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Shocking truths are told in a viral video from an 11-year-old girl who was forced into marriage with an older man. Originally, I was tasked with writing about upcoming projects, some of which we knew nothing about - like Half-Life 3 for instance. We had Kotaku's article from months before of course, but no one was sure if it was even accurate. We were hit with mobile apps, stunning gameplay trailers, and the announcement of a shockingly close release date. Bethesda blew our minds with their campaign for Fallout 4 - we, the fans of this franchise, we were the promotional team.Fallout 4We talked about it incessantly, picked apart everything that could be some form of an insight into the game's development process.
We promoted Fallout 4 for years after the release date of Skyrim in 2011 and we were all happy to do it.

Fallout 4Bethesda - Why Your Fallout 4 Gameplay Make Me Pre Order?Pre ordering has destroyed so much of the gaming industry. Publishers have become unspeakably greedy in their attempts to grab players cash before release date. Look at the recent Deus Ex scandal, and Square Enix's absurd augmented pre order bonus system which they had to back out of.
It's an appalling practice, one that used to be about ensuring you got a copy of the game - those days have long since passed, my friends.But even though I'm so well aware of the damaging affect this has had on the art form that I love, I can't help but give in. That is before I did it for Hideo Kojima with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and now with Bethesda and Fallout 4!
WHY I DO THIS?!?!Fallout 4I don't download games onto my PS4 or XBOX One unless they're a part of the monthly deals or small little indie games.

Therefore, in order to guarantee that I can dive into Fallout 4 on its release date here in Germany, I'm almost forced to pre order (not really though).It's not about knowing whether the project will be worth the purchase - we're talking about Bethesda here.
I'm sure chatting to some minor characters in the overworld of Boston will be more fulfilling than playing all of The Order: 1886.
What do you think of the practice that is pre ordering, and have you already put your money down for Bethesda's next game?

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