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When wild beasts that are considered heavyweights in the jungle turn on to each other, the sight is unlike any other.
Although unusual only to humans, wild animals fight each other for survival all the time, in strange combinations. We may not be aware of this, but wild animals hunt other animals that are much larger in size. The snake, its fast-food fancy foiled, slunk back into the bushes.Alerted by the frog's terrified scream, photographer Brizadly Arifin captured this attack in his back garden in Jakarta.

Imagine two adults elephants fighting each other in Galleries– the earth must surely shake beneath! This allows them to subdue animals that are either a threat or food, and are much larger than them. Alligators fight pythons, bulls fight, leopards fight alligators, lions fight tigers, snakes fight kangaroos and alligators fight sharks, and some funny where swan fight deer… Undoubtedly, in the wild, it is always the question of the survival of the fittest.
These animals usually count on the element of surprise to hunt down animals that are much larger than themselves. Packs of lionesses hunt down elephants or hippos to provide for their food for a number of days.

Black and White Erotica Hippos also tend to make a meal out of a number of herbivores like bison and other herd animals.

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