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LSI offers the Aircraft Life Raft Survival Food Packet in accordance with military specification MIL-F-15381. Suitable for use in any survival situation under all environmental conditions, including those where portable water is limited. This food packet is suitable for use in any survival situation under all environmental conditions, including those where portable water is limited.
Food Packet, Survival in 1961The Food Packet, Survival was type-classified in 1961, replacing all other survival packets except those designed for space constraints and water limitation (Abandon Ship and Aircraft, Life Raft).
The improved version of the Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose successfully survived a storage study of five years duration.
The ration contains six compressed bars consisting of two cereal bars, three cookie bars, and one sucrose bar which are sealed in trilaminate pouches and packed in a water resistant, paperboard box. The food in this packet is especially developed for survival and for use in life rafts in aircraft, and is beneficial even when the water supply is limited.

Four food bars of uniform nutrient content compromise the major constituents of each food packet.
Soldiers are provided with these survival food packages that each contain six compressed bars of food plus tea, soup and other items.
It was adopted by all branches of the Armed Forces as a standard survival ration, replacing both the Food Packet, Survival Arctic, SA and the tropical Food Packet Survival, ST. The GP-I provides approximately 42% more calories than the original general-purpose survival ration with essentially the same weight and volume. It is designed to provide a maximum of 8% of the calories from protein in order to minimize metabolic water requirements.
Only fourteen ounces of water are required to reconstitute the lemon tea, soup and gravy base. When entirely consumed by one man in one day, the food packet will maintain survival efficiency.

The protein content of these bars is rigidly controlled so that the food packet conserves body water yet assures maximum value from protein at any level of consumption. Components include: 2 bars or tablets of Fruit Tablets (20 each), 2 each Chewing Gum, Candy Coated, 1 each Twine and 1 each Instruction Sheet. But as I opened the pack I saw that the can has a little hole at the bottom and the lid was not closed complete.

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