they cruise down freeways and city streets.
You might also be interested in the gas mileage of your current vehicle, and this might tell you whether you need to downsize or change to a more economical and ecologically friendly car.
For instance, overfilling your tank (adding a squirt extra after the pump clicks to stop) is not a good idea.

This is because this extra fuel can be lost to the environment in fumes and it can even damage the vapour collection system in your vehicle. It is likely that this extra fuel will not be fully absorbed in your tank anyway, so don’t waste your money when you fill up.

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