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They’ll share their experience about how to grow food simply at home and how that makes our families and communities stronger.
How growing our own food builds our community resilience and why that makes us healthier and happier. Learn how growing and eating healthy, local food changes your health and life and that of your family, friends and neighbors. Grow your satisfaction as you realize you can depend on yourself for some of your healthy food needs and your local farmers for much of the rest. This Food Growing Summit will show beginners how to grow food this season using the space you have. Anyone interested in food growing, regaining control of their health and happiness and building their community’s strength will enjoy these conversations.
The first option is to just pay a simple flat rate shipping fee and the book will be sent to you.  Click here to receive the book free and just pay shipping. Or the second option, which I highly recommend, is to continue reading this page below and take advantage of this limited time offer to join our global community dedicated to self-reliance and sustainable living, and receive so much more for being a part of the community.  Plus you'll get an instant downloadable version of the book and a physical version of the book shipped to you in the mail - ABSOLUTELY FREE! BECOME PART OF THE GLOBAL SELF-RELIANCE MASTERY ONLINE COMMUNITY DEDICATED TO SELF-RELIANCE, SUSTAINABLE LIVING, AND DISASTER PREPAREDNESS When you join our global community dedicated to self reliance and sustainable living, you will be part of a growing network of people focused on living more sustainably through self reliance and harmonious living. As a member of Self Reliance Mastery, you will receive access to exclusive recorded interviews, training videos, digital downloads, handbooks, and more that will assist you in becoming more self-reliant, community connected, and sustainable. Learn How to Easily Create Sustainable Gardens and Thriving Food Forests with Very Little Effort or Maintenance in Any Part of the Country!
Learning these permaculture skills will not only help you live more self reliant and be healthier, but could potentially save your life in the event of a food shortage spread nationwide. Discover How to Heal Any Wound Quickly and Easily With "Super Herbs", and Learn How to Effectively Fix any Cavities or Teeth Issues Without a Dentist! Learn how to overcome migraines, survive a stroke or heart attack, reverse hypothermia, fix cavities and teeth decay, stop massive bleeding, clot internal bleeding, protect yourself against pandemic, virus, and bacteria, and so much more with these Super Herbs!
Are You Prepared for Solar Storms and EMP Attacks that Could Wipe Out the Entire Power Grid? When the grid goes down, there are bare electrical essentials such as lights, warmth, and keeping food cold that you need to focus on. If you know how to generate just enough electricity to keep your essentials up, you will have a great chance of survival.
It's not about living in fear, but being smart and prepared for any kind of disaster whether natural or man-made, and you will learn all of this and a lot more during the interviews below. Do You Know How to Properly Collect, Store, and Purify Enough Water for You and Your Family?
One of our experts says you need a minimum of 2 gallons per person per day in a self-reliant or survival situation - minimum. Emergency prep is like car insurance, you hope you never need it, but if you do, you thank God you were prepared!
I talk about everything energy, how to power your house from your car, how to power it from a generator, how to run the generator off natural gas so you have no fuel storage issues. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger goes one on one to talk about everything you need to know to be prepared for when disaster hits. Not too long ago, American citizens of all races, creeds and colors were a significantly more dignified human species.
Teaching people to know what herbs to store so that they can treat emergency situations that may come up when medications may no longer be available. This video takes you further into the cob building process and shows you more about building out of cob. This video shows you more specifics about building from cob and gives you a base understanding of how you can start building from cob. Kate Armstrong, The Urban Forager, walks you through a backyard that is established using permaculture while identifying a variety of plant species for food and medicine. Nathan Crane shares with you the specifics of a raised garden bed using a combination of hugelkultur, sheet mulching, permaculture, and simplistic design for massive food production. Steven Harris is a consultant and expert in the field of energy.  In this video he shows you how to store home power easily and quickly in an emergency. The Trends Journal® is the world’s number one source for information about the most important trends shaping the future. When thinking of becoming self-reliant, the questiona risies “how much land do I need to be able to sustainably grow enough food for my family?” The exact answer to that question depends on several factors, but you can learn a lot, and make a pretty good estimate, by looking at some scenarios that span the various alternatives. Sam Coffman is the founder and director of The Human Path – a survival school near San Antonio, Texas. Scott Hunt has worked for the last 3 years as a consultant to National Geographic and Sharp Entertainment on the Shows Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Castle as well as appearing on the Sportmans Channel’s “American Unplugged.” Scott is the owner of Practical Preppers, LLC, a company that specializes in preparedness solutions, and is a Mechanical Engineer who designs sustainable off-grid water and energy systems.
