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Laurence Butet-Roch is a freelance writer, photo editor, and photographer based in Toronto. Many different people call Australia home and still celebrate, practise and maintain their cultural heritage, traditions and language. Some white nationalists believe that Australians are being brainwashed into accepting ‘illegal’ Muslim people.
White nationalists claim that white nations are expected to open their borders to mass immigration but non-white nations are not.
White nationalists believe non-white immigration into white nations will lead to the end of the white race. In a country that has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and pioneered some of the most progressive harm reduction strategies in existence, these numbers make no sense. A photo of Doreen Bellaire’s mother, Delina Commana (center), who attended a residential school in Spanish, Ontario for ten years. As a way to cope, or to forget, or simply because any notion of self-esteem or self worth had been obliterated with their identities, a disproportionate number of First Nations people began to engage in high-risk behavior—which perhaps explains the elevated rates of HIV transmitted through injected drug use and unsafe sex. And yet, in spite of this system of institutionalized oppression, First Nations communities are finally beginning to recover.
That’s because Australia’s multicultural policy encourages the national characteristics of ‘equality and a fair go for all’.
To put them into context, a 2012 UNAIDS study shows that the number of new HIV infections in Sub-Saharan Africa decreased by 25 percent between 2001 and 2011.
To protect her own family from ever having to go through the same experience, Delina left her reserve and moved into town to raise her children, never even telling them that they were First Nations.

For the first time in decades, children are being brought up speaking Ojibwe and Cree and Blackfoot again. Ellie is a sex worker and an active injecting drug user, and was diagnosed with HIV in 2008.
Canada’s prevalence rates are 5 to 10 times higher than in comparable indigenous populations in Australia, New Zealand, or the United States, and the number of Aboriginal Canadians living with HIV increased by 24% between 2005 and 2010. Until the last school closed in 1996, Indian Agents from the Department of Indian Affairs would forcibly take children from their reserves as young as two or three years old and send them to these places, where they were punished for speaking their native languages or observing any indigenous traditions. There are countless stories of sexual and physical abuse occurring as well, and in some extreme instances children endured medical experimentation and sterilization. Languages died out, sacred ceremonies were simultaneously criminalized and suppressed by the Canadian government. As revealed in these images, made possible through a grant through The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, there is a new revitalization of First Nations culture occurring.
Undeniably linked to the collective healing process, these people, who have endured so much, are reclaiming their voice in Canada.
He was sent to residential school as a three-year-old, where he was bullied, beaten, and sexually molested. Participants gather in a dome-shaped hut (the lodge) around rocks that have been heated in a sacred fire (center) and are doused in water to create steam.
I was a number.” CreditPhotograph by Daniella Zalcman View full screen Throughout most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Canada sought to forcibly assimilate aboriginal youngsters by removing them from their homes and placing them in federally funded boarding schools that prohibited the expression of native traditions or languages. Known as Indian Residential Schools, the institutions, which were often administered by churches, provided neither proper education nor adequate nutrition, health care, or clothing, and many of the students who passed through the system—an estimated hundred and fifty thousand children from the First Nation, Inuit, and Metis peoples—suffered abuse.

Rodney was an injecting drug user and worked in the sex trade when he lived in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a neighborhood famous for hard drug use.
A report released earlier this year by a Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission described what happened in the schools as “cultural genocide.” The American photographer Daniella Zalcman’s project “Signs of Your Identity” explores the traumatic legacy of the forced-assimilation schools.
His HIV diagnosis was a wake up call that he had to drastically change his lifestyle if he wanted to survive.
For two weeks this past summer, travelling on a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grant through the prairie province of Saskatchewan, where the last academy closed in 1996, Zalcman photographed forty-five survivors and recorded their stories, then created haunting double-exposure portraits overlaid with images of objects or places relevant to their experiences. The features of Rick Pelletier, who was severely beaten at a boarding school when he was seven years old, are almost completely erased by the writing on a tombstone.
Valerie Ewenin, who lost her native language at boarding school, appears with her eyes and mouth covered by a broken window. As a three year old Dianne was adopted by white parents and grew up going to French immersion school and learning piano. By 16, she was placed into foster care and soon after ran away, turning to alcohol and drugs once she began living on the street.
Tom went to residential school for three years before he told his parents he would kill himself if they made him return.

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