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Even though this Kashmiri delicacy is prevalent through the year, its hardly irresistible when the temperatures are low.
A warm dessert and favourite amongst most Indians, gajar ka halwa is one of those where one helping is too little.
It wasn’t my first time in Rajasthan but it was a definite introduction to rather ‘different’ rotis. Amrita Das is a freelance travel writer and a full-time travel blogger at Travelling Ides of March.
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And even if that is not a priority, it is one of those factors that shapes our experience of a place extensively. Combine each travel experience with the season we venture out to, and India doesn’t cease to surprise us.

The first time I was introduced to this deliciousness in a plate was in Delhi by a Punjabi friend. The sweetened carrot, which is doused with ghee and garnished with dry fruits—a combination that seeks homage in most north Indian weddings during winters. My first visit to Chowki Dhani in Jaipur was the first place where I experimented with these nutritious Indian breads.
Nulen gurer sandesh is made of jaggery, which is an Indian favourite as a sweetening agent.
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There is some comfort in the sweetness of the orange vegetables on a chilly winter night, though personally, I do find it a bit overly sweet.

Made of ground millet flour, these rotis are eaten with generous amounts of jaggery (also an heat ingredient). Date palm is known for its warming affect and this local sweet is charmer when it comes to being the best of health and indulgence. She contributes to top publications in India and internationally on solo female travel, and off-beat, cultural and adventure travel.
With seasoned pretzels, dipping mustard, crackers, pate, candies, cookies, chocolate cocoa, coffee and more. But when I tasted the ghee-glazed makki (corn) roti in combination with the rich green spinach preparation, I was in love.
Even though I did not have the most authentic taste of it, I can understand why it is comfort food for a lot of Gujaratis. It was one of the many things in my thali, however, the taste has remained with me ever since.

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