Receive Access to All Transcripts from the Summit so You Can Read, Print, and Take With You Anywhere You Go!
Sam Coffman will discuss the effectiveness of herbal medicine as sustainable medicine both in every day life as well as during or after a disaster. Nathan Crane is an inspirational speaker, conscious filmmaker, bestselling author and highly sought after publisher and promoter of personal growth teachings, books, events and training courses. I have always enjoyed using my hands to create things and to do things that I’m passionate about.

Now as an adult, I’m exploring alternative and natural building methods that are more sustainable, healthy, and more economical than our conventional construction methods. The early years of my life were spent in one of the new suburbs of NYC, with a dozen chickens and a vegetable garden in the back yard. In this highly acclaimed talk, Jason will discuss the various manifestations of the Grid in modern America, and why you need to take action now to reduce your dependence on it. As many of us relearn our wild plant medicines, and teach others how to find them and connect with nature, we become stewards and must also protect wild plants. Click an Option Below for Instant Access to the Most Empowering, Uplifting, Practical Information on the Web for Living a More Self Reliant Lifestyle! The Grow Your Own Food Summit will teach food growing people, both novices and experts, how to improve the world more than any other event in the last decade. Enthusiastic food growers and community builders, Valerie Kausen and Gary Heine, have created 34 presentations to show you how growing your own food can change your life.
With over 34 total presenters sharing their wealth of knowledge, this invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for you, whether you live in a city or on a farm!
Come listen to the Grow Your Own Food Summit ONLINE for FREE and be inspired from July 7-14, 2014. Some posts include affiliate advertising links to Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which give us a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.
His comments were made within the framework of DSOA’s participation as platinum sponsor at the upcoming ArabNet Digital Summit 2014. DSOA recently announced plans to establish DTEC, the largest entrepreneurship centre in the MENA region within the free zone. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a wholly-owned entity of the Government of Dubai and operates as a free zone for semiconductor, microelectronic and other high technology-based companies looking to set up their regional headquarters and research and development (R&D) facilities in the Middle East and North Africa region. Wasn't this the European bank that defaulted on the delivery of its clients' phyiscal gold? Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. The area over Kenya should be dipshit drunken black economists who father dipshit narcissic presidents with white mothers. ArcelorMittal is mining the Mt Nimba range in northern Liberia, at the site of the old LAMCO mine.
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These conversations will also help those who have grown food in the past and want to be inspired to start again. From pandemic to EMP, superstorms, extended blackouts and systemic collapse, bestselling author Mat Stein lays out how best to prepare for an increasingly unstable future. The modern-day homesteading movement is on the rise as people feel the urge to return to their roots and enjoy a simpler way of life. He covers the main threats, to items you need to have all the way through survival of any size disaster. He has been crowned the "Duke of Permaculture" and also referred to as the "Bad Boy of Permaculture". Having been raised in the simple ways of natural health, David’s interests grew beyond his university study. Regardless of your business or profession, the Trends Journal® provides insights, strategies and opportunities to help you navigate these treacherous, unprecedented times. He analyzes your chances of survival if your worst fears become a reality and you have to put your plans into action. He is the founder and CEO of Knowledge Publications, the largest energy only publishing company in the USA. If you're reading this, you've taken what may be the most important step to become more self-reliant. Herbal medicine is extremely effective for not many chronic medical conditions but also for acute illness, pandemics and even injuries and infections. Join Sam as he discusses some of the most relevant herbal medicine for practical use, as well as the mentality behind sustainability in medicine whether from the wild or from your garden. Now that I’m a builder and teacher of Natural Building techniques I get to do what I love doing and share it with the whole world every day!
My dad taught me a lot of building skills and passed on to me what he had learned as a builder and a handyman.
I believe there is going to be a big change in the way we construct our homes and buildings in the near future, and I believe we are going to return to using natural, non-toxic materials made from the earth. This was common in the late forties and early fifties since access to fresh food was still a local affair, and the Victory Gardens continued after the end of the war.

Millions realize that something is wrong with our modern economy and society, but don't understand how each element works to reduce their freedom, nor what they can do about them to gain more self-reliance and true liberty. Learn step-by-step instructions for what you can do today to put healthy, trusted food on your table in the future! This event is truly for everyone… because growing your own food contributes to improved health and connected community. Gain access to the information you need RIGHT NOW to optimize your health, grow your own real food.
The answers begin in your backyard–growing your own real food reduces toxicity, transportation and pollution, and gives you a trusted, sustainable source of nutrition and increased happiness. The introduction of DTEC and promotion of entrepreneurial talent from SOF at such a summit will highlight the success DSOA has achieved to date. Actually, it is better to have these types of conflicts rather than none or some other types.
In my presentation, I'll share my own story of stumbling upon the lifestyle of modern homesteading, and share how listeners can embrace it for themselves, whether they live in a high-rise apartment or on 100 acres of wide open space. I cover what to power and what not to power in your house so you know what you need and do not need. Doug teaches very simple yet powerful techniques in which students learn to empower themselves through personal tooth care.
He has released over 290 podcasts on many permaculture topics ranging from eco-building to frugality to cast iron cookware. The shit hits the fan and you take your rifle and a few supplies and head out to the wilderness to live off the land. Scott’s extensive background in Homesteading, Sustainable Water and Energy systems is a key factor in his analysis of whether the proper infrastructure is in place should a disaster occur. I'm not talking about reading my book; I'm talking about making the conscious decision to take a look at your life and make positive changes.
Beyond describing the key aspects of the modern system that enslave people, Jason will talk about how the primary solutions are in your hands - not in political action or waiting for a better future - but in taking action now to reduce your dependence and creating the replacement for the modern system that is failing. Weedcrafting is the harvesting of plant material from wild and waste spaces that helps support the native ecosystem and promotes diversity. It’s also an activity for the whole family that builds friendships in your neighborhood as you share each other’s skills and interests. At the summit, visitors will gain insight about the centre’s plans to support entrepreneurial initiatives and see for themselves the creativity of talented technology enthusiasts.
I cover solar and other methods as well as the things out there you DO NOT want to buy and in depth on the simple things you can buy that will make everything that stopped working because of the power failure, now work because you have a source of electricity. It took more than two generations, but we have come to the point where many Americans — too many — have lost their pride. Her interests also include herbalism, wildcrafting (using weeds for food and medicine), homebrewing and live culture foods.
He is an Advanced Certified Master Gardener, permaculture design guru, farmer, community leader, and repository of well researched opinions. David’s book entitled An Herbal Legacy of Courage is a loving tribute to his father.??In 1979 he became a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing.
Just how much land does it take to support you without destroying all the wildlife and plant populations? He studied botany and bioregional medicine both privately and at several outdoor schools in Colorado, and during his military service as a Green Beret Medic he logged thousands of hours in the field as a team medic, military emergency rooms and troop medical clinics.??Over the past 25 years, Sam has not only taught wilderness and urban survival for military and civilian students, but also has focused on post-disaster and remote-medicine using primarily (if not exclusively) plant medicine.
Harris came to his current position to do full time work on the development and implementation of hydrogen, biomass and solar related energy systems after spending 10 years in the Aero-Thermal Dynamics department of the Scientific Labs of Chrysler Corporation, where he was a pioneer member of the group that developed and implemented successful Speed to Market development concepts.
At the time the only thing I knew about a farm was from reading Dick and Jane and Baby Sally Go to the Farm! Weedcrafting a type of wild gardening that looks at the ecology of a place as well as the species of interest and takes into account that the earth cannot sustain unconscious foraging in our wildlands. Task simplification comes with the proper tools available by way of fabrication from raw materials. He has worked as a clinical herbalist on his own and in conjunction with functional medicine doctors (M.D.
Our small backyard garden turned into a one acre expanse with a pippin apple tree in the center, and the dozen chickens became 3000 or more!
Weedcrafting is about not only tuning into the wild in yourself, but also looking past our cities at the wildness and weediness making medicinal offerings to us in the most unlikely of places. Plagued by obesity and other preventable diseases, Americans can barely carry their weight.
Sam has been highly focused on bio-regional plant medicine for infection, injury and illness most commonly encountered in a post-disaster, remote or underserved environment when there is no higher definitive medical care.
In the Trends Research Institute's summer edition, we take an in-depth look at this issue - from a diet and nutrition perspective, through a cultural lens, and beyond.

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